If you want to learn how to change your voice on discord, you may have encountered some trouble. First of all, there are many voice changing tools. Which one should you use?

We prepared a complete guide that will instruct you on how to use a voice changer on discord from different devices.

How to Change Your Voice for Discord on Mobile

If you want to modify your voice directly from your mobile device, there are some alternatives you can use. Although the mobile applications are a bit limited, they should be able to give you a voice change on discord.

We will give you two applications alternative that will work if you are using iPhone or Android. One of the main limitations of these applications is that they can't transform simultaneously your voice as you speak. Instead, you need to record yourself or write the text you want the voice over.

1. On Android

On Android devices, you can download a Voice Changer with effects from the Google App Store. This application has over 40 voice effects and modifications you can use to change your voice on discord.

You can share your voice recording with effects directly on social media a WhatsApp. Or you can set your voice recording as a ringtone or alarm sound. Here is a guide on how it works:

Step 1: First, download and open the Voice Changer with effects application

Step 2: Then, you can directly record your own voice.

change voice discord voice recording android

Step 3: Once your recording is done, you can choose among the over 40 voice effects available.

Step 4: If you choose an effect, a menu will unfold. You can save your recording or share it.

change voice discord voice options android

Step 5: You can also choose the menu on the left upper corner and choose to write the text you want to voice over.

2. On iPhone

For iOS devices, you can download the Voice Changer Plus from the App Store. This application allows you to change your voice recordings and audio into more than 55 voice effects and backgrounds. You can even play your voice backwards.

You can also write a text and the application will do a full voiceover off all the text. Once your recording is ready, you can play it on your discord call to change your voice. Here is a small guide on how change your voice on discord with this app:

Step 1: First, download the application from the App Store.

Step 2: Open the application and choose to create a new recording.

Step 3: Record what you want to say in your discord call.

Step 4: Once your recording is ready, you can choose among the over 50 voice effects.

Step 5: Choose the voice effect you want and play the recording modified. You can save the recording or share it con social media.

change voice discord voice changer plus iphone

How to Change Your Voice for Discord on Desktop

If you want to use the voice changer on discord from your computer, you get to use better tools and voice changers than the mobile devices versions. These voiceover programs can modify your voice as you speak. Therefore, these alternatives work best if you want to disguise your voice on a discord call.

We will share two alternatives depending on your operating system:

1. On Windows: Voicemod

You can use Voicemod if you want a real-time voice changer. This is perfect for your discord calls and streaming broadcasts. This is a free tool that you can download from the official website. It is compatible with broadcasting program tools like Elgato Stream Deck, OBS, Twich, Gamecaster, Audacity and Omegle.

Not only you can change your voice on discord, but you can add sound effects with the Voicemod soundboard. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Voicemod on your desktop pc:

Step 1: Download Voicemod and configure what your main microphone will be as the input device.

Step 2: On the botton of the Voicemod window, make sure that the "Voice Changer" option is turned on.

Step 3: Browse among all the voice effects available and choose the one you want for your Discord voice call.

Step 4: Turn on the option "Hear Myself" located at the bottom of the windows to hear your voice with the new sound effect. You can also turn on the noise filter by turning on the "Background Effects".

Step 5: Turn off the "Hear myself" option. Now you are ready to go. Join your discord call and fool everyone with your new voice.

change voice discord voicemod

2. On Mac: MorphVox

If you want to adjust and change your voice on a discord call, this alternative is perfect for Mac users. MorphVox is a premium voice charger that offers you variated voice options.

With this tool, you can tweak your voice as you want to. The voice modifications are on real time so you can use it to change your voice on discord. Here is a guide on how to use this tool:

Step 1: Download and open MorphVOX Pro.

Step 2: Set your microphone to "Screaming Bee Audio" before opening Discord.

Step 3: Now, open discord and click on the voice settings option button at the bottom left corner.

Step 4: A menu of options will unfold. Go to the "Voice tab."

Step 5: On the input device, select the "Screaming Bee Audio" in the drop menu.

Step 6: Turn off the function "Automatically determine input sensitivity"

Step 7: Make a microphone test to make sure your voice is being changed by MorphVOX Pro and being received on Discord.

Step 8: Press Escape to exit this menu. Now you are ready to go using your new false voice.

change voice discord morphvox

Further Reading: Change Voice in Video using iMyFone Filme

If you want a voice changing tool that adjusts to any device you are using, we want to recommend you to use iMyFone Filme. This application works as a magnificent video editor that is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, so you can use it from any device.

As a video editor tool, it has lots of functionalities that are easy to use thanks to its friendly-user interface. You can adjust your video clips with options like crop, paste, trim, speed modification, rotate and much more. Another feature you can add to your videos is effects and filters to improve your content. If you want to explain something, you can add text to your videos or subtitles.

Watch this video to learn how to use Filme to change voice:

YouTube Video

It has many functions, as it can also work as a screen recorder with webcam adding. It can also work as a voice changer. So you can use it to change your voice on discord calls with your friends. Here is a tutorial on how it works:

Step 1: Download the free trial available on the official website of iMyFone Filme.

Step 2: Open the tool and click on the audio recording icon. You need to start an audio track from scratch or record over a soundless video.

change voice discord imyfone filme record

Step 3: Select the input device you will use to record your voice. You can test it by speaking and you will see the sound bar moving.

Step 4: Now, you get to record your voice saying anything you want to. This is the record that you will change with voice effects.

Step 5: Right under the recording button, you have the options to choose the multiple voice changer options. You can choose among all the options avaliable.

Step 6: Click on the voice changer option and once your recording is ready, click on the stop buttom and your recording with modified voice will show up on the program.

Step 7: You can keep editing the audio and once it is ready, you can export it as an audio file or include it on a video and save it.

change voice discord imyfone filme options

Now you have an audio with your voice changed. You can use this audio to speak in your discord calls or you can use it as sound effect on a video. This opens a new window to alternatives and creative options you can add to your progress of content creation.

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FAQs about change your voice for discord

1. How to use voice changer on discord

If you are using a voice changing program that is compatible with Discord, you can use it by going into the voice options on discord. On the options menu that will unfold, go to the microphone tab and adjust the input device so it comes from the voice changing program. Now your voice will be changed by your tool and then it will go directly to your discord call.

2. Is Voicemod safe?

Voicemod is a free program tool to change your voice. It is completely safe and has no malwares in it. Make sure to download it from the official website to avoid any inconvenience.


Learning how to change your voice on Discord can bring you a lot of fun with your friends. It is also a great tool for game streaming sessions and storytelling. That is why we hope that all the options we mentioned helped you to find the right tool to adjust your voice.

Remember that not all the voice changer alternatives are a real-time function. So make sure to read all the specifications and adjust well your input hardware to ensure the fun of changing your voice on discord.

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