Biteable is an online video-making website where you can make a video for any purpose. If you are using the free version, there will be a watermark over your video. Watermarks give an unpleasant feel to the one watching the video. So, you need to get rid of the watermarks to make your video more engaging. In this article, we will share a few ways to remove watermarks from videos.

Part 1. Can You Remove Biteable Watermarks?

Yes, you can remove the Biteable watermark; it is possible. Although watermarks seem irritating because they display over your video, they are also effortless to remove.

Biteable leaves watermarks at two places: one on the top left and the other at the bottom right. You need to remove both of these.

The best way to remove the Biteable watermark is to subscribe to the premium version of it. The premium version does not have a watermark, and it offers a wide range of features to make your video impressive.

The subscription plan consists of 2 types: yearly and monthly. You can subscribe to any one of them which you can find the best. There are three plans for each that you can subscribe to. The pricing of plans is moderate to afford. 

You can also use watermark removing tools such as MarkGo and others. You can find many editing tools with different pricing. Find the best to give your video a professional look. The top 5 tools to remove watermarks are discussed below. 

Part 2. 5 Tools to Remove Biteable Watermark

Watermark gives an unpleasant look to your video, and you will find it disturbing. It covers your video content and makes it irritating. The top 5 tools to remove watermarks in the simplest way are mentioned below with their distinctive features.

1. MarkGo

MarkGo is the best and the most straightforward watermark removing tool. It is specially made for watermarks, which is why it is better than others. You can remove any watermark from a video as well as from images. It takes only a few simple steps to get rid of any kind of watermark. There is also a feature to add a customized watermark to your video. Download and install it to enjoy the features.

Try It FreeTry It Free


yes You can use MarkGo whether you are experienced or beginner.

yes You can run it on a low-end pc also.

yes It has different options for watermark removal, such as Gaussian blur, smooth filling, color filling, and matte filling.

yes The pricing of MarkGo is very low as compared to other tools.

yes It can remove all kinds of watermark such asTikTok watermark.


no You have to buy the premium version of MarkGo to enjoy all its features.

remove watermark via markgo

2. ThunderSoft Video Watermark Remover

ThunderSoft Video Watermark Remover is another tool with exciting features. This tool takes a few minutes to remove the watermark from the video. The application helps you to remove watermarks within a few steps. It has a straightforward interface having few options. 

You have to subscribe to it to use the features. As it has a costly plan, you can use it on a trial basis to test its capability of removing the watermarks. When you get satisfied with the trial version, then you can purchase it.


yes ThunderSoft is compatible with Windows as well as Mac.

yes Some video editors lower the original quality, but it will keep the original quality of your video.

yes The best advantage is that besides removing watermarks, it has other features to make your video more pleasing.

yes It can be used on a low-end computer as well.

yes It also allows you to add your customized text watermark.


no The membership plans of ThunderSoft are costly.

Try It FreeTry It Free

thundersoft watermark remover

3. Video Watermark

It is also software to remove watermarks within a few steps. 

Video Watermark software is very reliable and the easiest software to use. It provides high-quality work and guarantees that the quality of work will remain the same.

You can download it by clicking on the link to enjoy the exciting features. 


yes You can add customized text or graphic watermarks.

yes Video Watermark offers users a wide range of watermark templates.

yes You can avail of other features of Video Watermark; it contains geometry graphics, video effects, video formats conversion.

yes It is also compatible with a low-end pc.

yes You can run it even on old Windows versions, such as Windows XP.


no The subscription price is relatively high compared to other tools.

no The subscription for image watermarks and video watermarks is separate. You will have to buy a combo pack.

video watermark remover

4) [Online Watermark Remover]

It is an online tool to remove all kinds of watermarks. It is a free online tool that a beginner can also use. It can be used to remove multiple watermarks at a time. The most significant advantage of the online tool is that you can directly edit and download the result within a click.

Sometimes people get exhausted from downloading the application, and by downloading, they get encountered by many viruses. In this case, they prefer an online tool. Apowersoft is perfect for watermark removal. If you want to unlock the premium features, then you can purchase them. 


yes It is a user-friendly online tool that anyone can use.

yes It can save you time.

yes It has a very cool and simple interface having few options.

yes The best advantage is that it is free of cost.

yes If you want to enjoy more features of Apowersoft then you can download the application, but it is only compatible with Mac.


no It is only compatible with Mac.

no The disadvantage of removing the watermark in Apowersoft is that it will alter the quality of the video..

no You will get a low resolution as compared to your original video.

apowersoft online watermark remover

5. Hitpaw

Hitpaw is another online watermark remover that will give you the fastest and outstanding results. Almost all the software tools have watermarks, but you can remove them using Hitpaw. Free online tools are considered the best at removing watermarks instantly. 

You can easily remove the Biteable watermark within a few clicks. Hitpaw is entirely free, and it is also free from ads. It has no limits to remove watermarks; You have to put the adjustments on the watermark and click save


yes Hitpaw can remove video watermarks free of cost.

yes You can remove multiple watermarks within a few clicks.

yes The website does not contain ads.

yes It also contains other features like creating your watermark, cutting, and crop, adding music, and adding texts.

yes You can also set the speed of your video, and it also has a reverse feature that you can apply to your video to make your video more attractive.


no The disadvantage is that it will change the video quality of your video because it does not provide an option to increase or decrease the resolution.

no The watermark removing speed is slow as compared to other tools.

hitpaw online watermark remover


If you find watermarks irritating, then this article will resolve it by giving you the best fixes. You can remove watermarks within a few clicks. MarkGo is the best software to remove watermarks among all. We would recommend you use it because of its low pricing and high-quality results.