Are you looking for a way to prank your friends or partner? How about considering changing your voice from male to female, funny voice trolling? You see, thanks to the invention of voice changers, doing this is very possible.

male to female voice changer

In this article, we have highlighted some of the popular real-time male to female voice changers in the AI voice generation market today. Some of them are online platforms while others are software that can be downloaded into your device.

Magicmic youtube video

Part 1: 10 Male to Female Voice Changers Features Comparison

We have listed 10 male to female voice changers that can be used on a computer, mobile and online. To allow you to compare and choose more intuitively, we have made a table of their features, hope this can help you better to make a good choice for your own suitable voice changer.

Product Name OS User Rate Voice Filters Hot Keys Audio File Voice Change Record and Voice Change Voice Custom Price
MagicMic Mac&Windows 4.8 225+ Yes yes yes yes Both Free and Pro version
All-in-one Windows 3.5 5+ No yes No Yes Unfree but offer free trial
MasqVox Windows 3.0 8+ No No No Yes Unfree but offer free trial
VoiceSpice Online 4.2 6+ No No yes No Free
LingoJam Online 3.9 12+ No yes Yes No Free
Voice Changer, Sound Recorder iOS 3.9 8+ No Yes Yes Yes Free but offer in-app purchase
Voice Changer with Effects Andriod 4.5 50+ No No Yes Yes Free but offer in-app purchase
Voice Changer Plus iOS 4.5 50+ No yes yes yes 39.99$
Girl Voice Changer PRANK Android 3.3 9+ No No Yes yes Free but in-app purchase
MagicCall iOS and Android 4.0 10+ No No No No Free but in-app purchase

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Part 2: Real-Time Male to Female Voice Changers for Desktop

Explore 10 male to female voice changer tools, including free voice changers with powerful functions. Let's dive into the world of voice transformation!

1. MagicMic Male to Female Voice Changer [Mac and Windows]

If you are looking for an easy-used real-time voice changing tool, then MagicMic girl voice changer, is a good one. It is compatible with several streaming and chatting platforms, making it the perfect tool to use when you are having fun with your friends.

Little Kid
Male To Female
Female To Male
AI Model OFF
AI Model ON
choose voice:
Little kid
Male To female
Female To male
Try full version to explore 3200+ voices
record icon
Click to record
*Support record duration less than 15s.
record icon
Click to upload file
*Support mp3/wav files under size 5M.
Free online trials for voice change
close icon error icon
Conversion Failed
Convert Again


Since online trials offer only a few voices, you can download Magicmic to unlock more voices. Recently Magicmic updates the RVC Ai voice model, a cool technology that provides more realistic female voices.

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magicmic male to female voice changer interface

This female voice changer provides real-time voice changing as well as sound effects. With regards to voice changing, the tool offers the most voices than others, with 225+ voices, including various male to female, anime girl voices. In terms of sound effects, there are a total of 600+ types of sound effects and voice memes, AI voice cloning. Hotkeys settings, voice customization, and background sounds with voice filters are supported in this software.

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Operate Systems: Windows and Mac

Software Size: 2.7 MBs

Using Experience: 4.8 Stars

It is a new software, not as famous as others. I found it in an article.Used MagicMic on Discord for 2 weeks,it worked good. Also, it allowed me to change my voice with various options. Moreover, it comes with many useful sound effects to create a fun atmosphere on voice chat. One problem is some guides in this software are not clear enough, but luckily, they mentioned details in the FAQs. They has AI voices simulation so voice changing are realitic. In short, love it very much.

2. MasqVox Female Voice Changer [Windows]

This is the other app to change male voice into female voice that has time and again proven to be super easy to use, all thanks to its simplistic design as well as an intuitive user interface. You can use this app to alter your voice in real time, which means that it is best known not only for online gaming but chatting as well.

Basically, this tool is specially designed with several human-based as well as cartoon-based voice effects, which in turn, offers you so much flexibility based on their gameplay and communication context.

masqvox female voice changer

Operate Systems: Windows

Software Size: 2.37 MBs

Using Experience:3.0 Stars

I used it on gaming. It is an esay-used male to female voice changer. With the clean interface, you can easily find the voice you need. However, there is one thing that needs to be improved: No hotkey settings. For a gamer, no hotkeys will interrupt me.

