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-If you're a guy, MagicMic offers female voices that will make you sound gentle and sexy in games.

-If you are a girl, the male voice will make you want to tell yourself a bedtime story because you'll feel like you're talking to a handsome boy.

-In addition to the super realistic and pleasant voice gender switching, MagicMic offers hundreds of sound effects, updated monthly for free, in addition to unlimited import of any sound effects!

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Hundreds of voices and tons of fun sound effects to make your games and chats more fun! Come and experience MagicMic with your friends!

What is AI Voice? What's the Best AI Voice Changer?

AI Voice is a groundbreaking technology that replicates human-like voices using algorithms. It has transformative effects on advertising, education, and accessibility.

MagicMic, the best AI voice changer, offers over 225 filters, 600+ effects, sound emulation, recording, and voice customization. Experience the future of voice with MagicMic.

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New AI Voice
New era of expression

With our AI voice changer, you have the choice of being an iconic politician one day, a talented singer the next, or an influential movie star or business celebrity any day you choose.

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user Will Smith
user Elon Musk
user Biden
user Taylor Swift
user LeBron James
user Hatsune Miku
user Justin Bieber
user Ariana Grande
user Spongebob
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What Sets MagicMic Apart as an Cxceptional Real-Time AI Voice
Changer for PC?

With advanced AI voice and deepfake voice technology, MagicMic empowers you to change your voice in real-time, preserving emotion and privacy. Create content confidently across platforms and characters with ease.

user Ultra Realistic

Experience seamless and realistic voice conversion with MagicMic's cutting-edge AI technology. Discover and create your perfect digital identity with a humanistic touch.

user Real-time

Unlock the power of 'MagicMic' app for real-time, natural speech with ultra-low latency. 'VoiceStudio' app empowers content creators with lightning-fast voice conversion and rapid iteration capabilities.

user One-click, everywhere

Effortlessly change your identity on 100+ platforms using our apps for Mac, Windows, and web browsers. Connect seamlessly to popular platforms such as Discord, VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, OBS, DAWs, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

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Watch This Vedio to Learn More About MagicMic
AI Voice Changer

Transform Your Voice with 225+ Free Voice Changing Filters in Real-Time - Get Creative Today!

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Hot Topics About MagicMic Live Time Voice Changer

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How to Configure MagicMic on Programs

Learn how to configure MagicMic on programs like Among Us, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, CS:GO, League of Legends, PUBG, Rust, FiveM, Second Life, Valorant, Discord, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, Teamspeak and OBS. Discover step-by-step tutorials on how to use the thousands of user-generated voices that come with MagicMic, as well as how to setup the free AI voice changer and soundboard. Click now to get started!

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FAQs and Hot Blogs Related to AI Voice with MagicMic


1.Who should use Real Time AI Voice Changer?
1.1Streamers & VTubers: MagicMic allows endless stream & online interaction options with the most realistic & engrossing AI voices. Select any AI voice & act in various characters w/ AI voice changer.
1.2Gamers: Level up gaming exp. by talking in fav. characters' voices using our best voice changer (M/F voices).
1.3Meetings & Calls: Liven up calls & meetings with our advanced tech. Enable colleagues' surprise by having a celebrity/AI voice join Zoom/Skype/Google Meet call.
2.Why Use an AI Voice Changer?
With traditional voice changers, it is often difficult to achieve realistic voice conversion, especially when attempting to switch between different genders. But with the help of AI voices, anything is possible! MagicMic’s library offers thousands of human voice samples, giving you limitless choices to sound just the way you desire.
3.What is the difference between text-to-speech and speech-to-speech AI voices?
AI voices created by basic text-to-speech voice generators can often sound robotic and unnatural, devoid of emotion, realism and expression. Free AI voice changers powered by speech-to-speech technology, however, can accurately mimic the original speaker's intensity and pacing while producing recordings that sound very human. With our leading artificial intelligence speech technology, you can have access to powerful custom AI voices without the need for costly recording equipment.
4.Is it difficult to use an AI voice changer?
Our user-friendly interface makes utilizing our advanced technology incredibly easy, unlike many AI voice generators that make voice AI overly complicated. We crafted our app with usability in mind, providing everyone with the capability of having a distinct voice that is all their own. Compatible with various platforms, all that is required to begin changing up how your voice sounds is a microphone!
5.What are the benefits of using AI voice cloning technology?
By leveraging the latest advancements in technology, you’re able to construct any AI voice you desire through voice cloning. Got the need to make voice overs without the ability to employ professional voice actors? We are here to help - our voice AI technology allows you to craft the ideal voice for your videos!
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