Do you love the movie trailers that come out before the movie's launch for promotion? which would enhance the Movie-watching experience.

So, If you want to know how to make your movie trailer more stunning and attractiveusing a movie trailer voice generator and text to speech voiceover tool, keep reading this article!

Part 1: What Makes a Stunning Movie Trailer Voice Generator?

Maybe you have mind on morethis question of "who is the voiceover guy of movie trailer", first up is the Don LaFontaine who with more than 5,000 movie trailers under his iconic voice, And then you have Red Williams, commonly referred to as “The Man with the Golden Voice.”

But in mordern, there have a new guy of movie trailer voice-Text-to-Speech Voice generator, which provide powerful Ai voice tech, also supoorted adjust the voice ex Pitch, Pause, Volume, Emphasis,etc.


You can easily convert your text to speech and voice using the best trailer voice generator iMyFone VoxBox to generate movie trailer voice! Download it and try it out for free now!


Part 2: How to do Movie Trailer Voice Via Text-to-Speech Voice Generator

It is up to you if you really want to use a movie trailer voice generator for your project or hire a voice actor to generate movie trailer voice; it depends on your pocket. Here are many options that you can choose based on this preference.

1. iMyFone VoxBox - Best Movie Trailer Voice Generator

If you don't have the bank to hire a voice actor to generate movie trailer voice and would instead use text to speech movie trailer voice for your projects, iMyFone VoxBox is your answer.

The reason we say this is because it has many, many voiceover options to generate movie trailer voice for all your projects. Let's see some essential features to help you decide.


Key Features:

  • More than 3200+ voiceover options to choose from for your movie trailer voice or different projects.

  • Supported 46+ langugaes in different tones.

  • Voice recording, editing, TTS functionality, and video conversion, text transicription, all in a single app.

  • Export all your files in compatible formats which you can use for HQ projects.

  • Resultant voices and audio are clear and with high quality.

  • Desktop apps can be used offline, giving you a lot of freedom without losing any data.

  • Voxbox-text-to-speech


yesVery dependable software that is intuitive yet lets you make many changes for the perfect movie trailer voice generator into your best projects.

yesNow you don't need any app to generate movie trailer voice no matter where you are from, as it supports 46+ languages.

yesNo ads, safe and easy to use.


noThe Free Version not included Voice Clone.

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Movie Trailer Voice Generator VoxBox:

AI Voice Generator That Meet All Your Needs

2. Voiceoverguy

Voiceoverguy is the popular name gained by Guy Harris, whose voice has been used for many productions over the years, most recently on BBC Radio 1. His style was initially made famous by Don La Fontaine and Hal Douglas.

voxbox website introduce

Key Features:

  • Multiple stacks of cuts are available to purchase, which you can use in your production however you like.

  • Depending on your project, the voiceover can be in an American or British accent.

  • All cuts work excellently in Adobe, Final Cut, and other editors.

  • Good selection of voice kits.

  • Award-winning movie trailer voice generator.


yesViral voice recognized by millions.

yesCan generate movie trailer voice in any tone you like making it more fun.

yesMassive assortment of quality video and voice portfolios to judge the quality of the main website.

yesCan create custom voices as per your demands.


noSome cuts might not be helpful to you.

noFull voiceover by Voiceoverguy can break the bank.

3. Movietrailervoice

If you're looking for a movie trailer voice generator that you can do in 3 easy steps, then Movietrailervoice is for you. There are many cuts available on this website, one of which is the famous artist Guy Harris’s voice which has been used for many productions over the years, most recently on BBC Radio 1.

Let's see what unique features Movietrailervoice has in store for you.

movie trailor voice generator

Key Features:

  • Multiple audio cuts that you can combine to make a trailer video.

  • You can use a custom script provided by the owner to create your perfect voice.

  • Depending on your project, the voiceover can be in an American or British accent.

  • As easy as Lights, Camera, and Action!

  • Good selection of voice kits.


yesPayPal accepted as payment options.

yesCan create custom voices as per your demands.

yesCan generate movie trailer voice in any tone you like making it more fun.


noSome cuts might not be helpful to you.

4. Voicemod

Voicemod is a real-time movie trailer voice generator that uses revolutionary custom pitch technology to convert your voice. With the help of Voicmod, you can now become the Next Movie Trailer Guy and generate movie trailer voice free for a limited number of voiceover options.

Key Features:

  • Visit the Soundcloud page for incredible, generated voices.

  • Real-time movie trailer voice generator that you can use to overlay your movie or project with ease.

  • Advanced interface lets you play with a custom pitch tool.

  • Very fast working in real-time.

  • You can change key binds on the fly to enhance the real-time voiceover functionality.

voicemod movietrailer generator


yesFree to download to try out as much as you like.

yesHas great tutorial support and samples to show you what they can do.

yesAmazing Developer Kit to add to your software.


noNot a lite software, so taxing on older computers.


Instead of using a movie trailer voice generator to generate movie trailer voice that may be unnatural no matter how HQ voiceover they claim, why not hire a voice actor? Voquent can help you hire one near your location without additional costs.

voquent movietrailer voiceover

Key Features:

  • Worlds best voice actors casting and recording platform.

  • Hire the best professionals near you for the best movie trailer voice generator requirements.

  • Created many famous brands over the years.

  • Use the voice actors for any work like commercials, games, generate movie trailer voice, etc.

  • Many languages and accents supported by actors.

  • We don’t compromise on quality, so be sure to get the best output each time, every time.


yesFantastic range of voices and accents.

yesA lot of demos available to listen to first and then buy.

yesA detailed process that allows you to choose the best voice for your needs.


noExpensive for aspiring movie or project makers.

6. Fiverr

Nothing is better than hiring amateur voice actors at incredible costs instead of big companies generate movie trailer voice on Fiverr. Fiverr is a great marketplace to sell your talents and compete among thousands of sellers to sell your trade.

fiverr movietrailer voiceover

Key Features:

  • Gives you many categories to choose from for the best movie trailer voice generator.

  • You can see the completed projects of each voice actor and the rating they received from their clients.

  • Not a single fabricated project.

  • Great way to search for the best due to the safety protocols followed by Fiverr.


yesYou can find better voice actors at much better prices who are willing to add more projects to their profile.

yesThe platform provides excellent security to make sure your task is completed and handed over properly.


noSometimes too many options might confuse you.

noFiverr takes a cut of each transaction.

Part 3: FAQs about Movie Trailer Voice Generator

1. How Can You Make a Movie Trailer Voice Generator?

You can use a movie trailer voice generator app like VoxBox or Voicemod to generate movie trailer voice and edit it to your heart's liking. These professional apps have quite a few options to enhance your audio quality for the end product.

2. Is There Any Online Movie Trailer Voice Generator for Free?

Yes, there are many online movie trailer voice generator that you can use for free, but they won't have many options, plus their quality won't be high as others. So if you are ok with that, you can use it.


If you need make voiceover for your family record, or business movie trailer, i really recommend iMyFone VoxBox- movie trailer voice generator to help you, cause which not only save time and money, but also provide more professional voices, not wait more, Download and install it have a try.

Download trailer voice generator Voxbox for free to make a stunning voiceover for your movie trailer!