In the dynamic world of music creation, advancements in technology have opened up exciting avenues for enthusiasts alike. One such groundbreaking innovation is the ability to make AI music with famous people voices. This enables musicians, producers, and their fans to explore new dimensions in their musical endeavors and life.

Here free listen to Joe Biden AI Cover (Song: Jimmy Cooks) generated by MusicAI.


Part 1: Can You Use Famous People AI Voices to Make Music?

Yes, it is possible to use celebrity realistic voices to make music using AI-powered tools and technologies. Some AI platforms and voice synthesis software offer ai famous prople voice models that allow users to generate synthetic vocals or audio content in the voice of specific celebrities or famous personalities. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, these tools analyze and learn from the speech patterns, intonations, and unique characteristics of celebrities' voices. This enables users to create music or audio content that sounds remarkably similar to the chosen voice.

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Part 2: How to Make AI Music with Famous Voices?

1. MusicAI - AI Music Generator

MusicAI is an AI-powered software that allows users to create songs using realistic famous voices, bringing an immersive and unique experience to music production. With its state-of-the-art technology, MusicAI enables fans all over the world to incorporate the voices of their favorite celebrities into their musical compositions.

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Key Features:

  • Wide range of celebrity voice models to create music covers.

  • Users have one free opportunity to download the song they created with MusicAI.

  • Versatile 4 coming functions of vocal removal, text to song, AI composing and audio enhancement.

  • All kinds of voices including singers and others like Joe Biden are stored in the voice library .

  • Export the song file in different formats.

  • The music software incorporates a diverse range of genres like hip-hop, lofi, and metal.

How To Make Cover with Famous People AI Voices

Step 1: Download and install MusicAI, and Click on "AI Covers".

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Step 2: Select the celebrity voice you prefer and upload your song file, next you can hit "Start".

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Step 3: Log in with your account, finally you can preview the cover and save it.

2. Voicify offers users the exciting capability to cover songs with the authentic AI voices of most famous people, allowing them to create unique and captivating renditions of their favorite tracks. empowers users to infuse their music with iconic voice of renowned artists, bringing a new level of creativity and entertainment to their musical creations.

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Steps to Use Make Covers with Famous People AI Voices:

Step 1: Visit the website and access your account by logging in.

Step 2: Browse and select your preferred AI artist models from the available options.

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Step 3: Enter the YouTube URL, generate AI covers with your chosen models, and save the resulting tracks to your device.

Key Features:

  • Effortlessly create a number of songs according to your preferences.

  • A diverse collection of voice models available like Troye, SZA and more.

  • Optimize your experience with the priority queue feature.

  • Guarantee your privacy with the stealth generation option.

3. provides a online platform to create song covers with authentic celebrity voices as one of best AI music generators, allowing users to infuse their own style and creativity into popular tracks. With a wide selection of famous AI voice models, users can generate high-quality song covers that capture the vocal style of their favorite artists.

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How to Create AI Song Cover:

Step 1: Access the website and click on the "Try the Beta" button to enter the interface.

Step 2: Upload your desired song for cover and select the preferred voice model. step

Step 3: Provide your email address to proceed with the generation process.

Key Features:

  • Experience the generation of high-quality AI cover songs with ease.

  • Choose from a wide selection of celebrity voices.

  • user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Part 3: Hot FAQs about Famous People AI Music Generator

1. What are the benefits to use AI music generator with famous voices?

Using an AI artist music cover generator offers several benefits:

Access to Celebrity Voices: Music generators provide the opportunity to use realistic and authentic AI voices of well-known individuals.

Versatility and Creativity: You can experiment and explore different genres and styles by combining famous ai voices with various musical compositions.

Time and Cost Efficiency: AI celebrity music generators streamline the music production process, reducing the time and cost associated with hiring professional singers or recording sessions.

Unlimited Possibilities: AI music generators offer a vast library of famous voices, giving you the freedom to create music in different languages, styles, and moods.

2. Are there natural famous AI voices to make covers with MusicAI?

Yes, MusicAI offers natural famous people AI voices that can be used to create song covers. These AI voices are trained to mimic the voices of specific celebrities, providing a realistic and authentic sound. Whether you want to emulate the vocals of a famous singer or create a unique rendition of a popular song, MusicAI's deepfake AI voices can enhance your cover song creations.


In conclusion, the practical applications of AI music generators with famous voices are vast. Various audiovisual projects, including films, television shows, commercials, and video games, can leverage this technology to seamlessly incorporate the voices of artists into their content.

Among the various AI music generators available, MusicAI stands out as a top recommendation. Its ability to generate AI cover songs with celebrity voices provides an exceptional opportunity for people to collaborate virtually with their idols and recreate iconic tracks with a personal touch.