Do you want AI singing your own lyrics? You have seen a surge in the use of AI singing voice generators that create rapping and singing voices models like Drake and The Weeknd AI.

There are many AI singing voice generators free for text-to-speech or text-to-song available on the market. You need to be curious how to choose the best AI singing generator. Keep reading to learn how to pick the best one.

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Part 1: What is an AI Text to Singing Voice Generator?

AI text to singing voice generator facts have adopted AI tech algorithms to generate singing voices that imitate human voices. It's an effective way for music creators or streamers who can create original short songs.

Use Case of Text to Singing

  • Music production and composing

  • Soundtracks for video games, short films, videos, podcasts, etc

  • Primary voice tracks for content

  • Producing singing performances for entertainment

  • Creating jingles or voiceovers for commercials and promotional videos.

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How to Choose a Suitable AI Singing Voice Generator

  • Quality of Vocal Output: Look for generators that offer high-quality, realistic vocal output with minimal distortion or artifacts.
  • Variety of Voices: Consider AI tool that provide a wide range of voice options to suit different genres, styles, and moods.
  • Quality of Vocal Output: Look for generators that offer high-quality, realistic vocal output with minimal distortion or artifacts.
  • Ease of Use: Ensure that the generator is compatible with your devices and preferred software applications to facilitate seamless integration into your workflow.
  • Pricing and Licensing: Evaluate the pricing structure and licensing terms to determine the affordability and flexibility of the generator for your budget and usage requirements.

Part 2: Which is the Best Text to Rhyme Voice Generator?

VoxBox AI Singing Voice Generator

VoxBox stands out as an AI singing voice generator that provides Youtubers, gamers music fans, and producers with the convenience to craft songs in various genres, including rock and rap.

It works for text-to-rap, and even text-to-speech singing voice, which allows you to select multiple popular singers or rappers, including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Eminem.

text to singing voice generator free

Key Features:

  • More than 100+ singing ai voices like Taylor Swift, Juice Wrld, The weeknd, etc.
  • Diffrent 200+ accent voice for realistic text to speech.
  • Multiple built-in functions like software of voice record like rap music, voice generate, voice convert, text transcription, voice cloning, and audio edit. Even you can use AI Voice Singing your own lyrics which is qiute convinent.
  • You can export the file in different audio formats, like MP3, WAV, etc.
  • VoxBox also has editing features like trimming, cutting, recording.

Why VoxBox is the Best Text to Singing Voice Generator?

  • More AI Voice Model: With over 3200 AI voice models available in 150 languages and accents to suit various preferences and requirements.

  • High Fidelity: VoxBox boasts a high level of accuracy and fidelity in generating vocals, ensuring that the resulting songs sound natural and professional.

  • Customization Features: Users can customize various aspects of the generated songs, including emotion, tone, pitch, and volume, to create personalized and unique compositions.

  • Reliability and Stability: VoxBox offers a stable and reliable performance, minimizing the risk of crashes, errors, or interruptions during the song generation process.

  • Positive Feedback: VoxBox has garnered widespread acclaim and positive feedback from users, reviewers, and industry experts.

Limitation of VoxBox Text to Song

  • You need to install the software first

  • The user experience of the app may not be as optimal as on the PC, making it more suitable for PC users

  • Users can't assess voice clone without access to a full version

Reviews Rate: 4.8/5

Many users love this tool because of its simplicity and its diversity. The editing and recording feature of this tool is a plus point for the users. The wide range of voice libraries attracts users.

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How to Make Text to Song from Your Lyrics:

There are two ways to make songs for yourself, simple steps like following you can get the singing song.

Step 1: After install VoxBox, go to the "AI-generated rap" tab, select the AI singer voice model, choose a beat.

voxbox ai text to song

Step 2: Enter your lyrics and click "convert"

Step 3: Wait a moment, you can get a song generated by AI from your own lyrics.

Listen to VoxBox AI singing song sample:

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How to Make Text to Speech with AI Singer Voice:

Step 1: Download and install VoxBox, and open it.

