Need a SpongeBob text to speech voice generator to do voice-over for your video narration, connecting with your supportive family, children, and even little fans?

Getting a 100% natural SpongeBob AI voice can be a challenge. In this guide, we've listed the 6 best SpongeBob AI voice generators for making voiceover or funny chats, enabling you to create your own SpongeBob voice with authentic text-to-speech capabilities.


Watch this video to learn more about using Spongebob AI voice generators.
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Who is SpongeBob's Voice Actor?

The voice behind SpongeBob is Tom Kenny. He's an American actor and comedian, best known for his iconic role as the voice of SpongeBob. Tom Kenny has also voiced many other characters across various animated series and films. Some of his notable roles include: the Ice King in "Adventure Time", Heffer Wolfe in "Rocko's Modern Life", Dog in "CatDog", The Mayor and Narrator in "The Powerpuff Girls", Eduardo in "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends", etc.

spongebob text to speech generator

Top 6 SpongeBob Text to Speech AI Voice Generators

1) VoxBox SpongeBob Voice Generator

VoxBox is a captivating SpongeBob AI voice generator. Easily access AI voice through SpongeBob text-to-speech and enjoy 100+ other natural languages. Beyond pranking friends, VoxBox is a cost-effective solution for commercial voiceover projects. Try VoxBox now to achieve your goals!

voxbox spongebob text to speech generator

Operate System: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

User Rate: 4.8/5

Price: Free and Paid version for choice

Listen SpongeBob AI Voice-over by VoxBox

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  • 3200+ text to speech AI voices for choice. Cartoon voices like SpongeBob, Squidward, Mr.Krab, Plankton, Minion are included.

  • Cartoon voices like SpongeBob, Squidward, Mr.Krab, Plankton, Minion are included.

  • Customized voice settings like pitch, pause, speed, volume, etc.

  • Not only a text-to-speech for SpongeBob voiceover but also text transcription to make notes.

  • Multiple popular output formats for streaming.

  • The super faster AI voice cloning process.

  • Realistic and studio-quality audio with multiple formats.


yesComes with the most AI voices and languages for text to speech.

yesOffers softwares and apps, more stable and safe than online tools.

yesYou can edit audio voice change with SpongeBob voice directly.

yesVarious voice parameters to make voice generation more natural and realistic.

yesIt also comes with speech to text, audio to audio, voice cloning functions.


noNeed to download and install.

How to Generate SpongeBob AI voice with text-to-speech:

    Step 1: Download and install VoxBox, and open it.

    Step 2: Choose Text-to-Speech from the left side bar, select "Spongebob" voice you prefer.

    step of make spongebob ai voice

    Step 3: Click on "Convert" , and then you can export the speech into different formats.

2) Speechify

Speechify is a SpongeBob text to speech voice generator. It offers an AI voiceover generator offering over 200 AI voices in over 60 languages to create natural-sounding voiceovers for advertisements, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

speechify online spongebob text to speech

Operate System: Online

User Rate: 4.4/5

Price of Speechify:

speechify cost


  • Text to speech from word, text, pdf and so on.

  • 100+ realistic tts voices for selection.

  • You can listen to text with various speed.

  • It comes with Google Chrome Extension, web app iOS app, Mac Desktop app, or our Android app.

  • It has millions of users, so it is safe to say that this tool is reliable and secure.


yesIt sounds realistic.

yesIt is a professional text to speech tool.

yesComes with Chrome extension.


noToo expensive for text to speech.

noNo enough cartoon AI voices. Most are standard human voices.

3) Google Text to Speech

Google Text to Speech is another way in which the user can get Spongebob's voice. It is easily available on every Android device, and there is no need to download it.

googel tts interface

Operate System: Online

User Rate: No reviews yet

Price: Free


  • Doesn't need any downloading.

  • Already available on all Android devices, the user just needs to enable it.

  • Multiple voices to choose from.


yesEasy to access.

yesGood to speech to text.


noLimited voices for text to speech.

noYou can only use it on Google search engine.

How to Use Google Speech to Text

Step 1: Go to "Settings" Accessibility "> "Installed Services".

Step 2: Click on "Select to Speak" and confirm your selection.

Step 3: Open any app and choose the option of selecting to speak, and it will speak for the user

How to Use Google Text to Speech

Step 1: Go to "Settings" >"General Management" >"Language and Input".

