Want to pull a prank on your friends?

You would love to pull a prank on your friends and family members. But not everyone knows how to do it.

In this article, we will show you the step-by-step process of making a prank call. We share what app or tool you need to use. We have also collected some good prank call ideas to make this moment memorable.

good prank call ideas

Part 1: Best Prank Calls For Friends Using AI Voice Changer

In this part, we will tell you a step-by-step guide on how to do an AI prank call.

We will use one of the most efficient voice changers, iMyFone MagicMic AI Voice Changer, an app that helps in making prank calls with friends. Its library has 300+ unique voice filters to apply to the original voice. You can add 600+ voice effects to enhance it, and it looks like a real conversation.

You can use it in real-time in the games and play with different voices every day. It has 200+ meme voices to make a funny prank call for friends.

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On April Fools' Day, You can change your voice to female or male voice, celebrity voice, or even ghostface voice to prank call your friends.
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Let’s see how to prank call your friend without them knowing.

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone MagicMic on your PC.

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Step 2: Launch the tool; it will instantly open a prompt asking you to select the input and output devices. Select the Headphone as the output and the Microphone as the input you currently use.

Step 3: It will open another prompt box to adjust the sound according to your preference. Adjust the slider and click Continue when you are done.

Step 4: Select any of the sounds appearing to make it a preset. Click Save As Preset and use it in real-time on the games or record your voice.

taylor swift ai voice generator

Watch the video to learn how to prank your friends using the Ghostface voice.

ghostface prank call with magicmic

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Part 2: Other 30 Funny Prank Call Ideas On Friends

In this part, we will mention 30 unique prank call ideas for friends. You can follow the ideas and prank your friends each time with different techniques.

1. Survey Prank Call

You can disguise yourself as a person who conducts surveys for any marketing firm. Make a call to your friend and ask him some serious questions regarding health, safety, and insurance. After asking a few questions, start asking silly questions like whether he is wearing a t-shirt or not, which car he owns, etc.

Your friend will get seriously annoyed after a few questions. Make sure not to reveal your original voice for a perfect prank.

2. Won a Prize Prank Call

If your friend keeps trying on lucky draws and prize schemes to get some money with his luck, then this prank will be perfect for him. He will quickly believe after listening to the prize money. You must pretend to be a company individual who was the manager of that lucky draw contest. Call him and say, "Congratulations! You have won $80k on the lucky draw you participated in.

3. Wrong Number

app that prank calls friends

You can call your friend with a new number and keep talking with him like you have known him for years. After a few minutes, suddenly ask him about his name and tell him, "Oh! Sorry, I have dialed the wrong number." This will annoy him because you have wasted his time talking about the stories and events that never happened.

4. Customer Service Agent

Pretend to be a customer care service agent and keep asking for the products and how your experience with them. He will be unable to answer because he hasn’t bought that product. You can call him with multiple numbers for more fun.

5. Who is It?

Call your friend and keep asking, "Who is it on the other side?" He will be surprised that you have called him and asked who he is. This will be one of the good prank call for friends.

6. Delivery Prank Call

Call your friend and show yourself as a delivery boy. Tell him you are standing outside his house and waiting for him to deliver the car ordered online. He will be in shock after listening to an expensive delivery as he didn’t place any orders.

7. Hacker Prank Call

Call your friend and tell him you are a hacker who hacked all your phone’s data, including his bank accounts. You can use a voiceover that will help you do it more professionally.

8. Annoying Questions

Asking weird questions is one of the most common pranks. You can ask your friend weird questions like, "If one building catches fire, how will an ambulance take over it?

9. Birthday Wish Prank Call

Call your friend and keep wishing him a happy birthday. He will get easily annoyed because his birthday will be after two months or just passed. You can also ask about the birthday treat in a luxury restaurant to bother him more.

10. Converse in Anonymous Language

You don’t need pre-learned language to perform these funny prank calls on friends. You can call your friend and keep using random words in the conversation unidentified by the friend.

11. Repeat Your Friend’s Words

Start repeating what your friend says to you. This prank will seriously irritate him, and he will disconnect the call.

12. Job Interview Prank Call

If your friend has recently applied for a job and is waiting for an interview, this will be a perfect chance to prank him. Call him and say you are an HR manager of the company where he applied and ask weird questions.

13. Fan Moment

Make him believe he is a celebrity, and you are a crazy fan of him. You must call him and say that he is one of the biggest artists and you are the biggest fan who wants to meet him.

