Have any ideas of creating an audiobook but don't know how to go about it? Well, creating an audiobook seems to be a hard job but believe me it is not if you only have the right tool.

So in this guide, am going to take you through the various ways how to use audiobook maker to make an audiobook for free. We are going to look at some of the best audiobook maker that will assist you to create an audiobook in just a few minutes. You have to choose the correct tool and just create your audiobook following the step-by-step instructions.

Alright then. Let's go.

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Part 1:How to Make an Audiobook for Free?

Well, making an audiobook for free sounds impossible but there are some maker tools of audio book you can use and do it on your own.

Tools for creating audiobooks are somewhat helpful software, which ease the process of making your own audiobooks. They present a combination of different functions that help record and edit audio, so your audiobook will sound great.

But what audiobook builder you'd like to use when creating your book? There are numerous audiobook builders at the market, and it is difficult to choose the right one.

So, in order to assist you better in this regard, we have brought with us 4 top audiobook maker tools so that you can make your own audiobook.

Let's discuss them in detail.

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Part 2:Top 5 Audio Maker to Make your Own Audiobook


fliki audio creator

The first recommended tool for an AI audiobook generator is Fliki.ai. It is a sturdy but user-friendly program to generate first-rate quality audiobooks from any sort of text. Be it you are making one for your leisure airings or intending to make money by selling it, with the use of this program, you can reach your goal within minutes.

How to Use Fliki.ai?

Step 1: First, you need to sign up for a free account on Fliki.ai website.

Step 2: Next, you need to go to New file option upload your text file. You can choose from various languages, accents, and voices for your audiobook.

how to make audiobooks with filik

Step 3:Then you can preview and edit your audiobook using the built-in tools. You can adjust the speed, pitch, volume, and tone of the voice as well as add background music and sound effects.

how to make audiobooks with filik step3

Step 4: Finally you can download your audiobook as an MP3 file or share it online with a unique link.


yesCreate your own audiobook in a few minutes absolutely easily with no technical skills required.

yesPersonalize your audiobook to the tone of voice, manner and context of your choice and target audience.

yesGenerate up to 10 audiobooks per months for free.

yesFor ease of use both the website and editor have learning curves for actually making audiobooks piece with Fliki.ai.


noSubtlety and emotionality in the original text can be missed out.

noSome wordings or phrases could be wrongly pronounced by the generated voice or roll off not that dynamically as it was supposed to.


author voices

Up next is Audie.ai, with it being so versatile as a powerful text to speech tool which will render high quality audio books from just about any text. You will never have to read your favorite novel, article, or document but you can listen to it in the most relaxed manner with these files in a very interactive and realistic way.

How to Use Audie.ai?

First, sign up for a free account on their website and download the app on your device.

Step 1: First make a free account on their website.

Step 2: Now open Audio.ai and click on the Create audio for free button to sign up on the platform.

Step 3:Next, select text to synthesize to voice. This can be either uploading a file or copy-pasting words.

how to make audiobooks with audio.ai

Step 4:Then, choose your voice, speed, and volume. And finally add background music, sound effects, as well as pauses between them to extremely entertain you.

how to make audiobooks with audio.ai

Step 5:At last is by clicking the generate button and you are left to wait for some minutes then you will be able to preview, edit or even download your audio book as an MP3 file.

how to make audiobooks with audio.ai


yesSupports many languages and accents.

yesEvery voice that is reading to you sounds expressively and naturally.

yesTune your audio book's parameters for the best listening.

yesIt's highly intuitive and very easy in serving.

yesOffers a free trial and cheap pricing plans.


noIt may fail on complex formatting or special characters.

noIt may not replicate the tone or feel of the original text.

3) Veed.io

veed.io audiobooks creator

The third tool to be featured on this list of the audiobook creator tools is that of Veed.io. The tool, Veed.io, enables one to create an audiobook from any text. It allows you to upload your text or to use the online editor so that you can be able to write or even edit your content. Veed.io also allows customization by selecting your preferred voice, language and speed of the audiobook.

How to Use Veed.io?

Step 1: Go to Veed.io and click on Create an audiobook.

Step 2: Choose whether you want to upload your own text file or use the online editor to write or edit your text.

how to make audiobook with veed.io

Step 3:After that proceed to the voice settings. In this, choose the voice, language, and speed that you want for your audiobook.

how to make audiobook with veed.io

Step 4:Click on "Generate" to preview your audiobook.

Step 5:If it's fine, click on "Export" button to save your audiobook as an MP3 file.


yesIf is a fast and user-friendly service.

yesIt works with the most popular languages and voices.

yesYou can change and customize according to your liking various settings associated with voice, such as speed, volume, pitch.

yesYou are offered to edit and format your text there, online.

yesEither you can listen to your audiobook as an MP3 or share it online with the help of text-to-speech software.


noThe audiobook is limited to 10,000 characters.

noThere are formatting issues with uploaded text file to soundoftext.com.

noIt may not produce natural-sounding or accurate pronunciation for some words or languages.



The last and fourth tool to be incorporated in making of your seemingly unwavering audiobook is Podcastle.ai. It is by no means just an audiobook builder tool but a full-fledged platform that allows users to create, listen and share audio generated from any source of text they provide.

You may use it to transform articles, blogs, books, documents, and so many others into thrilling podcasts with very realistic voices and sound effects.

How to Use Poodcastle.ai?

Step 1:Sign up for a free account on Poodcastle.ai.

Step 2:First of all click on the Create button and choose the text source you want to convert to audio.

how to make audiobook with podcastle step2

Step 3:Once you have uploaded the text, select the voice, language and style you want for your audiobook. After that, hit the Generate button.

how to make audiobook with podcastle step3

Step 4:Now preview your newly created audiobook. And if everything is fine, save and download your podcast as an MP3 file.


yesIt is made up of hundreds of voices in high quality and top different languages.

yesIt has a simple interface which they have user friendliness.

yesSupports the speech of texts from different sources like web pages, DOCX, PDF among others.

yesEnables customization of your podcasts with effects, music and editing features.

yesGives access to a library of content with popular and trending articles across the board.


noComes along with a limited free package that limits on the number of podcasts to make and download in a month.

noIt may not preserve the original formatting and layout of some text sources, especially complex ones.

Part 3:Hot FAQs about Audiobooks Maker

How do I turn a book into an audiobook AI?

Flikti.ai, for example, is one such voice with which you can use to get a book converted to an AI-generated audiobook. For this just upload your text, choose the AI voice that sounds most interesting to you, do some customizations in settings, and the tool does the complete job. This is really easy and helps simplify this process.

What is the AI audiobook generator?

The AI audiobook generator simply refers to a system that converts textual input of almost every form into an auditory file. The system uses natural language processing and discrete text-to-speech systems applied to synthesize high-quality, human-like voices usable to read out any feature present within written texts.


Now, it is easily achievable how to create an audiobook for free using the above-given audiobook makers. All one has to do is to follow the steps given and you will end up making your own audiobook.

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voxbox audiobook maker

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