Almost all of us use YouTube for some tasks such as catching up with the latest news, listening to music, or learning new things. We often watched different music videos multiple times. Some people love to listen to audio music, so you have to know how to download YouTube videos as audio files on your iPhone. If a YouTube video sounds very good, many people love to keep them on a portable device. We all search for some ways like YouTube video to audio converter to Extract MP3 audio files. Here we are giving you the three best and reliable ways to convert YouTube video to audio on iPhone.

Download YouTube Video to Audio on iPhone - MP3 Converter:

If you want to know how to download audio from a YouTube video on iPhone, you should have to consider the MP3 converter. It is a web-based tool that can help you to convert YouTube videos to MP4/MP3 format online. Nowadays everyone enjoys listening to music. Music lovers tend to have their favorite tunes arranged in the playlist and want to listen to them without going online. If you enjoy listening to music during your work, it seems a good option to convert a YouTube video to MP3 iPhone playlist. The MP3 converter provides its user a great experience by converting video songs into an audio format.

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How to Convert Video to MP3?

Here are some steps that will guide you about how to save YouTube video as an audio file on iPhone by using an MP3 converter.

Step 1: Open YouTube on your browser and select the desired video you want to convert into MP3 format. Now, make a copy of the URL of the video.

Step 2: Paste that URL into the user interface.

Step 3: Select the quality and format of the video to be downloaded

Step 4: Tap on the "convert it" button.

Step 5: Click on the converted file and save audio on your device.

Step 6: Your audio file is downloaded.

However, if you want to convert your video to an audio by MP3 converter, the process is the same for Android and laptops. Moreover, the best thing is it does not need additional requirements and hidden charges, making it the best YouTube MP3 downloader.


Turning YouTube videos into audio files through downloads is a breeze, but your audio experience will be better with a proper Bluetooth headset that delivers clear, high-resolution sound, is ergonomically designed, and reduces noise leakage

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Features of MP3 Converter:

Different things make the MP3 converter one of the best YouTube audio downloaders.


You can access the app without any restrictions.

Easily Approachable:

YouTube to MP3 converter is available for those users who want YouTube video to audio converter for iPhone.

Best Quality and Speed:

Generally, the downloading speed depends on the internet speed, but the MP3 converter is ideal to download files with the maximum possible speed of high quality.

Compatibility Level:

If you are looking a way of how to extract audio from a YouTube video on iPhone, the MP3 converter provides the best compatibility level to its users.

Sleek Interface:

YouTube video to audio converter iPhone consists of a sleek graphical interface that is impressive and user-friendly. Moreover, there is no need to search for hidden options because everything is visible on the front page.

Convert Youtube Video to MP3 and Transfer to iPhone - Freemake Video Converter

Freemake video converter is the way to convert YouTube video to audio on iPhone. It is free and permits the user to convert online videos to audio format for the iPhone. You can easily convert DVDs with embedded subtitles and add any title to the video with the software. One of the best things is this program enables you to burn unsafe iPhone movies to Blu-ray format. So you can say, Freemake video converter is one of the highly featured video converters providing the end-user with a high range of output and input formats.

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The application will also provide you a way of how to record audio from a YouTube video on an iPhone. You can get immense experience of almost 200 video input and output formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MP3, 3GP. Moreover, the creation and conversion of videos for the iPhone is the ideal option for this tool. Users can get numerous benefits, such as fast conversion with DXVA or CUDA without additional burning software. When you know how to download YouTube videos as an audio file on your iPhone, you will become able to edit and represent slideshows and visualizations.

Freemake Video Converter Benefits and Features:

  • 200+ supported formats

  • Output to MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, FLV, HTML5, MP3

  • Fastest video converter with DXVA and CUDA

  • Advanced preset editor

  • Subtitles support

  • Make visualization and slideshows

  • Join, cut, rotate videos

Convert Video to Audio on iPhone with Freemake Converter:

IPhone is a world-famous technology company. The company first developed computers for their personal use, but the founders expanded their area and launched revolutionary smartphones. The iPhone has different features like it provides users high-quality videos and pics shooting. Unfortunately, there is no support for different media extensions besides MOV and MP4. If you want to know how to save YouTube video as an audio file on iPhone, Freemake video converter is the best tool. You can convert YouTube videos to audio files including iPhone 5 playback and HD movies.

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Extract Audio From Youtube Video for iPhone- iMyFone Filme Video Editor

If you are looking for a solution on how to extract audio from a YouTube video on an iPhone, you can try the iMyFone Filme video editor. It is a premium software, and you can use it on a free trial basis without submitting any personal information. iMyFone tool is easy to use, and its fast video mode enables you to convert YouTube video to audio iPhone with professionalism.

YouTube Video

You can cut, crop, trim, adjust speed, split, include filters, animations, overlays, titles, audio, picture in picture effects, templates, and many more. The iMyFone provides you an opportunity to add multiple layers of audio into your videos. You can say, IMyFone Filme is the best YouTube video to audio converter iPhone app. The desktop versions of this application for macOS and Windows are also available.

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When we talk about paid subscription cost of the iMyFone Filme video editor, its cost is $29.95 per month. If you want to use it for a long time, the tool provides an extremely steep discount. The lifetime subscription cost is $59.95, and the one-year plan cost is $29.95. Moreover, the tool also provides its users a 30-day money-back guarantee.


yesFast mode with quick editing

yesDecent price listing features

yesProvide an option to mix multiple audio tracks



If you are looking for the best YouTube video to audio converter for iPhone, IMyFone Filme is the best free video editing software. Whether you are a semi-pro or beginner, the tool makes it easy to edit the videos and lets you create professional-looking videos with countless transitions. Some of its basic features are:

Video to Audio Convert:

This tool is helpful to give you the best solution of how to record audio from a YouTube video on iPhone by providing you the best converting features.

Free and Easy to Use:

You can download this app free on your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform.

One-Click Fast Video Mode:

There is a fast video mode button, so you can quickly create videos for your special events.

Instant Preview:

The iMyFone Filme provides you an instant preview of editing and adding different effects.

Do Editing with Ease:

The iMyFone Filme gives its users an advanced feature to edit, crop, split, adjust and picture in picture effects.

Effects and Resources:

The tool has multiple cool effects resources for its users. Add filters to your videos and convert YouTube videos to audio with this application.

There are unlimited features of the IMyFone Filme video editor. It not just converts YouTube video to audio for iPhone and Android users, but also offers different functionalities.


YouTube is the most used social media platform, and different extensions offer customers efficient services of downloading and converting YouTube videos into MP3 files. You have to know the complete details about how to download YouTube videos as audio files on iPhone, so it is recommended to use different video editing tools. When you use the efficient tool, you can easily download your favorite songs. We have mentioned the three best platforms to convert YouTube video to MP3 iPhone because these tools are free of sluggishness and easy to use. When you use online tools, you can download any videos and easily convert them into your desired MP3 format.

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