Now the lockdown has been lifted, and the world is adjusting to the new living. I know lots of us are planning for our summer vacation to see our families, while others are taking up their new careers in the travel vlog niche. As a beginner in vlog making, I know you have lots of questions. How do I start? What are the things I need? How to edit my video? Etc. I will answer every question in this article. So read to the end.

Travel Vlog Tips for Beginners

Travel vlogger is considerably a new exhibition that appeared around 2016. It's a new way travelers share their adventures with their audience using videos. A travel vlog or blog is the equivalent of a blog post. These could be a travel guide, marketing videos, or niche videos. Whichever video you choose to share, make sure it is entertaining.

Travel vlogs are the most engaged, comment, and liked on social media platforms. If you want to share your travel experience with the audience, then start a travel vlog. Here are a few tips to get you started.

how to make travel vlog

Tip #1: Choose Your Niche

To start your travel vlog on the right track, you have to define your niche. Your niche determines the type of travel vlog you create. Would you like to be known as a budget traveler? A solo traveler? Or an entertaining traveler? Decide on what you want to focus on and create content aligned with your niche.

Tip #2: Invest in Equipment And Software

To provide good videos with high resolutions, you need to invest in quality equipment and software. Also, editing software for your video editing here is where your video comes into its own.

The right gear is a fundamental for each vlogger. Presently this shouldn't alarm you! By right gear we don't mean a rock solid camera or costly gimbles. You can begin from a cell phone with an incredible camera as well. The thought is that your telephone ought to have the option to catch the video in the best of value to be utilized across all media stations. Buy them all on the InterMiles' shop stage through amazon to acquire miles on them! More miles lead to more travel. In the present circumstance you just win.

Tip #3: Avoid shooting everything

Certainly, your experience of visiting another spot may be super advancing. The adventures of investigating another area and recording the things you have seen are exceptionally regular. Be that as it may, your watchers don't have to know it all. Indeed, you likewise don't need to record every single snapshot of your excursion. Try not to be so engaged with movement vlogging that you neglect making some great memories on your outing.

Tip #4: Editing

This is where you don't want to fail. The engagement of your video starts here. And it requires good editing software to produce excellent video. The cool effects, transitions of your frames can always bring better watching experience for your audience, which is also the factor that affects your audience's attention. You can try using iMyFone Filme editor to edit your vlog.

Tip #5: Keep your video short and sweet

Always keep your videos brief and charming. Understand that there is a time limit for people to be attentive to videos. The shorter the video with more content, the better it is for the viewers to enjoy an ideal time on your channel. Much like TV advertisement where you need to convince an audience to know your brand and hand you the money, vlogging videos need to be short and well-thought-out as well. The only way you can sustain a viewer's attention is by compiling a set of videos that depict a story.

Tip #6 Get inspired from other travel vlogs

It is suggested that you look at other vloggers and their sightseeing video blogs. There is no harm in drawing inspiration from other famous folks on the internet to come up with vlog ideas accordingly. But besides imitations, you need to add innovative elements into your vlogs to make it unique and stand out.

How to travel vlog

You do not have to be a professional video maker to become a travel blogger. All you need are these five tips;

Step 1: Create engaging content

Step 2: Be original

Step 3: Get to understand social media platform

Step 4: Always show your personality (your face in every video)

Step 5: Don't be obsessed

Travel Vlog Making Equipment for Newbies

As mentioned in the 1.1 section of this article, you need a piece of good equipment for your vlog, which includes;


The first gear you need is a camera for your travel vlogging. It doesn't have to come with a high price tag. To focus on what's essential; lightweight and image stabilization. You can get a NexiGo webcam with a microphone from Amazon for $46.74.

nexigo camera review

Sound lapel mater

sound meter is the second piece of equipment you need for your travel vlog. Try Triplett SoniChek PRO for $51.99

triplett sonichek pro review

Wind Screen

Also known as wind muff, is the synthetic fur that protects the microphone from the wind. Here is a universal windscreen on Amazon. Order it for $17.89.

universal windscreen reviews


It optional. If you are not using a camera like NexiGo webcam, then you need to buy a stabilization.

All the mentioned products are on the Amazon store, and they all come with a warranty.

Travel Vlog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It may seem entertaining to start your travel, but there are mistakes that you need to look out for: It takes more than hard work for a beginner travel vlogger to make it. To help you, I will be listing a few mistakes experts have spoken about in the past. Here are the biggest mistakes every travel blogger should be aware of;

Not investing in audio

Here is where new vloggers are making a mistake. The camera alone can not make your video engaging. It does matter how good your clips are; you need sound effects in your videos. Most of the new editing tools have some music to help enhance your video.

Not planning your content

If you are not planning your content, your career in travel vlog will be a disaster. You need to plan your content before you start.

Adding irrelevant content to your video

Do not ever make the mistake of adding content that contradicts your focused niche. Define what type of travel vlogs you want to focus on and be consistent with your content creation.