Step 2: Choose the "text to speech", and click "change voice". Then chose a voice from text-to-speech voice library.

how to make ai sing lyrics

Step 3: Input your lyrics and then click "convert" to wait for the AI voice track generated

text to song ai free

listen the AI singing voice from Kanye West

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Part 3: 4 Alternative AI Singing Generator to Sing My Lyrics

1. Voicemod Text to Song

Voicemod is a famous real-time AI voice changer but also supports text-to-song. and also provides an online experience, which means you can easily create a free original song with the singer's voice online directly from your mobile or desktop browser.

text to song

Only 3 steps to create a song, just pick a song style, choose a singer, then input or paste lyrics

Key Features:

  • From different genres like Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, Classica, and more
  • only type in your lyrics to get AI sing voice.
  • Easy to use.


noLimited voice and song options compared to paid alternatives.

noQuality of AI-generated songs may vary depending on the chosen base song and voice combination.(few high quality voices)

2.MagicMic AI Singing Voice Generator

Magicmic also is a real-time voice changer with AI but does not support creating a song, just allows you to change your voice into a singer's voice to be who you want. and it also supports communication on plenty of streaming platforms like Discord, skype, and even video game.

ai singer voice changer

Key Features:

  • Provides an extensive variety of voice and sound effects:125+voice filters, 150+sound effects, 400+voice memes
  • Supports major gaming platforms
  • User-friendly and customizable
  • Enables real-time voice modification during voice chats and streaming sessions.


noIt is not for text to speech song generation, you need to sing and it change your voice into AI singers.

noMobile version dosen't support AI singing voice changing.

3. MusicFy

Musicfy is an AI music production tool that provides a variety of options for creating AI singing voices and instrumentals. Its standout feature is the ability to blend two distinct voices, enabling users to replicate an artist's voice, mimic a renowned character, or craft personalized vocal combinations.

musicfy text to music

Key Features:

  • Clone an artist's voice or parody a famous character, with the option to create fused models of two different voices for added versatility.
  • Create instrumentals from text input, providing users with additional creative options for music production.
  • Generate songs and download the combined voice and music, individual music tracks, or standalone vocals.


noAccess to Musicfy's full functionality requires a paid subscription, which may not be suitable for casual users or those on a tight budget.

noThe performance of Musicfy may be impacted by the stability and speed of the internet connection, potentially leading to delays or disruptions in music generation.

4. Uberduck Text to Singing

Uberduck is another AI rap-singing voice generator featuring three robust tools: Text to Voice, Voice to Voice, and AI-Generated Rap. Users can effortlessly create voice-only rap songs by selecting rap voices and inputting lyrics. Voice to Voice transforms recorded voices into different pitches and tones.

AI-Generated Rap streamlines rap song creation with beat selection, lyric input, and voice assignment. While a free version caters to non-commercial projects, advanced features and commercial usage necessitate a premium subscription.

uberduck text to singing

Key Features:

  • Filter rap voices and generate voice-only rap songs effortlessly with text to voice.
  • Record your voice and transform it into various pitches and tones using AI voice cloning technology.
  • Create rap songs by selecting beats, inputting lyrics, and choosing preferred voices.


noSome singing skills may be necessary to fully utilize the Voice to Voice feature.

noAdvanced features and commercial usage rights require upgrading to a premium subscription.

Part 4: Hot FAQ about AI Singing Voice Genrator

1. How to make AI sing my lyrics?

Choose an AI singing voice generator, type your lyrics, choose the music, then convert and export.

2.How do I make my voice sound like a rapper's voice with AI?

Choose an AI singing voice generator like, VoxBox, Voxmaker, etc, to get your favorite ai rapper's voice

3.Are there a free AI singing voice generators?

Yes, there have many other ai singing generators like VoxBox offers free version for you to generate text to singing in few clicks.


This article recomend how to use singing voice generators to make a singing voice with AI and using AI voice singing your own lyrics. With the help of a singing text-to-speech voices or text-to-song, you can make songs freely and easily.

If you are curious about how to choose the best singing voice generator to make songs, VoxBox has multiple singers' and rappers' voices. and which even supports text-to-rap with AI. By the way, it has a trial version that provides 3200+ AI voices for singing text-to-speech voices.

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