Are you looking for the best scream voice changer and want to change your voice into scream sounds?

If yes, we have something interesting for you, which we'd explain later in the article. You'll see countless scream voice changer apps and offering the services of adding scream voice to human voices. Unfortunately, only a few are effective, as you must have been looking for.

Considering this aspect, we've decided to introduce 6 scream voice changer apps and devices that allow you to generate realistic scream voices.

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Part 1: Scream Voice Changers Features Comparison

As we've explored 6  Scream voice changers for different devices, let make a summary of their features so that you can choose it easier.

Product Name OS Voice Filters Voice Effects Main Functions
iMyFone MagicMic Mac&Windows 250+ 800+ Real-time voice changer [chatting, gaming, streaming]
Scary voice changer Android 8+ No in-build Voice changer for recording
Scary Voice Changer and Recorder iOS 50+ 20+ Voice changer for recording
MorphVOX Jr Mac/Win 3 3 Real-time voice changer
LingoJam Online 15+ No Voice changer for text 
Portable Device / 1 1 Voice changer for chatting

Part 2: 6 Excellent Scream Voice Changers for PC/Mobile/Online

1.MagicMic Scream Voice Changer [Windows PC and Mac]

iMyFone MagicMic is a scream voice changer among our recommending list, allowing you to change your voice for Halloween party.

magicmic voice filters interface 2.9.2

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Its interface is user-friendly, meaning even newcomers will find it pretty easy. This voice changer can change your voice into a ghost or scary voice without any difficulty.

magicmic voice soundboard



  • It offers a variety ghostface and screams sound effects like Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks, Robot, Alien, and many more.

  • Using iMyFone MagicMic, you'll get to see 250+ prolific voice effects to change your voice.

  • 600+ sound effects available: You can use this tool to add popular sound effects when gaming, chatting, or live streaming.

  • With in-build background sound effects in voice filters you can change environment sounds

  • It allows you to set up keybinds to play, stop,cycle, replay sound effects.

  • It provides many kinds of scary voices, such as scream voice, ghostface voice, Freddy Krueger, Ghost, you can fool your friends on Halloween or any other time.

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magicmic ghostface voice changer interface


yesIt works with both Windows and Mac devices.

yesIt comes with the most voice filters than others.

yesVoice filters comes with background sounds.

yesAll-in-one voice changer with huge voice and sound effects,voice memes and voice customzation.


noIt is still a new software on the market,not as famous as others.

noGuidance for some features is not clear enough.

2. Scary Voice Changer [Andriod]

Don't be afraid when this tool changes your voice into a scary scream voice. Due to its unique ability to change your voice into different varieties of scary voices, it's been seen as one of the best scream voice changer apps.

scary voice changer and recorder interface

It offers a sound that can make anyone frightened in a matter of seconds. You don't need to acquire a useless voice changer, especially when Scary Voice Changer offers its presence for you. You'll get spooky screams and frightening noise with this excellent talking tool.


  • This horror sound changer features monstrous cellphone tunes

  • It possesses a prolific audio generator with horrifying effects and alarms.

  • You'll also get a voice disguiser that contains a terrible noise.


yesIt is a free voice changer to help you to change and record your voice.

yesIt offers you various sound effects to edit your voice.

yesIt allows you to change the pitch of your voice.


noIt is not a real-time voice changer so you can't use it on voice chatting directly.

noSeveral voices are not effective.

3. Scary Voice Changer and Recorder [iOS]

It's one of the best iPhone scream voice changers that can create fun content for you. This Scary Voice Changer allows you to create your video with Ghost sounds. You'll get some brilliant built-in filters, including a man's voice enhancements, a woman's voice transformer, and wildlife, including a rabbit or snail, among others.

scrary voice changer ios interface

This tool also offers you an opportunity to add background audio effects. Its most popular effects are Darth Vader and Chipmunk.


  • Scary Voice Changer and Recorder offers a great variety of built-in effects.

  • you can change the speed and pitch of your voice.