3. All-in-one voice changer [Windows]

What makes this voice changer so popular is its variety of voice changing options. You see, the app comes with multiple platforms built-in, where each platform boasts quite several voice changing options that you can use to alter your voice.

Even more crucial, this app functions really well with Skype as well as other chatting and streaming platforms, and the best part is, the software is absolutely free and is more accessible. Once you install the app on your device, operating it is pretty simple, as it comes with an easy-to-use interface that even a beginner can easily operate.

all in one voice changer male to female

Operate Systems: Windows

Software Size: 2.7 MBs

Using Experience: 3.5 Stars

This software is the same as its name, an all-in-one voice changer. The most impressive function is called voice changing. But I have to complain its interface is a little old-fashioned. Also, it only allows you to change your voice by altering your voice pitch. The function of this software is simple but does offer voice changing feature.

Part 3: Best 2 Male to Female Voice Changers Online

1. VoiceSpice

This is another male to female voice changer online that allows you to record your voice in man, woman, girl, demon, robot, and many more. So, you don't have to download it to use it. You will do everything online. The tool allows you to change the text to speech in male or female voice automatically.

In this tool, there are over 15 different languages that you can choose from. All you need to do is to set your preferred language and gender, then put the text in the blank box, and then tab Create message. You will either hear a male or female voice, based on what you selected, instantly.

voicespice male to female voice changer online

Operate Systems: Onine

Voice Library: 6 Kinds

Using Experience: 4.2 Stars

It is a recording and TTS voice changer which allows you to change your voice from text to speech and voice recording. Though with only 5 voice effects on recording voice change, it allows you to change text into various languages and male or female voices.

2. LingoJam Voice Changer

For starters, this is an online voice changer tool for male to female voice transformation, that's absolutely free to use. It can help change your voice from male to female and vice versa, in a matter of a few minutes, if not seconds. Given that it's an online tool, you don't need to download anything.

You can either record audio or input an already recorded one. You can adjust the voice settings to your preference, and you will instantly get an audio file that's already voice-changed. If you are satisfied with what you hear, just hit download to save the file to your computer. The tool is quite easy to use and is always recommended for beginners.

from male to female with Lingojam

Operate Systems: Onine

Voice Library: 12 Kinds

Using Experience: 3.9 Stars

It is a TTS voice changer that allows you to change your voice from text to speech. After that, you can save the audio on your computer. The pros are free to use. The cons are limited functions and parameters to change your voice. I can only control the pitch and speed of my voice.

Part 4: Best 5 Girl Voice Changer Male to Female Apps

As voice change is a new trend, there are demands on male to female voice changer apps. Let's see what are the popular voice changer app. Plus, my favorite voice changer-MagicMic, released voice changer app for phone recently. Though it is 100% free, I have high expectations for this software.

magicmic voice changer app interface

1. Voice Changer, Sound Recorder [iOS]

For starters, this tool is available for Android devices, and it's a multi-purpose app. Other than the Male to Female voice changing option, it also offers an option where you can autotune your voice known as the "voice changer, voice editor application".

Let's be honest, the autotune feature is a big deal, given that it's what singers use to make their voices sound perfect. So, imagine yourself with such a feature on your device. You would never get bored. Now, the app is quite easy to use, and fun as well.

download voice changer sound recoder

Operate Systems: iOS

Software Size: 39 MBs

User Rate: 3.9 Stars

It is free but offers in-app purchases male to female voice changers. It’s a great app but there are only a couple of voice changers and if you want more you have to pay for more, and you can only sing a song or do whatever you want for one minute, song ends up great All of the voice changers end up good but there is not enough to last you for a month.

2. Voice changer with effects [Android]

Of all the voice changing effects available for Android out there, this one is in its own league folks, and we highly recommend it. Now, when it comes to converting your voice from male two female, this app makes it feel like a piece of cake. I mean, not only are you able to convert your voice into a female's, but you can also modify it, which makes it sound even better.

Even when talking to your friends, you can still use this app. What's more, other than the male to female voice changing option, there are several other voice options to select from. Essentially, you can never get bored with this app on your device.

voice changer app male to female

Operate Systems: Android

Software Size: 12 MBs

User Rate:4.5 Stars

It is quite popular and owns a high rate on the google play store. There's an advertisement every once in a while. The only thing is I can't save these as an MP3 file it's only a video.

