Today we are discussing the Review of Balabolka text to speech tool, a professional TTS tool that its fan has come to love and enjoy. The purpose of using TTS software and tools is to read aloud anything your write.

While some use it for fun by converting text into a voiceover of their choice, others use it for learning and teaching purpose. Language students have been using TTS software to learn how to speak appropriately and communicate with other natives.

balabolka text to speech reviews

Let’s see what is unique about the Balabolka text to speech online tool and app and what Other Alternative apps exist like VoxBox.

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Part 1: Reviews of Balabolka Text to Speech

Let’s discuss the Balabolka Review text to speech tool and how you can benefit from it.

Balabolka Text to Speech

Balabolka is an online TTS tool that uses various versions of Microsoft Speech API or the SAPI. It helps us easily use Balabolka text to speech by changing the parameters of generated voices. Let's see some of its unique features.

balabolka text to speech

How to Steps:

    Step 1:Visit the Balabolka Website to download and install the tool

    Step 2: You can also run the standalone software that you can take along with you

    Step 3: Select voiceover, copy or type text in the text box

    Step 4: Press play, and the Balabolka text to speech will start working

    Step 5: Change pitch, speed, and pauses to create better output

Key Features:

  • Best articulation, natural speech, clear clarity for converted voices, and much more for you to take full benefit of.

  • Multiple voice selections.

  • A very lightweight tool on Windows.

  • Straightforward and speedy android app.

  • Great if you want to integrate with MS Speech platforms.

  • You can copy a whole book and listen to it while you work on other tasks.

  • Support for links best for reading news, articles, and blogs.


yes Simple UI and many useful features.

yesMS integration available.

yesVery simple to use if you are a new user and haven't used TTS software before.

yesStandalone app format makes it easy to take it along in your flash drives and use Balabolka text to speech functionality anywhere, anytime.


noSome bugs in languages need an update.

User Review:

  • Chris Hough – Fabulous program, 11/10 from me.

  • Margarita Šėstakova – Super app and entirely free, though it turns off for no apparent reason once a while.

  • Anonymous – Sometimes lags for me but best for a visual reader like me.

 OS & Supported File Formats:

  • Windows, Android

  • AZW, DjVu, DOCX, EML, EPUB, HTML, MD, MOBI, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RTF, XLSX, and many more.


Free to Use.

Part 2: Stunning Software Alternatives to Balabolka Text to Speech

In this section, we present to you 2 of the best Balabolka text to speech apps you can use.

1. iMyFone VoxBox – Best Alternative to Balabolka TTS

One of the best tools for your Balabolka text to speech for fun or learning medium, iMyFone VoxBox gives you the best features in their desktop app. This is the best Balabolka alternative for Windows devices. Following are some of their unique Balabolka text to speech features:

VoxBox introduce

Key Features:

  • 3,200+ HQ VoxBox Lifelike voices more than Balabolka text to speech voices.

  • Access to 100+ accents, such as British and Hindi, adding further versatility to the voice options.

  • More favorite text to speech voices like Obama, Master Yoda, natural native speakers, and many others narrators for 46+ languages.

  • More built-in functions like clone voice, voice record, generate, convert, and edit.

  • Save your Balabolka text to speech voiceovers in popular audio formats like MP3, WAV, and AAC.

  • The desktop app runs super smooth and quickly generates the output audio in the required voiceover.

imyfone voxbox voice


yesOffering Free Trial Online and In the software.

yesMassive library of voices and many languages and is a top contender for Balabolka text to speech for fun and laughter.

yesSimple and easy-to-use UI.

yesReal-time voice conversion.


noSome Advanced Feature need to join the Paid Plan.

OS & Supported File Formats:

  • Windows app only, Android app is launching soon for users of mobile devices.

  • All major audio formats like MP3 and TTS text files like doc, Excel, PDG, PPT, etc.

Essential Plan Pricing:


$44.95/year is the cheapest option.

$89.95 once for a lifetime use.

Bonus Tips

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Text to Speech Voice Generator iMyFone VoxBox:
voxbox youtube video

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2. Speechelo

Speechelo is another excellent alternative to Balabolka text to speech generation because it is a speedy TTS. It can convert using AI, and the results are stunningly like the authentic voice.


Key Features:

  • It helps you learn and improve a new language with additional support for punctuation and pronunciation.

  • Change the tone of your voiceovers from joyful, sad, serious, or angry.

  • Add breathing and pauses to get the feel of how natives would speak a language.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


yes Allows for an easy changing of pitch and sound of voices to get the best Balabolka text to speech output.

yesSupports 23 languages through the online tool and app.

yesJust with three simple steps, all your text is converted to the audio voice of your choice and the language that you want.

yesCan create captivating sales, marketing, and teaching videos.

yesNo need to outsource voicing for your project as now you can do all with the help of this app.

yesWhile other apps use robotic results, Speechelo creates realistic output.


noPricey for users who won't be using it much.

OS & Supported File Formats:

  • All major platforms.

  • Transform any text, works with any audio software.


One-time payment of $47 with discount code.

Part 3: Powerful Online Text to Speech Alternatives to Balabolka

In this section, we are looking at some Balabolka text to speech alternatives that are online tools.


The 1st online-only option in this section is FakeYou, a web-based tool that uses a powerful AI voice for your Balabolka text to speech. FakeYou can generate the best voiceovers, and it is free. Fully supported financially by patrons and community members.

You can use this tool as a Balabolka text to speech alternative to prank friends, make them laugh out loud, and more.

fakeyou text to speech

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use tool.

  • Great quality output.

  • API documentation support.

  • API integration to add to your apps.

  • Listen and edit as much as you want with many editing options.

  • Hundreds of unique and fun voice options, especially Balabolka text to speech.


yesWeb-based, so no apps are required.

yesYou can create your clone voice and then tweak it.

yesAPI documentation loved dearly by the community.


noSlow connections may experience problems.

OS & Supported File Formats:

  • Access through any browser-supported device.

  • Supports text files and manual input, TTS model voice, Vocoder, w2l, and other photo w2l files.


Free to use as supported by the community.

2. ReadSpeaker

The 2nd online tool in this section, ReadSpeaker is much more professional than Balabolka text to speech or FakeYou. It is one of the best TTS companies used company-wide for their TTS features.

read speaker text to speech for scottish

Key Features:

  • Industry-wide support for TTS API.

  • One of the best alternatives to Balabolka text to speech.

  • Supports 35 languages with many dialects and voiceover reaching 100.

  • Easily create and edit any audio or TTS file.

  • Use the generated voices for announcements, IVR, and others.

  • Add speech with supported APIs to your websites and tools.

  • Expand the domain of your content by reaching new customers.


yesOffline mode supported.

yesYou can try the demo before you buy.


noSome languages have limited support.

noThe free version only allows 250 characters per voice generator.

User Review:

  • Unenabasi Godwin – What a great natural language processor!

  • Tracey – Love it as much as Neospeech.

Part 4: FAQs about Balabolka Text to Speech

1. Is Balabolka Easy to Use?

Yes, Balabolka text to speech is an easy tool with a legacy UI but powerful options easily laid out before you. For basic tasks, all the options are easily accessible. For more advanced features, extensive tutorials are available.

2. Does Balabolka support multiple file formats?

Balabolka text to speech supports a vast selection of formats like AZW, DjVu, DOCX, EML, EPUB, HTML, MD, MOBI, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RTF, XLSX, and many more.


In this article, we showed you what the Rewiew of Balabolka text to speech is and if there are other great alternatives. In our humble opinion, VoxBox is the best Balabolka text to speech alternative because VoxBox gives you the best features in their desktop app.

They support 22+ languages and 3,200+ voiceover options and real-time conversion if you don’t want to use the TTS tool. Furthermore, recording and speech to text are also easy to use. Try their demo today and see for yourself.

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