14. Fake Order

Pretend you are a food chain, call service staff, and call your friend. Tell him that you have handed over ten pizzas to the delivery boy, which he ordered 30 minutes ago. He will be shocked after listening to the number of pizzas.

15. Fake Holiday

Call your friend and tell him that a holiday is coming the day after tomorrow on account of “World Sleep Day.” Your friend will think deeply and start searching if this holiday exists.

16. Fake Termination

Pretend to be a boss or HR manager where your friend works. Call your BFF and tell him you are terminating him for not laughing at boss jokes.

17. Horror Story

Call your friend and pretend to be the previous owner of his house. Tell him a haunted story that your grandmother died in the basement due to a heart attack, but her soul didn’t leave the house. She roams around at night in the basement.

18. Ex Lover

As you would know your friend personally, he might have an Ex. Call him and tell him in a girl’s voice that you want to meet him at a restaurant. Fix the meeting and go to the restaurant to prank him.


You can change into female voice using MagicMic voice changer!

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19. Stammering

You can prank your friend through stammering. When your friend picks up your call, say hello to him normally and ask weird questions while stammering to waste his time.

20. Free Tickets

For this prank, all you need is a professional voice tone. When your friend attends the call, quickly congratulate him and say he has won a free ticket to the Middle East. After that, ask his full name and say, "Oh, sorry! You are Mr. Jack Alley, and the ticket is for Mr. Jack Anderson.

21. Lost Friend

Call your friend from an unknown number, convince him that you were his friend in school, and make some stories to make him believe. Ultimately, take any random name, and he will say he is not the one you are talking about.

22. Out Of Toilet Paper

Pretend you are in the toilet of a hotel restaurant and call your friend as an unknown to bring toilet paper for him. Tell him that you are in some other city to have more fun.

23. Fake Mutual

You can do this prank by telling your friend that you are his friend and giving a reference to a person he doesn’t know. Call the friend and say, “I have taken your number from Mr. Ben, and he said you are selling the house for $10”.

24. Irrelevant Complain

For this prank, you must pretend to be a service center manager. Call your friend and tell him you have sent the team against his complaint to exchange the refrigerator door. Tell him that his door will be back in a week.

25. Silence

Make multiple calls to the friend that you want to prank. Every time he attends the call, silence yourself until he hangs up after irritation.

26. Why Did You Hit My Car

If your friend gets easily worried when he listens to any accidental case, he will seriously worry and start thinking. You must call your friend and ask, “Why did you hit my car? I am going to file a complaint against you.”

27. Resignation

If your friend is a restaurant or any firm’s owner, call him and say, "I am tired of this job and need to quit." He will get confused about who is calling and what happened.

28. Grocery Request

Call your friend and ask him to make a list of grocery items you need. Please don’t listen to him and start telling him the names of grocery items. This will annoy him after listening to the bundles of items from an anonymous person.

29. Blame Your Friend

Call your friend and start blaming him for why he stole your new socks or any of the foolish things.

30. Tell Him That He Got a Job

If your friend recently applied to any firm, call him and congratulate him! You have passed the interview and got the job as a tea boy. He will get annoyed that he has applied for a managerial position.

Part 3: What to Say On Prank Call? Prank Call Scripts for Friends

You will need a perfect script for good prank calls on friends. The script must have real scenarios that your friend will believe in. Let’s have a look at a script that we made for you.

Call your friend and say you are calling from [Any company name]. Tell him he has passed the interview and can join next week. He will be very happy to hear that news, but you should suddenly change the topic by saying that his 50% salary will be deducted because of transportation, lunch, and other utilities. He will get the rest of 40% after 1.5 months, from which 5% will be deducted as tax.

He will carefully listen to your demands. Make him annoyed until he says I don’t want this job anymore. In the end, call him again and tell him the truth.

FAQs about Prank Call Ideas

1. Is prank calling illegal?

Prank calling can be considered illegal in certain circumstances, especially if it involves harassment, threats, or deception. However, in many cases, if your prank call is harmless and non-threatening to friends, it may not be explicitly illegal, especially if it is done in good fun and with the consent of all parties involved.


We have covered 30 good prank calls for friends, all unique and powerful enough to fool anyone. If you want to use any of the famous character voices, an AI voice generator is the best option. You can use iMyFone MagicMic to generate natural voices in real time.

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