The technological world has evolved a lot in the past decade, where you can generate speech from simple text into any AI-generated voice and language. Deep learning and AI voice technology have made it possible to make voice cloning with quick and ease.

Now you can clone your voice from a simple recording using voice cloning and use it as a voiceover from TTS from voice cloning GitHub. Let’s look into how it is possible using best voice cloning software which you can use for real time voice cloning.

Part 1: What is Voice Cloning and How to Use it

Voice cloning is the voice recognition process to create a digital copy of your voice using AI-powered deep learning technology, and the AI recreates it to speak what you need from the text.

There are many methods, like using voice cloning software to record and then used by someone else in real time voice cloning for several purposes.

voice cloning artificial intelligent

Weather companies use voice cloning with deep fake forecasting throughout the day without the caster in the studio. Anyone can sit behind the mic for real time voice cloning using a voice cloning app to read the whole news and other scenarios such as:

Senarios of Voice Cloning:

  • Reading from PPT in classes.

  • Authors using to read their work to check for mistakes.

  • Announcements in public, airports, etc..

Voice cloning can be used in many dynamic situations to save time and money instead of recording each line and using voice cloning software or a real time voice cloning app. Following are some great benefits of voice cloning GitHub:

Benefits of Voice Cloning:

  • Historical voice cloning for interactive teaching and storytelling.

  • Adding teacher voices to PPT slides and lecture notes using voice cloning software.

  • Voice cloning app to read books in the author's or a celebrity’s voice.

  • AI voice cloning helping the voice impaired to speak or practice new languages.

Part 2: Powerful Voice Cloning Programs Highly Recommended

In this section, we will share four excellent voice cloning software you can use for voice cloning using AI voice cloning techniques.

1. GitHub: Real-time Voice Cloning

Voice cloning GitHub is an excellent repository of voice cloning app and tools that you can use for freeware, open source voice cloning software that can do a lot of helpful stuff for you, and even real time voice cloning from some of them.

Spotlights of Voice Cloning:

  • You can use a voice cloning app for dubbing entire movies.

  • Deep fake can help solve a lot of issues.

  • Helping visually and audibly impaired individuals.

  • People can use voice cloning app for chatbots, and VAs.

  • The complete game changed for marketing companies.

  • Clone your voice to use for multiple things.

github voice cloning


yesShorter AI voice cloning production time.

yesFaster turnarounds.

yesLower costs due to voice cloning.

yesBest user control from voice cloning GitHub because open source.

yesFamiliar voices enhance the experience.


noVoice cloning software voices lacking emotions and even tone.

noPronunciation of foreign words do not correct even in real time voice cloning.

2. Speechify

Speechify has become one of the best AI voice cloning tools becoming the # audiobook reader which can read through any article, pdf, book, email, etc., using top-of-the-line voice cloning ai voices.

Spotlights of Speechify Voice Cloning:

  • Voice cloning GitHub is a similar tool to use as a fun educational tool.

  • Jack of all voice clone software trade.

  • Premium voice cloning facilities with many useful features.

  • Read out loud any text using OCR into supported languages in real time voice cloning from voiceover chosen from tons of options.

  • Use this voice cloning app to use Gwyneth Paltrow as your book or text reader.

speechify voice cloning


yesAI voice cloning helps to create real-life-like voices that are natural with a clear voice.

yesWorks with any file format like Wav and MP3.

yesSupported in many OSs like Windows and Mac.


noFree version of Speechify doesn’t have many voice cloning options and features.


The 3rd option on our list is, the best voice cloning GitHub alternative you can use to learn new languages, make content, and read text out loud using your favorite celebrity or a historical figure voiceover.

Due to so many great options with this voice cloning software, students and professionals alike love this app.

Spotlights of Voice Cloning:

  • Real time voice cloning creates excellent voiceovers to practice new languages.

  • This voice cloning app uses AI for ultra-realistic audio trained by powerful AI voice cloning technology.

