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Top 1. AI Voice Changer -Make Your Voice More Expressive

  • Want to sound like your favorite Vtuber, Anime, Singer, Actor, or other Celebrity? MagicMic real-time AI voice changer is here for you. Our tool provides 300+ voice filters and 700+ soundboard sound effects, more than any other real-time voice changers on the market.
alastor voice changer
play alastor ai voice
girl voice changer
play girl ai voice
Male to Female
kid voice changer
play kid ai voice
spongebob voice changer
play spongebob ai voice
miku voice changer
play miku ai voice
darth vader voice changer
play darth vader voice
Darth Vader
joe biden voice changer
play joe biden ai voice
Joe Biden
taylor swift voice changer
play taylor ai voice
Taylor Swift
drake voice changer
play drake ai voice
morgan freeman voice changer
play morgan freeman ai voice
Morgan Freeman

Available for :

Powerful Voice Changer for Gamers, Streamers & Content Creators

Change voice gender to protect your privacy or add more fun

Do you want to disguise your voice without being recognized? By changing your true voice, it can protect your privacy or add more fun to gaming. Your teammates definitely won't know who you are!

Zero Delay to change your voice in real-time

Do you feel annoyed by the out-of-sync sound of the voice changer while gaming or streaming? Don't worry, Magicmic offers zero-delay voice transformation. It has an extremely low CPU usage, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

RVC AI Voice Model-Advanced technology to make voice more realistic

Based on advanced AI technology, RVC AI Voice can provide high-quality voice conversion effects. It can maintain the naturalness and clarity of the original voice, making the converted voice sound very natural and realistic.

Powerful Voice Changer for Gamers, Streamers & Content Creators

voice changer for games

Change Voice Gender to protect your privacy or add more fun

Do you want to disguise your voice without being recognized? By changing your true voice, it can protect your privacy or add more fun to gaming. Your teammates definitely won't know who you are!

voice changer game

Zero Delay to change your voice in real-time

Do you feel annoyed by the out-of-sync sound of the voice changer while gaming or streaming? Don't worry, Magicmic offers zero-delay voice transformation. It has an extremely low CPU usage, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

rvc voice changer

Rvc AI Voice Model-Advanced Technology to Make Voice More Realistic

Based on advanced AI technology, RVC AI Voice can provide high-quality voice conversion effects. It can maintain the naturalness and clarity of the original voice, making the converted voice sound very natural and realistic.

MagicMic Best Soundboard - Add More Fun to Your Gaming & Chatting

Use Our Soundboard in Your Gaming and Daily Life

Whether you're chatting on Discord, Twitch, gaming online, or just looking for some entertainment, our soundboard offers 800+ sound effects to add humor to your conversations.

You can set up keybinds to quickly access your favorite voices without interrupting your gaming or streaming.


fart meme sound

0:00 /0:01

Default dance music

0:00 /0:08
soundboard keybind

defuse valorant

0:00 /0:01

Jumpscare Scream

0:00 /0:05
Among Us

role reveal sound

0:00 /0:03

death sound effect

0:00 /0:01
Add Your Custom Sounds Favorite Custom Sounds

Besides, you can upload your own sound effect, making your soundboard truly one-of-a-kind!

And you can enjoy extra fun by using a variety of user-generated voices – politicians, celebrities, classic cartoons and more.

magicmic sound library

Wait, It Is Also a Voice Cloner & Voice Modulator

Voice Cloner
Voice Modulator

Besides the 300 AI voices that we provide, you can clone any voice you like. Just import an audio file of a game, anime, celebrity, or whoever you want to be, and use it to change your voice to sound exactly like them!



voice modulator
Free Combination, Craft Your Exclusive Voice

Want to create your own voice filters? MagicMic offers various professional-grade voice-changing effects for you to explore. With over a dozen audio effects, you have complete creative freedom to craft your new vocal identity.

Fun and Speed -Level up Your Gaming Experience

changing voice with noise reduction

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

Annoyed by noise, echo, and cracks while changing your voice? Use MagicMic noise reduction technology, and everything will be solved with one click!

voice customization

Voice Customization

Voice Customization

With Voice Studio on MagicMic voice maker, you can create and customize your voice by adjusting sound parameters. You can be unique!

voice changer recorder

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder

In addition to changing your voice in real-time, it also allows you to record your voice and transform it with a wide range of voice effects.

