Creating PNG files of your pictures with the transparent ground is generally thought to be something only done by Photoshop. However, it is not the truth. Many ways can be used to create transparent PNg files without Photoshop –an expensive and professional software.

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We will look into some best ways of creating transparent PNG files without a Photoshop editor.

Best Method - MarkGo AI PNG Background Remover

iMyFone MarkGo


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Watch the video tutorial to learn more about MarkGo.
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iMyFone MarkGo is an AI-powered tool used for editing photos and videos. You can remove watermark/unwanted objects, add watermarks, and do a lot more editing of photos and videos. Besides, the powerful tool also lets you edit your PDF files.

There are many free and paid features within the app. We will tell you the cost-free method of removing the Hitfilm Express watermark by using the MarkGo tool. The most prominent features of the tool are as follows:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Easy to remove background and watermarks

  • The free version lets you remove the objects and watermarks

  • You can also remove objects, watermarks, and backgrounds from videos

Here is the step-by-step guide to creating transparent PNG files without Photoshop with the MarkGo.

Step 1: Install and Launch The Application

You can download the software from the official website of Filme MarkGo, complete the installation process & account creation, and launch the program. You’re shown many image/video editing options like adding/removing watermark, background, adding watermark to videos, removing unwanted objects, etc. You’ve to choose Remove Image Background to make the PNG image transparent.

remove image background option in markgo

Step 2: Upload The PNG Image

The new window opens up, telling you to upload the PNG, JPG, JPEG image you want to edit. You can also edit multiple images at the same time.

using ai remove image background markgo

Step 3: Remove Background

using ai remove image background markgo2

Once the image has been uploaded, you can choose the AI removal or manual removal as per your precision requirements. If the image is not too complex, the software’s AI technology detects and removes the background accurately. However, you can choose manual removal for complex items in images. After selecting the background, hit the remove button to get a flawless transparent PNG.

Step 4: Export The Image

using ai remove image background markgo3

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you have to hit the Export button. As a result, you can effortlessly create a transparent PNG image without getting into the complex software of Photoshop.

using ai remove image background markgo4

Create Transparent PNG File Using Canva

Canva is a powerful software and platform. It’s more than just photo editing. Basically, the software is made for people with graphic designing needs, but they’re not professional editors. The drag-and-drop functionality of the platform makes it convenient for everyone to do the editing and create attractive infographics, banners, etc.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating transparent PNGs with Canva.

remove image background in canva

Step 1: Create Account or Sign In

If you already don’t have a Canva account, you will start with signing up for the platform. Add your details and create your account.

Step 2: Create A New Design

Click on Create a New Design and choose the Edit Photo option given at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Upload The PNG File

Clicking on the Edit Photo option will open an overlay asking you to choose a photo from your device. Click the desired photo, and it will be uploaded to Canva for editing.

Step 4: Remove Background

Once you enter the editing window, there will be an edit image option at the top of the editing frame. Clicking it will open numerous options. You can choose a background removal tool and get started. However, it is important to note here that the background removal tool is a premium feature of Canva that can only be unlocked with a premium subscription.

Step 5: Download The File

Once the background has been removed, download the file on your device

Create Transparent PNG File Using Microsoft

Microsoft Word is also a powerful document creating and editing tool. It also lets you remove the image background, play with transparency and make parts of the image transparent. Here is a step-by-step guide for removing the complete background, making the image transparent, or removing a part of the image.

Step 1: Add the Image to Microsoft Word

Open the Microsoft Word app and insert the PNG/JPG/JPEG image by simple drag and drop function. You can also copy/paste the image or manually insert the image from the menu in Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Double Click on The Image

Double-click on the image activates the controls of the image. You can control transparency, contrast, size, dimensions, background removal, and more. You have to remove the background of the image in order to create a transparent PNG without Photoshop in Microsoft.

Step 3: Choose ‘Remove Background’

If you want to make a part of the image transparent in Word, you must click on the Remove Background tab.

remove image background in mircrosoft

Step 4: Remove Background or Make Part Of Image Transparent

Once there, you can select or deselect areas for removal. Once done, tap the enter button to get an image as desired.

Step 5: Save File As Image

Once done, right-click the image to open the menu. Choose ‘Save as Image’ and save it to your device.

Create Transparent PNG File Using Pixlr

Pixlr is also an online photo editor with numerous features to let you edit photos, make adjustments, apply filters, and more. Here is a method of creating transparent PNG without Photoshop using the Pixlr software.

remove image background in pixlr

Step 1: Log on to the Online Photo Editor

Visit the official website of Pixlr to get started. Click on ‘Start a Photo Editing Project’.

Step 2: Upload The PNG Image

As soon as you start the project, you have to upload the PNG you want to edit with Pixlr. Once there, add the image you desire to make transparent.

Step 3: Remove The Background

Click on the Magic Wand tool to select the background of the photo that you want to make transparent. Once selected, hit the delete button, and it will erase all the selected areas from the background.

Step 4: Download The File On Your Device

All you have to do now is download the file on your device and use it for different purposes.


We have discussed different tools and methods on how to create a PNG file without Photoshop. Most methods are effective and efficient, but some are expensive and can not be smart decisions if you’re an occasional editor.

With MarkGo, you have plenty of options to edit images, videos, and PDFs. The AI-technology of the software lets you do tasks in seconds instead of several minutes. You can download the MarkGo software on different devices like Windows and Mac. Here are the links for getting your personal software for photo editing and creating transparent PNGs without Photoshop: