AI Voice Generator creates any natural-sounding AI voice through voice generation features like text-to-speech with deep learning algorithms and neural networks and voice clone, given that text-to-speech enhances online experience, assists accessibility, and improves content Engagement features like creating voiceovers for audiobooks, videos, animations, virtual assistants, etc., and also playing a key role in simplifying tasks like reading web content, articles, and blogs make it an increasingly popular tool.

In this article, we provide the most best free AI voice generator options on the market that meet the needs of the public, and most of them provide free trials and evaluate their overall and more suitable for the crowd

free ai voice generator

Part 1: 8 Best Free AI Voice Generators for Realistic AI Voices


VoxBox is an AI voice generator with voice cloning and text-to-speech, providing a large number of realistic and natural AI voices to generate natural and lifelike voiceovers through text-to-speech, and also supports users to customize various celebrities, journalists, anime characters, etc. Create unique voiceovers for your live streaming platforms such as Twitch, Discord, etc. or audiobooks, game videos, podcasts, etc. to attract viewers

voxbox text to speech introduce

VoxBox is very easy to operate. It provides free 2000 characters for text-to-speech. After downloading and installing, open the "text-to-speech" function, click the "change voice" option to select the voice you want (support voice preview), enter your voice-over script, and then click "Convert" to get the desired audio file

voxbox text to speech dashboard


  • 3200+ artificial intelligence voice.

  • 77+ languages and 100+ accents.

  • Voice filters for multiple languages, accents, characters, tone, etc.

  • Support to adjust the speed and pitch and choose the appropriate mood.

  • Powerful audio creation tools through text-to-speech, voice cloning, rap generation, and other functions.

  • Supports importing text such as links, PDF images, documents, etc.

  • Support to export audio such as popular formats such as MP3, WAV.

  • Unlimited editing function, recording function, text extraction function.

  • Support upload and add BGM.


Free, Paid plans start at $15.95 per month

Best For:

Content creator, Business owner, or individual.


Fakeyou is a free online text-to-speech generator. It mainly generates audio to satisfy users to get the deep falsetto of their favorite characters. It also supports voice-to-speech and voice cloning.

fakeyou banner

It is very easy to operate, Enter the official website of Fakeyou, select the text-to-speech function, choose the voice you want from 3458 voices options, and then type in the relevant text, You can get natural and lifelike audio.

fakeyou free online ai voice generator


  • 3457+ AI voices.

  • Support text-to-speech, voice change, lip-sync video production.

  • Paid users can generate unlimited audio (limited audio generation time).

  • Support speed adjustment.

  • Support audio one-click sharing on social media platforms.

  • Need to log in to use.


Free, Paid plans start at $7 per month

Best For:


Uberduck is really a super interesting free online AI voice generator website, she supports text-to-speech, AI Rap generation, voice cloning, transliteration, and various functions that support creating unique audio.

uberduck banner

Its operation is also very simple, just as simple as its product looks, you only need to enter the official website, select the text-to-speech function, then select the voice you want, enter the script of your interesting video, and click the generate button to get audio.

uberduck free online voice generator


  • 215+ AI voices.

  • Text to Speech, AI-Generated Rap, Voice Cloning, Voice to Voice.

  • Support multiple voice filters such as age, gender, emotion, style, accent, etc.

  • Paid users support commercial use.

  • Provide API entry.


Free, Paid plans start at $8 per month

Best For:

Business and Individual.

Murf is by far the most popular and super-professional artificial intelligence voice generator on the market. It also has a variety of support for creating unique and natural dubbing features such as voice cloning, text-to-speech, and voice change. It enables anyone to convert Text to speech, voiceover, and dictation.

murf banner

Its operation is not so simple, professional things will be more complicated, first Enter the official website, register an account, log into the studio, choose to create a project for your purpose (podcast, article, IVR) or other, and then choose what you want For the corresponding language sound, emotion, adjust the speed and pitch of the text, add a pause at the appropriate position, and then click the Generate Audio button next to the text box to get the audio you want

murf free online voice generator


  • 120+ text-to-speech in 20+ languages.

  • Text-to-speech, voice cloning, transliteration, and more.

  • Filter voices by use case, language, mood, gender, age and more.

  • Support importing scripts such as txt, srt, etc.

  • Integrate with Google Slides to provide voiceovers.

  • Supports adjusting speed, pitch, adding pauses, etc.

  • Support uploading music, pictures, videos, etc.

  • Support one-click sharing of audio links and multi-person editing of audio projects.

  • Multiple popular export formats and multiple audio quality options.


