Autotune voice changer tools are not that easy to find, and the ones you find, may make your device lag and have unatural voice changing effects. But you should know that not all voice-changing software is a nightmare for your device because some of them are pretty good too.

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For instance, MagicMic, VoiceFX, and Voicemod are pretty great if you are looking for a permanent solution to your autotune problem in voice changers. If you are interested in finding out the best auto tune voice changer for Mac, Windows, online and mobile, keep reading.

Part 1: Top 3 Autotune Voice Changer for PC

There are quite a lot of autotune voice changers that are just perfect for your PC, but you have to pick the best because you really cannot compromise with it. So, let’s find out the top three auto-tune voice changers for PCs.

1) MagicMic Autotune Voice Changer[Mac/Windows]

MagicMic AI autotune voice changer is known as one of the best voice-changing software, and it certainly does its job. Not only can you change your voice during live streaming, but it also has a feature of auto-tuning now that lets you fix your distorted voice without any hassle.

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You can also use 125+ different voice filters during streaming with this autotune voice changer on Discord, and it can be used quite easily on your PC. MagicMic is known for being the most extensive sound studio for Windows and Mac, where you can customize your audio and tune it to fit into your live streaming perfectly.

Support Systems:

Windows and Mac


yesIt offers more than 125 in-build voice filters, including auto tune voice filters for real-time, audio files and recording voice changing.

yesIt does not take up a lot of space, only 3MBs

yesAdds hotkeys to control for voice changing effects and sound effects directly to the live stream and gaming.


yesIt helps with importing your favourite sound effects.

yesIt allows you to customize your own voice effects.



noIt is a new product on the market.

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Watch this video to know more about MagicMic autotune voice changer:

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2) Voicemod Auto Tune Voice Changer [Mac/Windows]

Voicemod autotune voice changer is made explicitly for usage during gaming or live streaming. You can use it while playing all kinds of games, and by enabling its feature, you can also fix your voice quite quickly.

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Voicemod can be used for tuning your voice and making it sound better during streaming. There are quite a lot of themed sounds in this software, too that you can get once you download it on your windows PCs.

Support Systems:

Windows only


yesHighly professional and efficient interface

yesReal-time voice changing features

yesCompatible with multiple games and apps

yesHas advanced features like voice skins and voice avatars


noIt is easily crashed.

noVoice changing effects are not natral enough.

Guide to Use Voicemod on Discord>>

3. VB-Audio VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter is an audio mixer and auto tune voice changer PC that autotunes your audio virtually without editing it constantly. You just have to set it up, and the software would work on your computer without any hassle.


The connectivity of this software is best, and it is perfect for professional auto tunning. You can also use this software for podcasts or live streaming on Skype. It also helps with the management of audio voices on your PC.

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yesThe interface is very advanced

yes3D panoramic control features

yesHigh-quality auto tuning

yesHighly compatible


noIt is complicated to use and not for beginners

Top 3 Auto Tune Voice Changer for Mobile

Finding a good quality free autotune voice changer for mobile is a lot more difficult than finding one for PC because there are not many options out there for mobile. But, we have listed the top 3 autotune voice changers that are going to be your absolute favorite for mobile so let’s get into it:

1. VoiceFX

VoiceFx is one of those apps designed for professional voice changing on your phone, and it is a pretty powerful tool. All the voice effects available on this app are not just exciting but highly mainstream.


You can not just change your voice but also tune it up a bit to make it sound just the way you want with this voice changer for mobile.

Support Systems:



yesPerfect for professional use

yesIt does not make the mobile lag

yesAll the sound effects are of high quality

yesDoes not take a lot of space


noThe number of sound effects is very limited

2. Auto Tune Voice Changer for Girls

Auto Tune Voice Changer for Girls is super basic and the easiest app you would use on your phone. So, if you are a beginner, you have got to try this. It has multiple voice filters to enhance your voice, and you can even use it for voice tuning, and it works for that too.


Support Systems:



yesHighly professional and efficient interface

yesSimple to use

yesUser-friendly interface

yesAuto tuning features

yesFilters for changing voice


noNot suitable for professional use

3. Voice Autotune Voice Changer Online

Voice is online free autotune voice changer. It has a whole variety of different sound effects to choose from, and the end results are also very promising. You can tune your voice just the way you want with this app in no time and with very minimum effort. However, it can be only used for audio/recording voice change. Real-time autotune voice can't be used on the online tool.


Support Systems:



yesEasy to use, and offer free autotune voices.

yesPerfect for beginners

yesHas a variety of sound effects

yesIt has the ability to autotune your voice while using iPhone


noIt cannot be used for a autotune voice change realtime on platforms like gaming voice chat or live streaming.

noVoice effects are out-dated, and voice amount is small.


Autotune voice changer is one of the secrets on the way to becoming a professional streamer or a funny guy. You need to find software that not just adds a lot of effects during your gaming but also autotunes your audio to make it more appealing.

We would highly recommend you to go for MagicMic auto tune voice changer if you are looking for the most advanced features and just the right kind of auto-tuning. It is the finest voice changer and works with Windows as well as Mac, so give it a go, and you certainly will not regret it.

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