  • One-stop voice cloning app for all your TTS and cloning needs.

  • Best integration with apps like PowerPoint and video syncing without missing a beat.

  • Best integration with apps like PowerPoint and video syncing without missing a beat.

  • Voice cloning open source. voice cloning


yesStudio is full of AI voice cloning options for professional results.

yesCloud-based, so all your files are synced across devices.

yesIncredible support for 20 languages and 120 voice cloning GitHub alternative options.


noCompletely web-based voice cloning and no app.

4. - Voice Cloning

Supercharge and clone your voice for free using, built for high-quality products that can immerse your followers.

Spotlights of Voice Cloning:

  • Best voice cloning software having over 200,000 AI voices.

  • Easily add emotions to your clone voice with Resemble voice cloning app.

  • Real time voice cloning can transform your voice from one speech to another, meaning from one language to another in real time.

  • Translate anything you say into another language.

  • Create voices easily for your games and social media content.

  • Amazing dynamic voices that are iterative and supports plugin with unity. voice cloning


yesBlend your cloned voice with AI to make any content seamlessly.

yesAPIs are flexible developers can use them for their voice cloning app.

yes Voice cloning GitHub available is Python supported for analyzing voices with deep learning.


noExpensive for a single user and aspiring new talent.

Part 3: Bonus Tips: Best AI TTS Voice Generator with Voice Cloning Coming Soon!

In this section, let's talk about the best voice cloning app for the voice cloning feature coming soon.

iMyFone VoxBox

VoxBox from iMyFone is not just a bonus tip but one of the best voice cloning software in the market that provides professional-grade AI voice cloning features among multiple great TTS features.

This amazing AI voice cloning is coming soon with the next big update but in the meanwhile, learn more about this fantastic tool for your other incredible voiceover needs.

VoxBox introduce


No voice artists are needed, and no recording equipment is needed. You can easily convert your text to speech and voice using the best Voice Cloning tool iMyFone VoxBox! Download it and try it out for free now!

voxboxwinTry it Free


Key Features:

  • Supports up to 22+ languages for TTS features with perfect speech, native accents, and translations.

  • Most voiceovers than any app in the market, surpassing 3,200 and adding more with each new update.

  • Already includes many cloned voices like barrack Obama ,Darth Vader, Optimus Prime, SpongeBob, and many others.


yesFantastic selection of huge voiceovers for content creators.

yesYou can even use the 22+ languages to communicate with anyone around the world.


noSome great features aren't in the free version, and it only has a PC app for now.

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Voice Clone Tool VoxBox:

voxbox youtube video

voxboxwinTry it Free

Part 4: FAQs about Best Voice Cloning Software

1. Can I Make Text to Speech Voice Cloning, and How?

Yes, you can do voice cloning using one of the apps mentioned in this article and use it for text-to-speech for any content you desire. You can use the voice cloning GitHub tool or any other alternative to upload your voice saying a couple of typical sentences.

The voice cloning software takes a little time to analyze your voice cadence and read it as a new voiceover for the best TTS results.

2. What is the Best Voice Cloning Program?

VoxBox from iMyFone is one of the best voice cloning software in the market that provides professional-grade AI voice cloning features among multiple great TTS features.

This amazing AI voice cloning is coming soon with the next big update but in the meanwhile, learn more about this fantastic tool for your other extraordinary voiceover needs.

3. How to Do Real Time Voice Cloning?

To do real time voice cloning, you need to follow the steps to clone your voice mentioned in the 1st FAQ. After your voice cloning is done, you only need to press real time voice cloning, and the apps that support it will do it in the background for you.


This article has mentioned a few voice cloning app and tools you can use for AI voice cloning and some voice cloning GitHub alternatives. In our opinion, VoxBox from iMyFone is one of the best voice cloning software in the market that provides professional-grade AI voice cloning features among multiple great TTS features.

Please read this in detail from this article and ensure to download the software voxbox to try it yourself for free.

voxboxwinTry it Free