Are you looking for the best free soundboard for PC and mobile? Well, we have sorted that one for you. The soundboard for PC is very powerful, not only can be adjusted to beautify your sound but also can increase the sound effect.

The right soundboard PC and mobile version can take the content from ordinary to extraordinary. So, let's get started with the best soundboard for PC as well as for Mobile.

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Part1:What is a soundboard?

Soundboards can be physical as well as virtual. Soundboards are perfect as they can hold in sounds and beats that you can use anytime. Physical soundboards come up with some limitations.

They cost a good amount, and a limited number of sounds can be kept on them. On the other hand, virtual soundboards for PC can come in handy while having a huge space for storing as many sound bites as you want.

physical soundboard

A huge space isn't the only benefit that comes with virtual soundboards. You can use hotkeys to different or your most-used sounds.

Using these free soundboards for PC and apps, you can play with sound effects and create the required impact, drama, or mystery.

Part2: 8 Best Free Soundboards for PC/Mobile

2.1: Soundboard for PC

1. MagicMic Soundboard

Many soundboard software for PC and applications work fine on high-end PCs or phones but give a tough time when used with a low-specification device.

magicmic soundboard sounds library

Experience the exceptional compatibility and versatility of MagicMic, the best free soundboard and AI voice changer. Compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs, this software offers a multitude of awesome features at a user-friendly price. Transform your voice in real-time with a wide range of filters, adding a fun and unique touch to your gaming experience, including Valorant soundboard and voice chat.


Wondering where to get the best Soundboard for PC? Just try it out FREE now! Soundboard app with 800+ voice and sounds for fun!

Operate Systems: Windows and Mac, Andriod, IOS

Software Size: 2.7 MBs

User Rate: 4.8 Stars

Pros of MagicMic:

yesIt comes with 300+ filters and is the voice changer on the market that contains the most pre-made voice filters.

yes600+ soundboard sounds and voice memes for online voice chat, like Zoom, Twitch, Discord, Valorant and so on.

yesIt helps you to change the environment sounds because voice changing effects with background sounds.

yesSupport shortcut keys to control the playback of sound effects and voice changes.

yesThere are also tons of soundboard sound effects and soundboard memes to make the atmosphere even hotter.

yesIt also provides the ability to do voice changes on recordings and audio files.

Cons of MagicMic:

noIt's a new software, so it's not that famous yet.

noThe icons of several soundboard memes in the same category are the same, which is not intuitive enough to distinguish.

Popular Voices on MagicMic

Popular Soundboard for PC on MagicMic

2. Voicemod Soundboard

Use this incredible and fast real-time voice-changing soundboard app for your games , social media content, and more.

Whether you want to sound like a demon, a chipmunk, or a robot, voicemod is one of the best soundboard for PC. Voicemod also allows you to add sound effects to your game.

voicemod soundboard app

Operate Systems: Windows only

Software Size: 70 MBs

User Rate: 4.3 Stars

Pros of Voicemod:

yesIt is a quite famous soundboard for Windows.

yesIt comes with controller app on mobilephones.

yesSupport shortcut keys to control the playback of sound effects and voice changes.

yesIt has PGC platforms for you to upload and download sound effects.

yesYou can use it to customize unique voice.

Cons of Voicemod:

noThere are too many ads on all social media about this program.

noIt is not very stable since some users complain about that.

Popular Voices on Voicemod

  • 1. Baby
  • 2. Chipmunk
  • 3. Evil

Popular Soundboard on Voicemod

  • 1. Alert
  • 2. Jump
  • 3. Titan

3. EXP Soundboard

EXP Soundboard is a free soundboard software for PC and Linux. It's open-source software that can add sound effects, maintain hotkeys, and more.

If some sound clips come in your frequent use, assign some hotkeys to them. It allows you to use those specific sounds without launching the interface every time.

EXP soundboard app

Operate Systems: Windows and Mac

Software Size: 8.72 MBs

User Rate: 3.8 Stars

Pros of EXP Soundboard:

yesIt is a tool that helps you play audio files and sounds with a few keystrokes.

yesYou can add sounds to the database or use the pre-recorded sounds.

yesYou can make a creation for the sounds you like.

yesIt offers the function to play songs like loop playback is supported.

Cons of EXP Soundboard:

noIts interface is boring and humdrum.

noThe function of this soundboard is limited.

Popular Voices on EXP Soundboard

  • Voice changing is not supported on EXP

Popular Soundboard on EXP Soundboard

  • There is no in-build soundboard on EXP

4. Voxal Soundboard

Voxal Soundboard is by no means a soundboard for PC, but it offers you a lot of voices. In this software, effects can be applied to existing files.

Moreover, the Voxal Voice Changer effect library includes a robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, echo, and many more. It occupied low CPU usage.

vocal soundboard for pc interface

Operate Systems: Windows and Mac

Software Size: 1.4 MBs

User Rate: 4.0 Stars

Pros of Voxal:

yesIt offers various vocal effects like a robot, girl, boy and so on.

yesYou can add background noice to change environment sounds.

yesYou can use it to apply effects to audio file recordings.

yesYou can assign hotkeys to control sound effects so that you won't be interrupted.

Cons of Voxal:

noIt is lightweight but takes you over 20mins to download and install on my Windows PC.

noThe interface is old fashion.

noThe quality of voices and sounds are limited.

Popular Voices on Voxal

  • 1. Robot
  • 2. Girl
  • 3. Boy

Popular Soundboard on Voxal

  • 1. Train
  • 2. Demon
  • 3. Gunshot

2.2: Soundboard Apps for iOS And Android

1. Soundboard Studio

While working great for android, many apps don't do the same for IOS. Hence, we present the Soundboard Studio – a versatile, fast, and effective app to use on IOS.

You can give your audio, videos, and podcasts a professional and crisp sound by using Soundboard Studio.

soundboard studio poster

Operate Systems: iOS

Software Size: 2.7 MBs

User Rate: 4.2 Stars


yesIt comes with huge library of sound effects.

yesIt is a great sound player with background playback in trim, loop, solo control, and so on.

yesYou can set tracks to fade in and fade out for sounds playback.

yesIt also allows you to do voiceover.


noIt only allows you to use it free for 7days,and you need to pay for further use.

noThere is no functions about voice editing.

Popular Voices on Soundboard Studio

  • No, this function.

Popular Soundboard on Soundboard Studio

  • 1. Crickets
  • 2. Applause
  • 3. Tracking Clock

2. Instant Buttons Soundboard App

Are you looking for sound effects that can change your meme or content? Instant Buttons are just the best free soundboard app for you.

The app is smart, easy to configure, and has sounds and audio memes for everything. Another factor that makes instant buttons popular is the easy-to-use user interface.

instant buttons soundboard

Operate Systems: iOS

Software Size: 55.8 MBs

User Rate: 1.8 Stars

Pros of Instant Button:

yesUp to 400 sounds for you to use with this app.

yesYou can favorite, hide, repeat, and share the sounds.

yesYou can upload your own soundboard.

yesIt owns 1.1k ratings on Apple App Store.


noWith the update, many sounds were cut off in weird places.

noYou need to pay 39.99$/year to get full version and 2.99$ to remove ads forever.

Popular Voices on Instant Button

  • Not Supported

Popular Soundboard on Instant Button

  • 1. Bruh
  • 2. Punch
  • 3. Air Horn

3. Meme Buttons

Enjoy using different meme sound effects in your videos, animated videos, and more. You will never have to search for another famous funny catchphrase or sound from your favorite anime show.

The Meme Buttons has it all. You can also enjoy category-based searches and save time. Hence, find the right and age-appropriate humor content for all your needs with the meme buttons.

meme soundboard app

Pros of Meme Buttons:

yesThis app includes mini games.

yesIt contains various memes from 2000-2021.

yesThere are gifs for some sounds.

yesYou can use stop button for memes playback.

Cons of Meme Buttons:

noSome soundboard quality isn't good.

Popular Voices on Meme Soundboard

  • No this function

Popular Soundboard on Meme Soundboard

  • 1. Wow
  • 2. Dun dun dun
  • 3. Vine Boom

4. MLG Soundboard

Are you looking for a simple soundboard app that comes with unique, visually appealing aesthetics? MLG Soundboard is just the right app for you.

A visually appealing design, an easy and simple interface, and the most recent memes are the package you get with MLG Memes Soundboard.

mlg soundboard memes soundboard app

Pros of MLG Memes Soundboard:

yesSplit and play sounds as you will.

yesYou can set sounds to alarm/notification/ringtone.

yesIt allows you to upload your own soundboard.

yesIt has smooth and simple interface.

Cons of MLG Memes Soundboard:

noAll memes with the same icons make user difficult to identify them.

noLimited function,only a sounds library.

Popular Voices on MLG Soundboard

  • No this function

Popular Soundboard on MLG Soundboard

  • 1. Wow
  • 2. Moscow
  • 3. Airhorn

Part3: Popular Soundboard Sounds You Can't-Miss!

Finding the best soundboard sounds for your meme journey can be quite a hassle if you don't know what to look for. Fortunately, we come equipped with some of the best and most trending sounds you could ever wish for.

Below, we have listed the best sound effects for your meme-making journey, most of which are available on this list of soundboard apps that we made for you.

Famous for memes where suspicious activity is going and memes 2024 sound effects. The best sound effects include :

Quandale Dingle memes

talking ben soundboard

dog soundboard

trump soundboard

among us soundboard


So, that brings us to our final question. What's the best free soundboard for PC and mobile for you among the many we listed? None of these soundboard software is best, and they each come with a unique function that makes them stand apart from the others.

My choice is MagicMic soundboard, how about you? Come and get best soundboard for PC using MagicMic from now!

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