Keyboard Control

Keyboard Control

soundboard keyboard control

During gaming, chatting, or live streaming, are you too busy to operate your computer? Control all voice changes and sound effect playback with shortcut keys. No more disturbances.

Support All Programs to Meet All Your Need

As an excellent soundboard for Mac and Windows, MagicMic can also create a wonderful online experience with a natural voice on Discord, Fortnite, Valorant, Zoom, Twitch and more. Click and check it out!

Popular Games: Take your Gaming Experience to Next Level

  • Space Marine voice changer Space Marine
  • PUBG voice changer PUBG
  • Steam voice changer Steam
  • Roblox voice changer Roblox
  • Fortnite voice changer Fortnite
  • CSGO voice changer CSGO
  • Minecraft voice changer Minecraft
  • Grand Theft Auto voice changer Grand Theft Auto
  • League Of Legends voice changer League Of Legends
  • World of Warcraft voice changer World of Warcraft
  • More More

Live Streams: liven up your lifestreams with premium effects

  • Discord voice changer Discord
  • Twitch voice changer Twitch
  • Youtube voice changer Youtube
  • OBS voice changer OBS
  • Fackbook Live voice changer Fackbook Live
  • More More

Online Meeting:custom your voices on Whatsapp, Zoom,skype or Google Meet

  • zoom voice changer zoom
  • Whatsapp voice changer Whatsapp
  • Skype voice changer Skype
  • Google Meet voice changer Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams voice changer Microsoft Teams
  • More More

Why MagicMic is Your Best AI Voice Changer

  • Real-Time Voice changer
    RVC AI voice
    Voice Filters
    File voice changer
    Record voice changer
    Voice Cloning
    Voice Recorder
    Noise reduction
    easy to use
  • MagicMic
    star star star star star
  • VoiceMod
    star star star star
  • Voice.Ai
    star star
  • HitPaw
    star star star
  • Voice
    star star star star

More voices, higher quality, more stable—you will never regret trying MagicMic!

  • Voices
    Soundboard effects
    Audio file voice change
    Record voice change
    Voice recording
    RVC AI voice model
    Voice customization
    Vocie Clone
  • Free Version

    Daily offers 5 free voices

    Some popular sound effects
  • Full Version

    300+ real-time Ai Voices for amazing voice changing experience

    Unlimited soundboard effects import to play in games or other applications


How to Use MagicMic AI Voice Changer - So Easy

Real-Time Voice Change
File Voice Change
Record Voice Change
magicmic ai real time voice changing

Step2: Then you can click any voice filter and speak into your microphone to change your voice in real-time.

magicmic setting

Step1: After downloading MagicMic on your computer, select your headphones as the output device and your real microphone as the input device

magicmic voice changer guide

Step3: If you want to use the real-time voice changer on other platforms, here we provide step-by-step guide.

choose tool box on magicmic

Step1: Click on "Tool Box" and select "File Voice Change" option.

upload an audio file

Step2: Upload the audio file you want to change voice.

select a voice to changing

Step3: Now you can choose voice effect to generate.

select record voice

Step1: Select "Record Voice" on Tool Box.

record voice

Step2: Now you can speak into the microphone to record your voice.

magicmic record voice changer

Step3: Select a voice effect to change the recorded voice.

What Can You Do with Real-Time Voice Changer?

  • Gang up in games

    When ganging up and chatting in games, you will have the coolest voice-changing effects and magical sound effects, along with BGM.

  • Live streaming

    High-quality voice-changing effects and the latest sound effects make live streaming like Twitch, full of entertainment. You just got the secret to increase followers!

  • Real-time communication

    Real-time voice changing filters and huge sound effects help you make video meetings, voice calls, and video chats more entertaining.

  • Entertaining prank

    The most popular, funniest and scariest voice changing effects, sound effects and background sounds allow you to unlock new tricks for tricky pranks.

  • Online education

    Say goodbye to the boring online classes! Various voice and sound effects allow you to play multiple roles and create a refreshing atmosphere whether you are teaching or studying online.

  • Sound customization

    The professional yet easy-to-use voice studio allows you to DIY exclusive and unique voices, which makes you more mysterious if you are unwilling to show up, and more confident in the world of voices.

