If you are looking to get the best and most expansive Zoom voice changer app of 2021, then you're on the right platform. Read this article till the end and find out.

The popularity of Zoom has skyrocketed in the last few years with students, teachers, managers, and employees using it regularly to hold video conference calls for routine purposes. If you have a knack for adding excitement to your video calls with friends or colleagues, why not try disguising your voice to sound like a robot or anime character.

Given this, this article will walk you through several top-ranked Zoom voice changers apps along with their pros and cons and a step-by-step guide on how to change Zoom voice.

Let's cut to the chase.

6 Best Voice Changer for Zoom in 2021

Here are the best and most comprehensive Zoom voice changer apps that you can use in 2021.

1. iMyFone MagicMic

MagicMic is fully worthy of your attention if you want to change every aspect of your voice more in a natural way. With just one click, you can turn your voice into Woman to Man, Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks, Dragon, Robot, Alien, etc.

magicmic voice changer

Key Features of MagicMic

  • Change Your Voice in Real-Time

  • Get Started within Only 5 Minutes

  • It works with all versions of Windows and supports tons of games (PUBG, LOL, CF, WOW, Second Life, Fortnite, CSGO, Overwatch).

  • With over 23+ voice filters
  • 190+ Sound Effects to Satisfy All Your Need

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Pros of Magicmic

yesEasy to use with an easy interface.

yesCan be used on Discord, Skype, Zoom,Twitch, Xsplit, Streamlabs and many other platforms.

yesSupports in Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (64 bit OS)/Windows 11.

Text Guide

1) Download, install and configure MagicMic on your PC.

2) Open Zoom and at the top right click on your settings option button.

click on voice settings option on zoom

3) After the settings window opens click on the "Audio" tab.

click audio tab on zoom

4) For Microphone Select "Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device)" in the drop down.

5) Uncheck Automatically adjust volume.

6) Click the Test Mic button and speak into your microphone and adjust the microphone position to your mouth until the bars show in the middle when you talk. You may need to adjust your real microphone if it was originally not setup. You can do this by selecting your real microphone and running "Test Mic" for it, then switch back to the MagicMic Virtual Audio Device. Leave the MagicMic Virtual Audio Device microphone at 50%.

7) Close the settings dialog.

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2. Clownfish Voice Changer

Another highly popular Zoom voice changer that empowers you to implement exciting voice-changing themes on Zoom. Being exclusively compatible with Windows OS, it comes with a user-friendly interface and straightforward interface that make it an ideal choice for beginners.

It also supports VST plugins that allow users to generate new sound effects in high quality. The best thing about Clownfish is it works great with Zoom and many others chatting apps like Discord, Viber, Steam, and so on.



  • Can convert text into speech

  • Offers tons of built-in voice styles

  • VST support

  • Adjust the microphone's background noise


yesOpen source and 100% free

yesCompatible with all Windows OS and Android

yesThe interface is very simple and basic


noNo advanced voice effects

noInterface seems old-fashioned

Price: Open source and free

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3. RoboVox Voice Changer

If you love to modulate your voice to robotic themes, then RoboVox Voice Changer is an ideal choice. Equipped with a wide collection of voice-changing styles that you can implement on a Zoom call with one click, it provides a quick and simple solution to disguise your voice on Zoom.

RoboVox also offers plenty of other features including in-built X/Y control that enables the users to play their voices in real-time.

robovox voice changer


  • The recorded time is up to 5 minutes

  • 32 unique voice styles

  • Easily customizable pitch and modulation settings

  • Equipped with the latest vocoder technology


yesVery simple interface

yesSupports latest Android versions

yesThree different modes including the real time mode


noPushes for in-app purchases

noLimited free voice styles

It's priced at $1.49 as of now.

4. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Being compatible with both Windows and Mac it is one of the best tools to change your voice on Zoom. Having over a million users, it is popular for its flexibility and tons of hilarious voice effects.

nch voxal voice changer


  • Manu voices including funny, robot, monster, devil, and so on.

