Modulating voice changing and recording can be a great way to have fun on social media. There are innumerable voice changers that you can use for free on the internet. However, their voice recording capabilities and scope of voice filters can vary from one another. Additionally, the process of sharing and saving audio files can be more or less complicated. You can change your voice recording online by using any digital audio workstation because it is not a technical process. However, the maximum duration of voice recording, the number of audio files you can upload to the voice changer recorder, or the selection of voice effects can help you in voice recording if you have chosen the right tool. In this blog, we are going to introduce the best online audio recorder and voice changer that you can use to modulate voices in simple steps.

Best Voice Changer Recorder for PC - iMyFone Filme:

iMyFone Filme is the best voice recorder and voice changer software. This tool is also one of the ideal screen recorders for desktops. Getting the best voice changer for your content is a challenging task, and different voice recorders are in use for voice-changing purposes. However, iMyFone Filme is the best voice recorder and changer for PC that can add several transitions in your voice.

The application has an extremely user-friendly interface that reduces the effort of audio processing. So if you are about to try a new voice-changing tool, then iMyFone Filme is the best choice. The great thing is it allows users to handle every editing part from start to end. So it's ideal for both ambitious experts and beginners. Going through the list of reasons why you should choose iMyFone to record and change your voice online, let's have a look at its key features.

imyfone filme editor


1. Voice Changing Tools:

iMyFone Filme includes a wide range of voices to make your content more engaging. It also enables users to change voice while recording.

2. Audio Editing:

Users can add dialogue and fine-tune audio in their videos to make them memorable.

3. Text Formatting Setting:

You can design spectacular typography and headers with different color schemes.

4. Beautiful Effects:

There are different effects available in Filme that you can use to add filters and transitions in your sophisticated interactive media.

5. Transitions:

You can impress customers by using different transitions in your content.

6. Voice Selection:

There are more than ten voices available in Filme that users can use to record and change the voice.

7. Audio Editing:

iMyFone Filme is an ideal voice changer recorder that offers users an option to edit audio with precision. Users can change sound effects and music to make things easier.

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yesEasy to use user interface


yesDiversity and richness of features

yesLack of complications for task

yesExclusive layout and UI

yesSlow-motion effects

yesFast and easy slideshow creation

yesHigh-quality outputs

How to Use iMyFone Filme as the Best Voice Changer Recorder?

iMyFone Filme is a professional voice changer recorder that can be helpful for you while your audio editing. It has a wide variety of tools that are needed to record and change the audio. So you can say Filme is a real-time voice changer. With the help of this amazing software, you can change your recorded voice as well as screen. Therefore, using Filme is not a hectic task because it is a straightforward and user-friendly tool. The most significant thing about iMyFone Filme is it detects connectivity with Android phones, iPhones, smart TV, iPod Touch, PSP, and more. Here are two methods that will guide you step by step about voice recording and editing using this exclusive tool.

Change Voice While Recording:

  1. Open Filme on your computer and go to the new project. Choose aspect ratio according to your choice.

imyfilme voice project

  1. Go to the media and import the audio file that you need.

  2. After importing the audio, the next step is to change your voice recording online. You will find the voice changer option, select voice, and tap on "ok".

filme voice changing

  1. If you want to change voice while recording, move the play head to an empty area and click on the microphone icon over the timeline.

filme voice recorder microphone

  1. Select the voice changer and tap on the record button to start recording. When you finish your recording, tap on the stop button.

  2. Users can also trim audio to make changes. Now click on the export button to save your audio file.

filme export audio

Change Pre-Recorded Voice:

Here is a complete guide on how to change pre-recorded voice using iMyFone Filme.

  1. iMyFoneFilme provides a voice changer recorder free download to its users. So download the app and launch the interface.

  2. After importing the video and adding it to the timeline, tap on "detach audio" to remove pre-recorded audio from the video.

  3. When you have detached audio, you can right-click on "edit" to change your voice recording online. You will find numerous voice changer voice recorderstools in Filme. Choose the one that you want to apply to your video.

  4. The last step is to change your recording of a specific video clip. You can also change voice during recording, and it is a beneficial thing for YouTubers.

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The Way to Record and Change Your Voice Online:

When we talk about how to change voice recorder to MP3 from the internet, there are different programs, but few of them deserve to be on top. Therefore, you should always opt for such a voice changer for a recording studio that has an overall functionality to change voice in amazing ways. If you are looking for an advanced online voice changer voice recorder, you can use a streaming audio recorder. It is an online voice changer recorder that can duplicate audio streaming. The functionality of this tool is the same as that of Apowersoft free online audio recorder. However, it allows you to select from different voice changing and editing tools that will let you customize or edit any audio clip. So streaming audio recorder is an exclusive voice changer recorder that permits users to record audio streaming and change recording of capture sound effortlessly. In addition, this tool offers lots of output audio formats such as WMA, AAC, MP3, and FLAC.

Steps to Record Voice Online:

If you want to record or change your voice from the internet, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download and installed streaming audio recorder into your PC.

Step 2: Enter the setting by clicking the gear icon.

Step 3: Set the output format as "MP3", and it will be a helpful step for you to know how to change the voice recorder to MP3. If you want to record online audio and vocal together, you can also choose an audio source.

Step 4: Tap on the red round icon on the recorder's interface. The tool will smoothly record your audio. If you want to end the recording, tap on the same red icon.

Step 5: To access the more extensional function of this voice changer recorder, you can click on "library" from the left panel.

Step 6: After changing the voice and recording it according to your requirements, you can save it by clicking the export button.


How to Remove Background Noise from Video on Online/Mac/Win?

The most usual thing is to remove the annoying voice from the video. In most cases, recording high-quality audio is difficult because of the background noise of the environment. The background noise can be removed by using a voice changer recorder. You can eliminate the noise by adding background music with some video or audio editing tool. These recorder and voice changer can work for Mac, Online, and Windows in paid and free methods.

What makes up the Texture and Sound of a Voice from a Voice Changer?

You can determine the texture and sound of the audio in multiple ways. The voice changer and voice recorder are specially designed to record and change the voice pitch. These voice changers have different tools that users can use according to their needs. Furthermore, these tools can make vocal cords with high-quality voice effects.


Changing the voice in an online voice changer recorder is a simple process that takes minimum effort and time. Most of the voice changers on the internet offer different voice effects, but many of them fail to provide basic audio editing tools. Therefore, it's about changing your voice or recording audio, and voice modification in a digital invention. The iMyFone Filme is one of the exclusive voice changers that modify voice for different voiceover. So if you are looking for some effective digital means to change and record your voice, you can choose this amazing tool.

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