Boost your YouTube vlog or animation with cartoon character voice generators!

Learn how cartoon character voice generators can mimic beloved characters like SpongeBob SquarePants for content storytelling apps, kids' audiobooks, and dubbing corrections. We'll give the top 8 virtual cartoon character voices and the best 4 cartoon voice generators for converting text to speech.

Before we begin, let's try the Patrick Star AI voice online:

patrick star ai
Patrick Star
human male ai voice
Brian (Male)
human kid ai voice
Angela (Kid)
Patrick Star
patrick ai voice
Brian (Male)
Angela (Kid)
Download VoxBox to explore 3200+ voices
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Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters


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The online version is being perfected! Download the full VoxBox version to experience the full range of features. 3200+ voices to choose from, including the voice of Rick Sanchez, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, etc. You can also make precise tuing to the cartoon voice, try it now!
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Part 1: Best Cartoon Character Voice Generator for Text to Speech

1) iMyFone VoxBox - Top 1 AI Cartoon Voice Generator

iMyFone VoxBox is your go-to cartoon voice generator featuring voice cloning custom lifelike cartoon AI voices. With a vast library of 3200+ text-to-speech voices. Whether you're crafting engaging voiceovers for children's e-learning modules, online courses, or simply for your own amusement, VoxBox has you covered.

Watch The Video to Learn More about Cartoon Voice Generator

Use Text-to-speech Voice Generator to Get Cartoon Character's Voice

Use Cartoon AI Voice Generator, Make Text to Cartoon Voice Easily:

Step 1: Downlaod VoxBox and install it, then open it, and click on "text-to-speech".

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Step 2: Select the "Change Speaker", then choose "fictional character".


Step 3:Type or paste your "text", and then "convert", wait a moment, you can generate the voiceover.

text to cartoon voice

Listen to the funny speech of Bugs Bunny created by VoxBox:



  • Access 3200+ text-to-speech voices of popular characters, YouTubers, Celebrity, etc.
  • Custom fictional cartoon character AI voices with voice cloning.
  • 200+ global languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French.
  • Multiple built-in features like voice recording, transcription, converting, and editing.
  • Different output formats when importing and exporting the audio file.


  • Professional and High-quality voiceover provide.
  • Not only does it have cartoon text-to-speech, but it also includes voice cloning, speech-to-text, text-to-song, and more functions.
  • 100% safe and easy to use.
  • Interactive user interface.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.


  • Full Version requires you to download on your computer.

2) VoiceTooner

VoiceTooner is cartoon voice changer app, is now available on the Google Play Store. Whether you're celebrating a friend's birthday, sending holiday greetings, or just having a good time, share these entertaining videos with your friends, featuring amusing voices like robots, squirrels, and more.



  • VoiceTooner is very easy to use.
  • It has a wide library of cartoon characters to choose from.
  • It has text-to-speech and also repeats after-me features.
  • Simply touch the cartoon character, and you will hear its voice.


  • Provides a free trial.
  • You can also record the voice and listen to different cartoon characters' voices.
  • It allows you to share the video on different platforms.
  • You can also create videos using this tool.
  • Due to its efficiency, it has a rating of 4.3/5.


  • Only available on Android.
  • Includes in-app purchases.
  • Includes ads.

3) RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is another voice-changing Android application that works. It also supports generating fictional character's voice with text-to-speech voices.

RoboVox is a great app when it comes to editing. It is because it has X-Y control fields at the tip of your fingers.



  • RoboVox is not only a voice-changing application, but it also allows you to record your voice.
  • It has 32 different voice styles from which you can choose.
  • You can adjust the pitch and modulation with X-Y control fields.
  • It changes the voice to different characters and processes the audio very fast.


  • Allows you to transform your voice into different characters easily.
  • It is completely secure to use this tool.
  • Ease of editing the audio.
  • Users are pretty much satisfied with this app and have rated it a solid 4/5.


  • It is only available for Android users.

4) Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer is a desktop tool that helps you to transform your sound with different effects. These effects include cartoon characters and other voices as well. It is very easy to use, and you can download it easily as it is compatible with Windows.

carmen winstead voice fakeyou


  • Multiple tools are available to transform the voice.
  • It has different fun effects along with voice modification features
  • If you have recorded a sound previously, then you can also listen to it afterward.
  • Record your conversation using this tool and use it during your Skype call.
  • You can also use the text-to-speech feature of this tool and speak with a computer-generated voice.


  • Voicemod users use top-notch microphones to change many voices.
  • The user can record the voice of every individual in case of making a podcast or recording separate conversations.
  • It has a trial version that works for 14 days and can record up to 30 seconds of conversation.


  • Skype Voice Changer is only compatible with Windows.

Part 2:How about the Top 8 Cartoon Characters Voice Line?

1) SpongeBob SquarePants

Voiced by Tom Kenny, SpongeBob's high-pitched and energetic voice has become instantly recognizable. From his infectious laughter to his iconic catchphrases like "I'm ready!" and "I'm ready, I'm ready," SpongeBob's voice embodies the joy and enthusiasm of the character.

2) Squidward

Rodger Bumpass brings Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants to life with his irritable and snobbish voice. Bumpass skillfully portrays Squidward's perpetual frustration and dry humor.

3) Bugs Bunny

Created by Mel Blanc, Bugs Bunny's voice is a perfect blend of a Brooklyn accent and a mischievous tone. His famous catchphrase, "Eh...What's up, doc?" has become synonymous with the character's witty and clever personality. Blanc's exceptional voice acting brought Bugs Bunny to life and contributed to his enduring popularity.

4) Aladdin

Scott Weinger voiced the character Aladdin, infusing the street-smart and charming character with warmth and wit. Aladdin's voice reflects his adventurous spirit.

5) Popeye

Voiced by William Costello and later by Jack Mercer, Popeye's gruff yet endearing voice adds to his charm and resilience. With his famous phrase, "I yam what I yam," Popeye's voice reflects his determination, love for spinach, and unwavering sense of justice.

6) Homer Simpson

Portrayed by Dan Castellaneta, Homer Simpson's distinct voice has become iconic in the realm of animated sitcoms. From his exasperated "D'oh!" to his hilarious exclamations and humorous antics, Homer's voice perfectly captures the lovable yet bumbling nature of the character.

7) Optimus Prime

Peter Cullen's deep and authoritative voice defines Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots from the Transformers franchise. Cullen's voice captures the wisdom, strength, making Optimus Prime an enduring symbol of heroism.

8) Winnie the Pooh

Voiced by Sterling Holloway and later by Jim Cummings, Winnie-the-Pooh's gentle and whimsical voice has enchanted audiences for generations. Holloway's initial portrayal and Cummings' subsequent performance bring the beloved teddy bear to life, capturing Pooh's innocence, curiosity, and love for honey.

charcter of cartoons

Part 3: FAQs about AI Voice Generator Cartoon Characters & Cartoon Text to Speech

1. Which is the best cartoon character voice generator?

iMyFone VoxBox supports 3200+ voices, 46+ global languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French. Even better, you can customize the AI voice and cloned voice of fictional cartoon characters. There's no doubt that it is the best for you to generate AI character voice.

2. Can I use the cartoon AI voice generator for my Instagram and YouTube videos?

Yes. you can use it to make real voiceovers for different characters, and in your videos, you can be a rapper, be SpongeBob, be anything you want. As long as you don't use it for commercial purposes and comply with the law.


In this article, we have introduced the best AI Cartoon Voice Generator and cartoon voice changer. Additionally, we introduce how to use AI generate to cartoon voices.

When in search of AI cartoon character voices for your animated projects, please choose VoxBox.

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