  • Supports multiple formats

  • Modulate voice in real-time

  • Directly share the output to the social media platforms.


yesThe voice changing styles are updated regularly

yesIt's completely free

yesEasy to use


noOften crashes unexpectedly

noLimited features

noToo many ads

As of now, this app is 100% free for all users.

5. AV Voice Changer

This powerful software has established itself as one of the best voice changers for Zoom – thanks to its impeccable features and intuitive interface. Having millions of downloads, AV Voice Changer offers a huge pool of unique and exciting voice effects that you can implement with just one click.

Aside from Zoom, it works perfectly fine with other audio and video chatting applications

av voice changer


  • Dozens of hilarious voice effects

  • Built-in professional editor

  • Equipped with the superior virtual driver technology

  • Apply voice theme on your recorded voice

  • Save in your Android and share with others


yesChange voice in real-time as well as for the existing audio

yesImport pre-recorded audio into the program

yesCompatible with almost all VoIP programs


noToo expensive

Price: $99.5

1. VoiceMod

VoiceMod is one of the most in-demand voice changers for Zoom that comes pre-loaded with a range of exciting voice styles including Baby, Android, Alien, and Chipmunk. Don't get confused by its simple interface as it includes all the impeccable voice-changing features that you want from a quality tool.

What's more, you can record your voice and disguise it to surprise your friends.



  • Offers hundreds of voice modes

  • Applies effects in real-time as well as to pre-recorded voice

  • Create your own voice and/or add sounds to its soundboard

  • Provides live voice effect demos


yesFree across all Windows OS

yesEasily integrate with other popular apps such as Skype, Twitter, modern games, and many online streaming apps

yesVoice effects sound natural and are of high-quality


noThe free version has limited features

noGrammatical mistakes in the app

Record Zoom Meeting and Change the Voice with iMyFone Filme

When it comes to the best screnn recodring, audio recording and voice changing software for Zoom, iMyFone Filme stands apart from other players in the market. It comes pre-loaded with all the stellar features and hilarious voice effects that a premium Zoom recording tool offers.

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With its all-in-one features, users can record Zoom screen as well as edit the captured audio/video using the built-in professional editor. Even the newbies find in extremely easy to install and use.


Key Features

  • Records Zoom in high quality

  • Offer real-time voice changing while recording

  • Provides tons of unique and exciting voice styles

  • Can modulate existing audio sources

  • Edit the captured audio


yesEasy and simple to use even for beginners

yesMany voice changing modes

yesCompatibility with all Windows versions

Watch this video to learn how to use Filme to change voice:

YouTube Video

Text Guide

Here's how to use iMyFone Filme:

Step 1

Once installed, launch iMyFone Filme on your computer.


Step 2

Now, you need an audio track in the Filme timeline. Use the "+" sign to import and load an audio file to Filme's timeline.

audio timeline filme

Step 3

Start Zoom meeting. Then, click on the Microphone icon to get going.

filme record screen

Step 4

On the popup tab, choose your Microphone as the input device. Here, you can select the voice-changing theme you want.

select input device and voice changer

Step 5

After that, click on the Play icon to start recording Zoom.

begin recording

Once recorded, you'll see the output audio file in the timeline. You can apply dozens of sound effects to it.

Step 6

Finally, click on Export to save the output file on your computer.



1. Can You Use a Voice Changer on Zoom?

Yes, thousands of people use a third-party voice changer to disguise their voice during a Zoom meeting. It is a great way to add fun and excitement to a Zoom conference and to prank on your friends or colleagues.

2. What is the best Zoom voice changer app in 2021?

The internet is awash with efficient voice changing tools for Zoom. Depending on your requirements, you can use any of the below top-ranked apps:

  • Voicemod,

  • Clownfish voice changer

  • AV voice changer

  • NCH Voxal voice changer

  • RoboVox voice changer


This article shows that the internet is full of voice changer for Zoom apps. All the tools mentioned above are efficient and trustworthy and choosing one tool over the other depends on your individual preferences and requirements.

However, if you're looking for the most comprehensive and professional software for recording Zoom as well as apply voice-changing effects, then iMyFone Filme is your perfect choice.

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