3. Voice Changer Plus [iOS]

This is also one of the best voice changer apps for male to female voice change in the market today, thanks to its availability of numerous effects, and also the fact that it is absolutely free. It is available on iOS devices.

To use it, all you need to do is to record your voice by speaking into the microphone, and then select the voice effect you want, whether it's male to female, or animals, cartoons, chipmunks, robots, slow motion, elephant voice, and many more. It is super easy to use when it comes to editing your voice. You for sure can have a lot of fun with this tool.

male to female voice changer app

Operate Systems: iOS

Software Size: 106.7 MBs

Using Experience: 4.5 Stars

With 37.6K ratings, it is a hot software on the Apple app store. I remember using this app a while ago and it was a great way to kill a half hour or two. Now, it has ads after you pretty much record and plays one recording. This app was very entertaining but it could be better.

4. Girl Voice Changer PRANK [Android]

This voice changer app is highly portable, and it can be used quite comfortably. This app runs on Android and iOS, and it is completely free to use. All you need to do is to download it onto your device - it's only 8MB in size and you will be good to go.

The Girls voice changer is popularly known for changing male to female voices and also for pitch adjustment. There are several options that you can choose from the tool's library. Changing your voice using the app, as well as pitch adjustments are easy to make. Just make sure that you have enough space on your Android device.

girl voice changer prank interface

Operate Systems: Android

Software Size: 5.8 MBs

Using Experience:3.3 Stars

It is a girl voice changer that comes with various female voice effects. While using these voices, I always think these voices are not natural enough. But it comes with the most female voice effects than any others.

5. MagicCall Voice Changer App [iOS and Android]

This is a real-time voice changer that you can use to change your voice while on a call. It's available for Android devices, and it's a great tool if when you want to prank anybody.

This app is ideal for the male-to-female voice modifier, but it also comes with several other voice changing options, including animal or cartoon, which makes one of the best voice changers to have on your Android device. To use it, you just need to open the app, and then dial the number you want to call and it will change the voice in real time.

download magiccall voice changer

Operate Systems: iOS and Android

Software Size: 39.6 MBs

Using Experience: 4.0 Stars

It is free software but offers in-app purchases. Using its female voice filter on call, it works! Also, it provides background sounds to make your voice change more naturally. What needs to improve is the sound effects are not supported.

How to Change Your Voice From Male to Female for Online Voice Chat

How to Use a Male to Female Voice Changer


Only a real-time voice changer can be used for online voice chat voice modulation. This guide is suitable for all real-time voice changers for pc, with no big difference.

Step 1

The very first thing to do will be to download and install a voice changer that is supported with male to female voice change on your device.

Step 2

Finish output and input device setting, you need to connect your device with microphone headphones to operate a voice changer.

voice changer settings

Step 3

Then, click New Audio Input Capture and then select voice changer's Virtual Audio Device on the platform where you want to apply male to female voice changing.

select MagicVoice Virtual Audio Device

how to change voice on discord

Step 4

among the voice effects, you will find the male to the female option, which is where you will click to conduct a test. There will be a few settings if you wish to alter anything.


As you can see in the picture above, there are female voices from young women to old womgamer girls. Such as littile girl, Sissy, cute gamergirl Amy, gentle Lady Chole, lolita voice Bella, kick-ass Lady Lisa, grandma Laura, etc. Try it for free .

Part 6: FAQs About Male to Female Voice Changers

Q1: Are voice changers illegal?

Absolutely not! See, here is the thing, you change your voice, say from male to female, or vice versa, or use any other voice effects, doesn't do any harm to anybody, and therefore, it's not illegal.

However, if you are changing your voice to commit a crime, then that's illegal. So, basically, I guess we can say that the purpose of voice changing is what determines the legality or illegality of using these apps.

Q2: What is the best girl voice changer?

It depends on your needs. There are real-time voice changers and recording voice changers. Also, you need to choose a voice changer that is compatible with your device. We've listed the popular voice changers with their features, you can choose the suitable one basic on your needs.

Q3: Where to download girl soundboard for Discord or games??

As for me, I prefer to download sound effects and soundboard on MagicMic Free Sounds. You can download all sound effects there without any registration.

Final words

As you can see, changing your voice from male to female or vice versa has never been made as easy as it is. My choice is MagicMic male to female voice changer, since you can find it comes with the most realistic ai voice filters and more features. So, what's your choice of choosing a male to female voice changer?

  • 225+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.