Are you looking for sexy AI voice (female/male) to dub for your video or make your favorite character voice sensually, or change your voice into that in real time? If the answer is yes, read on, you will get what you want!

In this article, you will get to know the best sexy voice changer to get your voice changed in real time, and sexy text to speech voice generator to satisfy all your dubbing needs.

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Cerelia(sexy female voice)
asmr deep male voice
Howard(sexy male voice)
erotic voice ai
Taylor Swift(ASMR)
erotic ai voice
ai erotic voice
Taylor Swift
erotic voice ai
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Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters


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Try using AI Hot Voice now! Voxbox allows you convert text to sexy voice, and MagicMic can change your voice into hot voice in real-time during gaming, streaming and online chatting.

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Part 1: How to Change into Sexy AI Voice in Real-Time

1. MagicMic - Sexy Voice Changer

If you are opting for making your voice sexier, iMyFone MagicMic, the best sexy voice changer, is the best option.

With advanced RVC AI voice technology, MagicMic offers users realistic and natural-sounding sexy AI voice, including both male and female. Users can transform their voices in real time while online chatting with friends, gaming, or even streaming.

Also, it is the best choice to prank others or making your voice more fascinating while recording or making videos.

sexy female ai voice

Free to change into sexy female Ai voice using MagicMic - best hot girl voice generator!

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How to Change into Sexy AI voice with MagicMic

Magicmic sexy ai voice generator

Step 1: Install MagicMic software, and log in to your account.

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Step 2: Select your microphone and headphone to make sure you can hear your own voice clearly.

magicmic setting

Step 3: Click "VoiceBox" - "Male to Female" to choose sexy female voice.

sexy voice changer

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MagicMic Sexy Voice Generator-Key Features:

  • Make your voice sexier by adopting the sexy female/male AI voice in real time with one click.
  • It supports to change voice into sexy female AI voice or any other voices while conversations, streams, and gaming with 300+ AI voice filters.
  • It supports to change voice in various platforms like Discord, Fortnite, Valorant, Zoom, Twitch, and more.
  • It allows users to customize their own voices to make them sound like what they want.
  • It can elevate content creation and streaming with 600+ voice effects and 200+ voice memes.

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Part 2: Best Sexy Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Recommended

1. VoxBox - Sexy Text to Speech Voice Generator

Opting for VoxBox is not a bad idea if you want to make sexy text to speech voiceovers, since VoxBox provides users with a vast array of voices, including real people, characters, celebrities, etc.

Therefore, if you want to generate sexy AI voice for your favorite characters, dubbing your video, or any other purposes, you only need to enter text, choose the voice, and click "generate" to get sexy AI voiceovers ready to use.

sexy text to speech voice generator

How to make sexy text to speech AI voice in VoxBox

Step 1: Download & launch VoxBox

Step 2: Enter your text, and click "change speaker".

convert text into sexy voice

Step 3: Select sexy female/male voice you prefer from the real people voices provided.

sexy text to speech voice generator

Step 4: Click "Convert" to get the sexy voiceovers.

VoxBox sexy voice text to speech-Key Features:

  • It comes with 3000+ AI voices, including voices that sound sexy to make AI voiceovers.
  • It enables to convert text into sexy voiceovers in one click.
  • It gives users 2000+ free character counts to make text to speech conversion.
  • It supports to generate AI voices in over 77 languages.
  • You can save your sexy AI speech in the form of MP3, WAV, and Ogg.
  • It is more than a text to speech voice generator with the functions of speech to text, audio recording and editing, AI rap generation, noise reduction, etc.

Part 3: What Do You Generate Sexy AI Voice For?

As you can see, we have learned how to change into sexy voice in real time and generate AI sexy voiceovers using text to speech voice generator, now, let's discuss the application scenarios of sexy AI voice generated.

Product Name Feature Scenarios
MagicMic Change you voice in real-time Sexy voice changer can be used for real-time chat, live streaming, gaming, prank call, voiceover, and more.
VoxBox voice text to speech Sexy TTS can be used for Podcasts, YouTube scripts, Audiobooks, Course videos, and more.

applications of sexy ai voice

Content Creation: Content creators can use a sexy AI voice to make their videos and podcasts more captivating, enhancing their storytelling and engaging their audience on a deeper level.

Streaming: Gamers and streamers can change their voice into sexy AI voice to entertain their views and audience.

Audiobooks: Audiobook producers can employ a sexy AI voice to narrate their stories, infusing an extra layer of emotion and appeal into their recordings.

Virtual Assistants: Companies use sexy AI voices for virtual assistants to create a more friendly and engaging user experience in various applications.

Entertainment Industry: In the entertainment industry, a sexy AI voice can bring fictional characters to life or dub iconic voices, adding depth and excitement to movies and animations.

Language Learning: Sexy AI voices can aid language learners in improving pronunciation and fluency by providing native-like speaking models.

Part 4: FAQs about Sexy AI Voice

1. What is the best sexy voice generator?

VoxBox is the best sexy text to speech voice generator that can satisfy all your audio needs for sexy voice, since its voice quality is very high.

2. What is the best AI voice changer to sound like a sexy girl?

MagicMic is the best sexy voice changer allowing to change voice into sexier girl/boy voice in real time in platforms like Discord, Skype, Twitch, Fortnite, etc.

3. How to convert text to girl voice?

It is easy to convert text to a sexy girl voice using VoxBox, where you only need to enter text and choose a sexy girl voice, and click "generate".


This blog has introduced you various ways to gain access to sexy AI voice, either for changing into sexy voice, or convert text into sexy voicoevers, assisting in captivating and engaging your audience while streaming or gaming, dubbing for videos, or making audiobooks, etc.

Therefore, with the best sexy voice changer - MagicMic and sexy text to speech generator - VoxBox, you can improve your gameplay, content creation, and communication in ways that will captivate your audience.

No wait any more, come and experience it now!

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