The importance of voice changers has been increasing, and everyone loves to deliver the message in prolific and fascinating ways. You can transfer your funny message in the format of GIFs or memes. Moreover, using the soundboard in the background of your video or playing the funny soundboard in real time has become the new norm.

One of the best soundboards that come up with the giggling effect is the Talking Ben soundboard.

Would you like to play the Talking Ben meme in a game or chatting platform? If yes, you can skim through this post, where you get to learn about how to play and download the Ben Talking soundboard.

talking ben soundboard

Who is Talking Ben and How Old is He?

The original name of Ben is Benjamin, and he is the main character of the Talking Ben meme that has taken the world to storm. He is a light brown dog who has fallen in love with science.

Ben is one of the most loved dogs in the world that can entertain you for hours without making you bored. If you talk about his personality, Ben is a chemist by profession and doesn't like computing.

talking ben

But, in Talking Tom, he is also a good mathematician who knows about math. Ben has various friends, but his voice is something else, and that's why many gamers and meme makers around the world tend to use Benjamin's voice when they create a meme or intend to change their voice in real-time.

Ben is 22 years old, and you can download the Ben Soundboard from various online websites and use his voice for multiple purposes.

Where to Download Talking Ben Soundboard?

You can go through the following soundboard websites to download Talking Ben Soundboard.


If you're looking to play the Talking Ben soundboard on your live video or recorded videos, 101SOUNDBOARD.COM might be one of the most reliable websites to download the soundboard. It is a brilliant website that allows you to download breathtaking soundboards and play them anywhere you'd want.

101 soundboard interface

Luckily, you don't need much to access the soundboards at Instead, you must navigate to the official website, log in with the account, and then grab the preferred soundboards.

2. Voicy

Another excellent online soundboard that can assist you in downloading and playing the Talking Ben meme is 'Voicy' soundboard. Apart from downloading the Talking Ben soundboard, this soundboard also provides you with the massive opportunity to play 675,300 without having to do much.

voicy soundboard

On top of that, you can also create your account on this soundboard and then upload your favorite soundboards. Overall, it is an unbelievable soundboard that empowers you to access the soundboards with prolific sound quality.

3. SoundBoardGuy

Soundboardguy is yet another terrific digital platform that helps you browse everything about the sound library. From scary Vecna sounds to Talking Ben Soundboard, SoundBoardGuy has discovered mind-blowing sound effects. The aim behind introducing this website was to revolutionize the soundboard industry.

soundboardguy interface

Interestingly, all the soundboards you can download from this website are listed category-wise. Moreover, Soundboardguy is also pretty easy to use, and you don't need to sign up with your credentials or download any application. Instead, you can simply visit the official website to download the Talking Ben meme.

How to Apply Ben Soundboard While Gaming and Chatting

1. MagicMic Voice Changer with Soundboard

Finding an appropriate voice changer to play the Talking Ben soundboard is a given thing. Luckily, you can try out iMyFone MagicMic, a revolutionary voice changer that has changed the voice-changing industry altogether. From helping you to change your voice in real time to applying brilliant voice filters to recorded sound, iMyFone MagicMic tends to get updated now and then.

magicmic sound effects board for discord interface

Besides helping you change your voice in real life, MagicMic also blesses you with monumental sound effects. You can play those sound effects in real-time or apply them to your recorded voice.


  • Change your voice in real-time by using the 100+ voice filters

  • Use 150+ voice memes and 300+ voice effects on your favorite online platforms

  • Supports voice recording, and you can apply voice filters and sound effects to recorded voice

  • Import the sound in WAV or MP3 format to apply the sound effects and voice filters


MagicMic provides you with the brilliant opportunity to enjoy your data and night with friends changing the voice and playing prolific sound effects.

Here's a list of some ideas you can go for when using iMyFone MagicMic.

Online Game

You invited your friends to your birthday party, and all of your friends decided to play an online game. To prank your friends and have fun during the game, you can change your voice by pretending as if a monster is speaking. All the friends in the room will feel as if something has happened in the room.

Online Chatting

You might get bored chatting with friends, as talking continuously with someone is a little bit boring.

Luckily, you can send exciting sound effects to your chatting partner by using MagicMic to boost the environment.

Live Streaming

You're steaming a live video, and the audience complains that you should do something unique to entertain them as the steaming is getting boring.

In that situation, you can change your voice in real-time by using MagicMic to make them believe as if someone else is speaking.

How to change your voice using iMyFone MagicMic?

Step 1: Install the MagicMic on your PC after downloading it from the official website.

Step 2: Select the microphone as your input device and headphones as the output device.


Step 3: Click on the VoiceBox option to select the voice filters you'd wish to use in real-time. Moreover, you can also play the sound effects by tapping on the Soundboard icon.

Step 4: Launch the online platform where you intend to change the voice on. Next, select the microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device) as your input device, and then you can alter the voice in real time.



We are wrapping this up, hoping that this guide will help you know how to play and download the Talking Ben soundboard.

From using the Talking Ben meme in a recorded video to playing the Ben Talking soundboard in real-time, you've mind-blowing things in your mind.

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