We’ve all grown up with movie trailer narrators’ authoritative and raspy voices enhancing every trailer and enticing us viewers to feel excited. We get the same feeling when we listen to celebrities and icons with raspier voices like Barak Obama, Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Al Pacino, etc. So, are you someone who wants to sound like them and wondering how to make your voice raspier?

actors with raspy voice

Don't get fooled if someone says it requires a lot of post-editing because it doesn’t, as we have the best solution. Read this article to find out how to make voice raspy using simple tools and enhance the quality of your feeds and content.

Part 1: What Does Raspy Voice Mean?

Well, if you take it from the medical perspective, a raspy voice results from your inflamed or swollen vocal cords, and the voice thus generated is raspier than usual. It is also called hoarseness and is quite a common ailment during winter.

When we talk about a raspy voice non-medically, it means a person has a voice that is a bit hoarse when their throat drums, and when they speak, their voice roars. People with raspy voices have a deepness to them and have an impact on those they are speaking to.

raspy voice man

So if you are thinking about how to make your voice raspier, you can exercise vocal or stretching to enhance your voice. The only problem is you might damage your vocal chord while doing it, which you never want to do. But it does have hope, as singers have been honing their voices and flexing their singing muscles for ages.

To make your voice deeper than ever, try yawning. It helps you open up your mouth and throat. When you purposefully cough, that may also help you raise the tone of your voice. By doing this, you can exercise the internal organs that control your voice's pitch. It helps you open up your mouth and throat. To make your voice deeper than ever, try yawning. It helps you open up your mouth and throat.

make your voice raspier

Part 2: Make Your Voice Raspier With AI Voice Generator

iMyFone VoxBox

There are a lot of articles about iMyFone VoxBox text-to-speech because of their vast library of voiceover options that you may use and the many languages you can convert your text or speech into. First, let's look at some salient features of VoxBox if you want to know how to make your voice raspy.

VoxBox introduce

Key Features:

  • Many unique voices that are raspy and with strong vocals users can now use with ease.

  • You can make a raspier voice using TTS or even STT, which you can tweak as much as you like.

  • 3,200+ voiceovers and46+ languages support to choose.

How to Steps:

Step #1: After you have installed VoxBox from iMyFone's official website, open the app.

Step #2: On the right, click on the Speech to Text tab if you want to convert or enhance your voice.

Step #3: You can click or drag your audio/video files as instructed.

joey voice text to speech

Step #4: Toggle the Punctuation button on top and press convert.

voxbox mariah carey voice

Step #5: If you want to use the TTS feature, you can go to the Text to Speech tab and choose Mariah Carey if you are a woman or Adolf Hitler if you are a man to get the best raspy voiceover as shown in the images.

Step #6:Enter the text you like and press convert for the question "how to make your voice raspier?"

voxbox adolf hitler voice


yes Great tool for any streamer or content creator.

yes If you have multiple audiences, you can tailor your content to their demographic.

yes A lot cheaper than similar tools.


noStill no Mac app.

Part 3: FAQs About Making Voice Raspy

1.How to Make Your Voice Raspier?

You should know that you don’t have to catch a cold if you wonder how to make voice raspy because that is not the correct answer. We have explained a few methods above, like coughing deliberately to make your voice coarser.

You can even experiment with screaming to train your muscles to speak with a raspy voice but be careful not to damage your voice chords by overdoing it.

The simplest and best method is to use a TTS generator tool that has many different options, like VoxBox, that you can use to ease this method. While we recommended Mariah Carry and Adolf Hitler for raspier voices, you can explore many other voices that do the same.

2. How Do I Make My Voice Sound Deep?

The oldest method is practicing humming, just like singers, training your diaphragm and vocal cords to enhance your voice. Now that might take a long time and a lot of effort because you need tons of practice, but you have a more straightforward solution. You can use a TTS generator if you are talking on the computer a lot or if you are a regular streamer, and this tool can help you load.

3. Famous Characters or Actors That Have Raspy Voices?

There are many characters or actors that have raspy voices. The first choice is morgan freeman, who is known for his raspy voice and was for a long time known as the voice of god. His voice narration in Shawshank Redemption has been used for ages.

Sean Connery is also a great example of Hollywood for his enchanting raspier voice. We have explained Adolf Hitler's raspy voice in the How To section if you want to learn how to make your voice raspier.


When we talk about how to make voice raspy, please don't confuse it with a raspy voice when you have a cold, though it is highly similar to what we are talking about in this article. Raspy voices have a depth that resonates with your body and anyone listening.

This is quite lucky if you have a raspy voice because many people practice making their voices raspier. The easiest way to "how to make your voice raspier?" is using a tool like iMyFone VoxBox, which simply makes it easy and impressive.