  • Voiceover

    Audio and recording voice changing support make your dubbing work easier and more efficient.

magicmic gamer voice changer

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influencer voice about magicmic ai voice changer
Influencer Voice about magicmic Joshyy

89K subscribers

" The variety of voices is mind-blowing, and it's so easy to use. I've been having a blast pranking my friends with different voices. Highly recommend! "

Influencer Voice about magicmic real time voice changer
Influencer Voice about magicmic voice changer ai Mazthertutoriales

542K subscribers

"MagicMic is fantastic! It offers a wide variety of voice effects that sound incredibly realistic. The interface is user-friendly, and it integrates seamlessly with my streaming software. I love how it adds a fun element to my gaming and content creation."

Influencer Voice about magicmic free voice changer
Influencer Voice about youtube voice changer Ramtech ENG

23K subscribers

"MagicMic is an excellent voice changer for beginners. It's easy to set up and has a decent selection of voice effects. I use it for Discord and Skype, and it works great every time. Plus, it offers free voice everyday, which is a big bonus. Definitely worth trying out."

Influencer Voice about magicmic
Influencer Voice magicmic real-time voice changer Xerife Tech

201K subscribers

" MgicMic is a solid choice for voice changing. The effects are clear and sound natural, and it works well with various game platform. The setup was straightforward, and I haven't encountered any issues so far. Great tool for anyone needing a reliable voice changer. "

youtuber voice about magicmic
youtube voice changing Notlockero

149K subscribers

" The quality of MagicMic voice change is top-notch, and the customization options are extensive. It's perfect for role-playing games and voice-over work. "

  • Joshyy

    89K subscribers

  • Mazthertutoriales

    542K subscribers

  • Ramtech ENG
    Ramtech ENG

    23K subscribers

  • Xerife Tech
    Xerife Tech

    201K subscribers

  • Notlockero

    149K subscribers

A Must-have AI Voice Changer for Gamers!

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magicmic gamer voice changer
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iMyFone Voice AI Tools

Best Value Bundle:

Voice changer
Voice changer

Voice changer (SVIP) lifetime plan

Change your voice real-time while online chat and gaming. Great for voice trolling.
Voice generator
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Text to Speech lifetime plan

Access all 3200 AI voices with 60,0000 characters, make your videos special from crowd!
AI cover generator
AI cover generator
Music AI

AI music cover maker lifetime plan

Best song cover generators with over 3000 AI covers. Change the song with tready voice now!

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FAQs about AI Voice Changing with MagicMic:

  • 1. is MagicMic safe?

    MagicMic is completely 100% safe and trusted by hundreds of thousands of active users from all around world . Please download it from the official website or the Google Play Store, and avoid downloading it from unfamiliar websites.

  • 2. How does Magicmic differ from other voice changers in the market?

    MagicMic is the most realistic real-time voice changer. Compared to other voice changers, MagicMic comes with RVC AI voice models, an advanced AI algorithms to create highly lifelike voices.

  • 3. Are voice changers legal?

    Yes,voice changers are generally legal for personal use, such as entertainment or gaming. However, using them to trick people, commit fraud, or break the law is illegal.

  • 4. Is MagicMic voice changer free?

    MagicMic has free and paid version. Free version offers 5 different free voices every day and Paid version at an affordable price with full features.

  • 5. Does Magicmic offer support if I run into problems or have question?

    Yes, MagicMic offers support for users who encounter problems or have questions. You can join our active Discord to exchange experiences with other users or talk directly to the developers. Also,you can contact our support team via email at

  • 6. What's the difference between the mobile version and pc version?

    The difference is that you can only change your voice while recording and audio files with 10+ voice filters on MagicMic voice changer app for iOS and Android. However, except the function of phone version is available, when using MagicMic Windows and Mac versions, you can change your voice in real-time with 100+ voice filters for gaming, and chatting. Moreover, voice customization is available on MagicMic voice changer for pc.

  • 7. Does MagicMic support macOS?

    Yes. MagicMic is already compatible with any version of macOS, and gets updates synchronously.

  • 8. How to use MagicMic Voice Changer for Discord?

    Easy, there are 4 steps. Download MagicMic>> MagicMic input settings>> Discord voice settings>> Select voice effects and soundboard on Discord voice chat. Also, we've prepared a concrete text tutorial, you can click here to learn more.

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