GTA V is a popular action-adventure game online with amazing GTA V voice actors that make you love the game even more. In 2020, GTA V has scored the second best-selling game of all time having sold over 120 million copies.

The article explains more about the game, the GTA V characters as well as how to change voice characters in the game. Unfortunately, GTA V is not crossplay but there is an exception to this rule as those who use Epic Games can play with other players on Steam and PC platforms.

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What is GTA V? Is It Cross Platforms?

Grand Theft Auto V, GTA V, is an action-adventure game that was developed in 2013 by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game features a young street hustler, Franklin Clinton, a retired bank robber, Michael De Santa, and a terrifying psychopath and drug dealer, Trevor Philips, who land themselves in trouble, and are forced to pull up a series of dangerous heists to survive in the city of Los Santos where they cannot trust anybody, least of all each other.

The game can either be played from a third-person or first-person perspective and involves the players navigating the city of Los Santos either by foot or by vehicle. The story is based on the heist sequence, and many missions involve shooting and driving gameplay.

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Is GTA V cross-platform? Cross platforms are common features in recent multiplayer games. The current version of GTA V, however, is not cross platform, for example, those who use an Xbox cannot play with those that use a PlayStation or a PC. Further, you cannot play with someone using a PlayStation 4 when you have a PlayStation 5. An exception to this rule is that those who use Epic Games can play with those on Steam and other PC platforms.

Top 5 Popular Characters in GTA V

GTA V features several characters, below are some of the top characters in the game:

1.Trevor Philips

Among the iconic GTA V characters, Trevor Philips is at the top of the list. He is portrayed as a crazy man living in a beaten-up trailer, interested in drugs and alcohol, and furiously takes out his rage whenever possible. When you keenly engage with his character, you meet a man who feels betrayed and hurt. He genuinely cares for his friends and wants to keep them safe always.

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2. Franklin Clinton

The next famous character in GTA V is Franklin Clinton. He is the central character in GTA V and morally the best member of the heist crew. He is the first character you interact with, the main focus of the three final missions, and the one who survives until the end. He is first introduced as a small-time criminal but gradually develops into a well-rounded mature man. Franklin Clinton is simply a kind and likeable guy.

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3. Michael De Santa

From the events of GTA V, Michael De Santa had been put into witness protection and was enjoying a wealthy life with his family before being dragged into the game’s criminal activities. He is more of the family man in the main Heist crew.

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4. Lester Crest

Lester Crest, another of the GTA V characters, is a creepy, sniveling man, though his morals are straight. Michael protects him from the FBI, and in turn, Lester made sure that Michael's fake death remains a secret. He is a genius and hence acts as the mastermind behind the game's large-scale heists.

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5. Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis is known for his use of grammar-focused language, and his fans were finally reunited with him during the ‘Deathwish’ ending. Lamar Davis and Franklin remain engaged in gang-based jobs throughout the GTA campaigns.

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How to Change Voice into Characters in GTA V?

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Final Words

The article captures the important bits you need to know about GTA v voice actors and the role they play in the game. The action-adventure game is an excellent way to connect with players around the globe.

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