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    AI Voice Generator

    Convert text into engaging voiceovers with 3500+ AI voices. 200+ languages with different accents are available. Quickly create lifelike voiceovers on your own, saving you time and money.

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    Text to Speech

    Transform text to audio easily with VoxBox text-to-speech generator! Create stunning narration for Youtube video, Instagram and TikTok just by entering your text script or uploading a file.

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    Voice Cloning

    Get the real voice by using the voice cloning function. Once clone, use it forever. Save a lot of manual reading and recording time.

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    AI Character

    Unleash your creativity with our lifelike AI characters' voices. Revolutionize your video, learning material, podcast, etc. to engage audience by crafting lifelike voiceovers better and faster.

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    AI Rapper

    Everyone can be a rapper using our AI rapper voice generator! AI voices of famous rappers such as Eminem, NiKi Minaj and others are available. Type in text and start to rap.

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    Celebrity AI Voice

    Do you want to change your voice into president's voice like Trump or Obama? Here are the super realistic celebrity voice, suitable for video creators to make interesting thematic videos.

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    Speech to Text

    Transcribe audio into text in seconds, set your hands free from typing.Convert video dubs, voice memos, class reviews and more to text.200+ languages are supported.

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    AI Rap Lyric Generating

    Enter a text prompt to quickly generate an AI rap lyric, and you can also select the rap style, beat, rapper, and add music.

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    Noise Reducer

    Audio not clear enough? Improve audio quality with VoxBox to reduce background noise and enhance audio!

Ready to Voice?

Be whatever you want to be through voice. Perfect your creation with VoxBox, make your content reach the world.

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