No passion

Before you pick a career, be sure you love it. Do not choose one because it's the new tread. You have to be yourself in whatever you are doing; you should enjoy what you are doing. Be original, don't force yourself into what will be worrisome for you.

There are many more mistakes new travel vloggers should be aware of, and you can read more.

Types Of Travel Vlogs Niche

There are four types of travel vlogs, and I will explain each here.

Travel guide vlogs

It's a video that explains a destination. Something like a "Guide to visiting Floride'' or "30 things to do in Las Vegas." This type of video is not a personal update but an educative video for an individual that wants to travel to that destination.

YouTube Video

Travel Niche vlogs

Here are vlogs that create videos on a specified subject. It could be on food, clothes, flight, attraction centers, etc. Content like " 5 food you should try in Las Vegas" or "7 places you can visit in Floride." Read more here.

Marketing and explanatory vlogs

Video content is the most consumed on the internet, and it remains the best way to share your business info with your audience. Something like "about us" or ''our service." Having a video like this will boost your business's credibility.

Traveling vlogs

These are personal videos. It could be an update on your traveling. It's focused on reality and nature. Something like a video of you "swimming in Miami Beach" or "your visit to the Zoo."

YouTube Video

How to Make a Travel Vlog for Youtube

In these four steps, let us make a Youtube vlog. Access the video tutorial here

Step 1: Coordinate your trip and research your content

Before you travel, make sure you have researched your content also your trip. Read about where you are visiting and everything about your niche.

Step 2: Set up your gear and film your video

Once you come up with your story, it's time to film your video. Make you take some nice shots because of editing.

Step 3: Editing your video

The next is editing your video. It's the most overwhelming stage in video production. And the process where you convert your shot clips into a flowable video. Watch a full video tutorial on video editing.

Step 4: Uploading your video to the internet

Here is the last stage of your video production. When you finish your editing, it's time to publish it on the internet. Make sure you optimize your video also share your video link with friends on various platforms. Read more.

Question about Making a Travel Vlog

Q.1: What should I include in my travel vlog?

Be specific in your video. Start your vlog with a shot of the location and introductory clips. Only add what is entertaining. Finally, have a clip of yourself talking about your experience.

Q.2: How do I become a travel vlogger?

To become a successful travel vlogger, you have to be original, belief in yourself and content, get yourself noticed, understand social media platforms, etc.

Q.3: How can I grow my travel vlog channel as a beginner?

The best way to grow a travel vlog channel is to be consistent with your vlog posting, create highly engaging content, optimize your video when uploading, and collaborate with other travel vloggers.

Q.4: How can I make a meme gif for my travel vlog?

To make a meme gif, I will be using iMyFone Filme Editor. First, download Filme editor on your computer, import the video you're using for your GIF from any social media platform into the editor, hit the plus+ icon to add an image to your video. Edit to your choice, add some text, then save your GIF to your computer.

How Can I Use iMyFone Filme Editor for my Travel Vlog Editing?

What is iMyFone Filme?

iMyFone Filme editor is the saving savior for all video creators. It the new video editing tool that has all the features travel vlogs makers needs. From sound effects to transition and filter, editing video has never been this easy.

YouTube Video

How can I edit my travel vlog using the iMyFone Filme editor?

In this step-by-step guide, I will show how to edit your travel vlog using Filme editor.

Step 1: Use this link to download Filme editor to your Windows computer or Mac. Run the app to finish the installation.

edit with magnificent timelines in filme2

Step 2: Launch the installed Filme editor and import your already recorded videos, images, and audio.

Step 3: Add the media files to the editor timeline by hitting the + icon or right-clicking the video to choose from displayed options.

Step 4: Trim, crop, or split the clips using the options available on the toolbar.

Step 5: Add transitions to your video as you like with the transition feature available for Filme editor users.

Step 6: You can adjust the speed of your video using the speed setting if you want.

Step 7: If you are satisfied with the outcome of your video, you can export it to your computer using the export icon at the menu bar.

Why should I use Filme editor for my travel vlog editing?

iMyFone Filme editor is the best travel vlog editor with powerful features that help you add several clips and images to make a video. It's a complete editing tool that met the expectations of every video maker.

video editing features of filme

Try It FreeTry It Free


yesExceptionally lenient to use interface, no previous technical cognizance needed.

yesRich effects and resources to make a professional travel vlog.

yesCreate any video mode type with a click of your mouse.

yesPublish your travel vlog on social media directly from the editor dashboard.

yesInstantly preview the video while editing.


noOnly available for computer and iOS devices.

How can I upload my edited videos to my social media platform inside Filme editor?

After editing your travel video, you will have to export your video to your computer or save it directly to your social platform with easy.

Is Filme editor free?

Yes! You can start using Filme editor for free, but the free has its con, so be ready to experience ads display on the user interface. The premium version starts from $25.95.


There is no better way to start your travel vlog than investing in the equipment. To be specific, editing tools. The new camera alone will not do all the work. Having a productive editor will come in handy in terms of adding effects to your video. However, do not forget to be original and believe in yourself.

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