Free, Paid plans start at $19 per month

Best For:

Business and Individual Studio. is a powerful AI voice generator that creates ultra-realistic text-to-speech (TTS). His voice AI model can instantly convert text to a natural representation of human speech, across any language and accent, whether you're producing a podcast, video, or voice-over for an article, it's also considered one of the best text-to-speech plugins for WordPress, which allows you to embed an audio widget on your website to improve accessibility and engagement, great for SEO. banner

Its operation is relatively simple compared to murf. Open the official website, register an account, and log in, then enter the studio, select the voice you want by "change voice" button, Type your video script, and click on the left side of the play button to generate audio. free online voice generator


  • 907+ AI voices.

  • Audio generation functions such as text-to-speech and voice cloning.

  • Customize and use emotional speaking styles.

  • Create dialogue-like voiceovers using different voices.

  • Fine-tune rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses.

  • Save and reuse custom pronunciations.

  • Listen and preview text before converting it to speech.

  • Provide API interface.


Free, Paid plans start at $39 per month

Best For:

Business and Individual Studio.


Speechify is an online not free text-to-speech reader, but also supports voice generation, which supports converting text in any format into natural-sounding speech by adjusting speech speed, choosing different voices, choosing various accents, and more. This web-based platform converts PDFs, emails, documents, or articles into audio that can be listened to instead of read.

speechify banner

It is very simple to operate, but it is a limited-time free software. After registering an account and logging in, select the sound you want, and then type the text to generate the audio.

speechify free text to speech


  • 200+ premium voices.

  • Web-based with Chrome and Safari extensions.

  • Commercial usage rights.

  • Granular controls on the pitch, tone and speed.

  • Fine-tune rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses.

  • Provide API interface.


Free, Paid plans start at $11.58 per month

Best For:

Students, Educators, and Individual


Listnr is a recent artificial intelligence voice generator in 2023, which mainly creates voice-overs for online courses, explainer videos, advertisements, etc. It also offers plugins where you can insert a link to an online article or blog post and Listnr will quickly generate an accompanying audio version of it. It also supports one-click sharing to social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.

listnr text to speech

Its operation process is super simple, enter the official website, turn on the voice-to-text function, select the desired voice, type in the text, and generate the voice you want。

speechify free text to speech


  • 600+ voices and 75+ different languages are offered.

  • Five different voice styles.

  • State-of-the-art text-to-speech editor.

  • Granular controls on the pitch, tone and speed.

  • Speedy voice cloning service.

  • Podcast hosting, recording, and editing.


Paid plans start at $19 per month

Best For:

New podcasters

8. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a popular TTS software that is available for both Windows and Mac. It offers a variety of voices and languages, including American, British, and Australian English, as well as French, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish. You can use the software to convert text files, PDFs, and webpages into spoken words. It also offers a free web-based version, which is great for users who don't want to install software on their computer.

naturalreaders tts site


  • Convert text to MP3 files.

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which allows you to scan printed documents and convert them into spoken words.

  • A floating bar that allows you to read text from any application or website.

  • A pronunciation editor that lets you correct any mispronounced words.


Free, paid starts at $9.99 per month

Part 2: What Can Free AI Voice Generator be Used for?

AI voice generators can do a lot and help humans save money and time, and professional audio content can help you grab the attention of your target audience. You can create voiceovers for TV and radio commercials, audiobooks, podcasts, online videos, and social media events. Consider creating engaging audio content that improves the learning experience for your audience. You can use an AI voice generator to create voice-overs for explainer videos for customers or employees.

ai voices used for

Meanwhile, the AI voice generator can be used to create voices for games and virtual reality applications. Artificial intelligence can help you create realistic sounds for characters in games or virtual worlds.

Part 3: Hot FAQ about Free AI Voice Generators?

1.What is the best free AI voice generator?

VoxBox is the best free AI voice generator known for its natural-sounding voices and flexible pricing plans. It also offers a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages and accents.

2.Which AI voice generators are good for content creators who are shy while facing the camera?

A text-to-speech software, VoxBox allows those who are shy while facing the camera users to generate realistic AI voices for their videos by cloning without real-time recording. It also offers a variety of natural-sounding voices and accents and the ability to customize speech parameters.


This is the end of the introduction of free AI voice generators. With the surge of AI demand in the market, everyone has a certain understanding of AI voice generation tools, so it is very important to consider your actual needs when choosing.

Whether it is an individual user, an enterprise user, or a professional audio studio, this list has been very detailed and covered, but I am still happy to recommend VoxBox , whether it is professional audio content, entertainment audio content, or special customized audio content, it is available at a no-fuss price, install now and start free text-to-speech with 2000 characters!