  • It allows you to import the recording and share it on Discord.


yesIt comes with wide options of scary effects.

yesYou can modify your voice instantly.

yesWith this app,you can delete and rename your recording,and listen to it.


noThe color of the interface is too dazzling.

no You will be interrupted by very loud annoying video ads often.

4. MORPHVOX Junior [Mac]

Morphvox Jr is the most versatile voice changer for scream that allows you to edit your voice in real time. It also possesses an easy-to-use free version that impresses many users worldwide.For example,you can it on platforms like Second Life and CSGO.

morphvox jr voice change

If you want to change your voice professionally, there's also a Morphvox Echo version available for you. Using the tool, a user can transform his voice into a monster, a machine, an older female, and the renowned flying squirrel's voice.

You can read Morphvox voice changer full review to get more info about this app.


  • Morphvox Jr possesses tremendous sound-altering techniques.
  • It is a real-time voice changer for changing voice directly on games, live, and voice chat.
  • It comes with high-quality output voices.
  • It offers you various sound parameters to adjust your voice.


yesIt offers various Audio Bundles for download separately.

yesIt offers professional adjustment sound parameters.

yesThe output quality of voice effects are good.


noIt only comes with 3 voices on Junior version.

noIf you need ghost voices,you need to pay 39.9$ to buy Pro version.

Let's watch How to Use MorphVox Pro:

morphvox voice changer youtube video

5. LingoJam [Online]

LingoJam is a pretty scary scream voice changer online that can frighten anyone. It possesses some interesting voices that are pretty funny yet terrifying.

LingoJam also allows you to record your spooky voices. It offers some brilliant filters and effects to change the pitch of your sound.

lingojam voice changer

The biggest advantage of online tools is that you don't have to download software and save space on your device.

But it also has drawbacks, that is, it has high requirements for network speed and at the same time, it might come with low stability.


  • It's free and everyone can use this tool.
  • With a realistic and simple design, LingoJam is an unbelievably good scream-voice changer.
  • It works as a voice recorder and voice editor.


yesYou can record your voice and change it with scary voice effects.

yesIt also allows you to edit audio files.

yesIt is an online tool so you don't need to download any software.


noIt is more than a audio editor than a voice changer.

noVoice effects are limited and you can't use it real-time.

6. Amazon Voice Changer Scream [Device]

In addition to these scream voice changer software, Amazon also sells some portable scream voice devices, and they also provide some scary sound effects to satisfy your pursuit of excitement.

portable scream voice changer


  • It can be used anywhere, allowing you to produce scream voices at any time.
  • You just need to pay a little for these devices are affordable and easy to use.
  • They come equipped with their own speakers, enabling you to achieve natural effects in your conversations.


noIt only has very limited voice effects.

noIf you forget to charge it, it won't work.

Part3: FAQs about Scream Voice Changer

1. Which one is better, scream voice changer software or portable device?

Each has its own advantages, but I recommend the scream voice changer software. It is suitable for more scenes, is easy to carry, and has many sound effects to choose from.

2. What makes a voice scary?

You can make a voice scary using the features of a Scream voice changer. Choosing a villain's voice for adding to your original voice is common nowadays.

You only need to download a Ghostface voice changer application. After downloading it, you can easily make your voice look like Ghost's voice.

3. How to Use Real-time Scary Voice Changer:

Step 1: launch the Voice chnager you selected

Download the voice changer you selected on your device and then launch it.

Step 2: Select The Output and Input Device

Select Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device (WDM) as audio input in the communication app that you use for online games, and choose your real headphone as an output device.

Step 3: Select The Voice You Want

Now you can select the voice like ghostface voice you want with ease and change your voice in real-time when gaming, livestreaming, and chatting.

Final Words

While searching for an appropriate scream voice changer, you must look for a tool that offers prolific effects and can adjust your voice in real time.

There are mainly two kinds of voice changers: Real-time and unreal-time voice changers. What you need to do is to make clear what you want to use with a scream voice modulator, then basic on your needs and device, choose a powerful scream voice changer app that you can get voice of scream.

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