Celebrity AI song generator gives people an opportunity to cover their favorite songs with famous celebrity voices, so that many fans can enjoy more songs with idol voices, and can post them on social media to get more of attention and likes.

Today we will introduce in this article the three best AI song generators with multiple celebrity voices, allowing you to easily get great cover songs.

Here free listen to Jimmy Cooks - Joe Biden (AI Cover) generated by MusicAI.


Part 1: Can You Use AI Celebrity Song Generator to Make Music?

Yes, AI song generators can be used to generate songs with the voices of specific celebrities or musicians. Relying on artificial intelligence, they can analyze the style and characteristics of the artist's singing and then create new works.

Most of the AI song generators for celebrities on the market are easy to use and store the voices of famous people in various fields, so you can easily find the sounds you want, upload songs and generate new cover songs.

ai music generator celebrity

Part 2: How to Make AI Songs with Celebrity Voices?

1. MusicAI - AI Music Generator

MusicAI is a versatile AI song generator that allows users to create songs using realistic celebrity voices, not just real people, but also the voices of many characters. This tool also has text-to-song and AI composition functions, enabling you to generate various types of songs and music.

musicai interface

Key Features:

  • Wide range of celebrity voice models like Biden, Drake, and more.

  • Users have free opportunities to download the song they created with MusicAI.

  • Other 4 functions of vocal removal, text to song, AI composing and audio enhancement.

  • All kinds of voices including virtual characters.

  • Export the song file in different formats.

  • Combines genres such as lofi, hip-hop, and metal.

How To Make Cover with Famous People AI Voices

Step 1: Download and install MusicAI, and Click on "AI Covers".

musicai step1

Step 2: Select the celebrity voice you prefer and upload your song file, next you can hit "Start".

musicai step3

Step 3: Log in with your account, finally you can preview the cover and save it.

2. Voicify

Voicify is an online AI cover song generator that contains AI voice models of plenty of celebrities. Not only that, it’s getting ready to launch a text-to-speech feature. It is more convenient for users and does not require downloading, but requires a good network connection.

voicify ai artist

Steps to Make Celebrity AI Song:

Step 1: Visit the website and log in with your account.

Step 2: Select your preferred AI artist models from the available options.

voicify step

Step 3: Enter the YouTube URL, generate AI covers with your chosen models, and save the resulting songs to your device.

Key Features:

  • Create a number of songs according to your preferences.

  • A collection of voice song cover models available like Troye, SZA and more.

  • Improve your experience with the priority queue feature.

  • Guarantee your privacy with the stealth generation option.

3. Covers.ai

Covers.ai is one of best AI music generators provides a online platform to create song cover , allowing users to add the style they like into popular tracks. With a wide selection of famous AI voice models, users can generate high-quality song covers for entertainment.

covers website

How to Create AI Song Cover:

Step 1: Access the website and click on the "Try the Beta" button to enter the interface.

Step 2: Upload your desired song for cover and select the preferred voice model.

covers.ai step

Step 3: Provide your email address to proceed with the generation process.

Key Features:

  • Generate high-quality AI cover songs with ease.

  • Choose from a great number of celebrity voices.

  • User-friendly and easy to navigate.

Part 3: Hot FAQs about Famous People AI Music Generator

1. What are the benefits to use AI music generator with famous voices?

Using an AI artist music cover generator offers several benefits:

The AI music generator gives you access to the natural voices of celebrities, combines your favorite voices with songs, and makes you enjoy your own songs. With just one click, AI tech can automatically generate cover songs, which simplifies the music production process and saves a lot of costs. You can use the generated songs for content creation, video background music, and more.

2. Are there natural famous AI voices to make covers with MusicAI?

Yes, MusicAI provides very many celebrity AI voices that can be used to create song covers, including those of different professions, like presidents, singers, actors, etc.


In conclusion, the applications of AI music generators with famous voices are vast. Various projects, including films, television shows, commercials, and video games, can enhance their content using the tool.

Among the various AI music generators available, MusicAI is what we recommended. Its ability to generate AI celebrity songs provides an opportunity for people to collaborate with famous people.