New vloggers usually get confused about using music in their vlogs. They try to find the right platform to get free and royalty-free music to prevent copyright issues. In this article, we will share some platforms that offer an excellent collection of music tracks. We will also share an amazing video editor that you can use to edit your vlogs.

Note: Royalty-free music does not mean it is free. It is just free from royalties. It means once you purchase the music track, you can use it as many times as you like without paying any royalty.

Part 1. 10 Places to Find Royalty-free Music for Vlog

1) Pond5

Pond5 is a perfect place for finding royalty-free music, sound effects, footage, photos, and other types of content. It is an all-in-one place for content creators. It has over 25 million royalty-free content available.

pond5 royalty free music


yesPond5 has a vast music library.

yesYou will find thousands of tacks in the search results of keywords.

yesYou can filter music according to price, tempo, genre, and various other factors.

yesIt has free music tracks.


noSome simple music files cost a lot.

2) Premium Beat

Premium Beat is a popular platform for vloggers. You can find music here at a reasonable cost.

premium beat royalty free music


yesIt offers the latest and trending tracks that are commonly used in vlogs and videos.

yesYou get five tracks every month if you subscribe.

yesYou will find almost any type of music for your video.


noThe library is not quite large.

noThere are no free music tracks.

noBuying individual tracks is quite expensive.

3) Bensound

Bensound is a platform for people who want to get free as well as paid music. Music is categorized according to different genres, and you can also search related terms.

bensound royalty free music


yesYou can enjoy free music after giving attribution.

yesYou can also buy the premium license at a low cost.

yesThe yearly subscription is cheaper and offers unlimited music.


noYou might not find any music here. Most of the time, there are no search results for the terms.

4) YouTube Audio Library

If you are a YouTube vlogger, there is nothing better than YouTube Audio Library. You can find free music there without worrying about copyrights. It also has premium music tracks.

youtube audio library


yesThousands of free music tracks that you can add to your videos.

yesYou can use filters to select the best music.


noThe quality of the music tracks is not like premium royalty-free music.

noBrowsing music is a headache.


Hooksound provides an all-in-one place for music and sound effects. You can use them for social media and creating vlogs.

hooksound royalty-free music


yesMusic is categorized based on tags, genres, and moods.

yesThe monthly plans have a reasonable price tag.

yesAlmost all genres are available.


noYou might not find the music you need. It is not a very vast library.

6) Soundstripe

This is a platform trusted by renowned brands. You can find almost any music track you are looking for.

soundstripe royalty free music


yesIt has 6,000+ royalty-free music and 50,000 sound effects.

yesThere are playlists available for easy selection.

yesIt charges a reasonable price for monthly plans.


noIt still needs more soundtracks.

noBMP is not mentioned.

7) Enovomusic

This is one of the cheapest royalty-free music providers. You will find every type of music to use online and for broadcasting.

enovomusic royalty free music


yesFor vlogs, you can get a music track for $19 only.

yesAll tracks have the same price ($19 for online use).

yesHave all popular genres.


noNo free tracks

8) Artlist

Artlist is a platform where you can find renowned artists. The beautifully created tracks will help your vlogs stand out from the crowd.

artlist royalty free music


yesIt is a trusted platform used by well-known brands.

yesYou have access to royalty-free music, sound effects, and footage.

yesIt is perfect for vlogs or any other use.

yesIt gives pre-checked tracks for YouTube.


noYou need to buy a yearly subscription.

noYou can't save albums in folders.

9) Free Music Archive

This is a wonderful resource to get free as well as paid music.

free music archive


yesIt has tons of free music under Creative Commons.

yesThere are filters for the ease of users.


noThe free music is of low sound quality.

10) Filmstro

Filmstro is a perfect music library for YouTubers, especially YouTube vloggers. It has a special plan for YouTube, which has a reasonable price tag.

filmstro royalty free music


yesUnlimited use


yesYou don't need to worry about YouTube copyright issues.


noThe filters are just radio buttons, which is quite vague.

noVery limited tracks

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Part 2. Tips for Using Music for Vlog

vlog igtv

1) Use Music According to Video

You need to use music according to the video. For instance, if the video is on an inspirational topic, you should use inspirational music. The same is the case with the mood; you can pick music according to the mood of the video, such as happy or sad. You can use filters on the websites to find the right track.

2) Keep an Eye on BPM

It is important to know the BMP to get an idea of the tempo. For a slow video, you need slow music. For a fast video, you need fast music.

3) Always Check the License

If you are using a new source of music, check the license first. Trustworthy sites don’t create issues but make sure to check the license before signing up for any music library.

4) Edit Music

You can also edit the music track. You can take out the most important part of the music as well. You can adjust its volume and speed. It makes everything more personalized.

5) Use Suitable Sound Effects

Sound effects make your videos more engaging. So, never forget to use them. Always try to explore some new sound effects to give a new and unique touch to your videos.

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Part 3. Try Filme - Save Your Effort Finding Music for Vlog

Filme is a comprehensive video editor that has everything a video editor or vlogger needs. It is an all-in-one and versatile tool for Windows and macOS. Vloggers can also find a library of music and sound effects in Filme. It has made video editing easier than ever.

YouTube Video

Key Features

  • The basic tools of Filme help you crop, trim, split, change speed, rotate, change color, and make other changes. You can create a perfect vlog.

  • You can add text, images, effects, titles, transitions, stickers, filters, and everything you could expect. You can make your vlog as engaging as you want.

  • Filme has a voice changer that can help you change the voice of your vlog. You can also edit the audio with precision.

  • The file can be exported in any format and according to any platform. You can select aspect ratio, resolution, frame rate, bitrate, etc.

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Steps to Use Filme to Create Copyright-Free Music Vlog

Step 1: Open Filme and go to the File menu> New Project. Click on any aspect ratio according to the platform where you will upload the vlog.

Step 2: Import your files from the Media menu. Import videos directly from your computer or mobile.

filme import media for vlog

Step 3: Your imported files will be in My Media. Drag the videos to the timeline. You can trim your videos and adjust their duration. The tools are above the timeline. You need to select the video layer to use any tool. You can also record the computer screen.

filme timeline layers

Step 4: Go to the music menu at the top. You will find various audio tracks. You can select any music you like without worrying about copyright issues. You will also see the sound effects that you can use in your videos. There are hundreds of sound effects available. Moreover, you can record your own voice and change its pitch using a voice changer. The voice changer has various preset voices.

filme music library

Step 5: If you want to add effects, text, filters, stickers, images, or anything else, you can do it at this stage. You will find everything in the top menus.

Step 6: Click on Export. You will have the export window. Select the settings you like and export the video.

Final Words

If you know the right place to pick music tracks, you can make your videos more engaging and attractive. We have listed some of the top websites that you can use. We recommend using Filme for vlog/video editing. You can make awe-inspiring and eye-catching videos with minimal effort.

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