Step 2: Here, under the option of Text to Speech, the user can choose Google TTS and scroll down to find Spongebob.

Step 3: It will appear with a little yellow icon. It will be installed and it will be selected as default.

4) FakeYou

Fakeyou is an online text-to-speech to make SpongeBob ai voice, which has a list of voices from which the user can choose. you just type in the box the lines or dialogues and click on "Speak". The tool takes a few seconds to generate the voice, and it is displayed. it suits to make a short voiceover. (even though which is not the best one)

fake you website interface

Operate System: Online

User reviews of FakeYou: 4.2/5

Price of FakeYou:

fakeyou price


  • The list of categories to choose from includes anime, cartoons, games, movies, and more.

  • Moreover, it has different characters from the categories to be specific with the voice.

  • Works and generates text-to-speech in a few seconds.


yes2300+ voices for choice.

yesIt is famous.


noMany voices are unnatural and low quality.

noSimple function, no audio effect adjustment.

5) is not only a free online SpongeBob voice generator but also a paid AI rap generator, you can easily get voiceover or rap freestyle for your content project. it's easy to use, just go to the official website, then sign up and log in. Then choose the "text to voice" tab, select SpongeBob" voice, type or paste your text, and click " generate" to get high-quality audio. interface

Operate System: Online

User Rate: 3.4/5


Free plan: Free plan: 300 credits for voice use and audio export

Paid plan: Creator plan at 96$/year, 9.99$/month


  • Gives the user freedom to choose from 500+ voices. like Quandale Dingle, Celibrity etc

  • If you are a developer, then Uberduck provides the user APIs that can be used to build apps.

  • The user can create a custom voice clone.

  • Besides Text to Speech, it also has voice cloning, voice change and API documentation.

  • It has a Discord group that users can join to learn creative machine learning.


yesVarious text to speech AI voices.

yesOffer API for developers.

yesYou can synthesize yourself with your own custom voice clone.


noSome voice reconstructions may not be of high fidelity.

6) 15.AI SpongeBob voice generator is the easiest and oldest text-to-speech website, It has a very simple user interface. The user enters the text and simply presses "Enter" or clicks "Generate" to convert text into speech. It will be converted in seconds. but now it stops running to prepare to fix some bugs. so we would not discuss it in the last part.

Operate System: Online

User Rate: 3.2/5

Price: Free


  • It does not require any kind of sign-up.

  • It has the simplest user interface among all the online tools.

  • The user can select from thousands of voices and then convert text to speech easily.

  • There are no conditions attached as this tool is free and does not contain ads.

  • It also shows graph analytics that users can process and examine.

  • It is ultra-fast in processing text-to-speech.


yesIt is free.

yesOffers API.

yesMany cartoon voices.


noThis website is very unstable and often inaccessible.

Tips is inaccessible these days.

SpongeBob voice AI singing (AI covers)

AI-powered technology is possible and creative, One such example is TikToker Adam Fneiche, who goes by the handle @skapresident of the USA. He has skillfully used AI to train SpongeBob SquarePants AI voice models and make cover songs from other iconic singers in the early 2000s.

spongebob ai cover on youtube

But if you're interested in how to make SpongeBob sing with voice AI, and also want to try, you can also read this article: Free AI Cover Song Generators Worth Trying

Tutorial to use voice AI to make SpongeBob singing :

There have a new AI music generator from iMyFone-Musicai, which supported ai covers and also has the latest popular singer cover model to make songs

Step 1: Go to the Musicai landing page to download this software

Step 2: Choose the feature"AI Cover", then choose spongebob AI cover

Step 3: Drag or export the sing file, wait a minute, you can get Spongebob cover song

SpongeBob AI Voice Changer for Voice Chat

In addition to SpongeBob text-to-speech, you can also incorporate his voice into games, live streams, and online chats. How to achieve this? It's simple, you just need a real-time voice changer with SpongeBob's voice. MagicMic SpongeBob Voice Changer is a great choice. I've tried many voice changers, and this one has the most natural sound and the least delay.

magicmic spongebob voice changer


You have a deep knowledge of SpongeBob voice generator after this blog, there are many popular AI voice generators available to convert text to Spongebob's voice.

If you want to make studio-quality and stable voiceover with SpongeBob stimme AI voice, you cannot miss iMyFone VoxBox- not only text-to-speech but also voice cloning voice generation, last but at least, you can enjoy free 2000 characters for text-to-speech voices, Download Now!