We often have unwanted people in our photos, and they ruin the beauty of the image. However, it is quite easy to remove people from photos. You can use desktop and online tools, but in this article, we will share a few mobile applications. For perfect editing, we will also introduce another desktop program which can 1 click to remove people - MarkGo that will offer optimal results. Let's begin.

5 Best Apps to Help Remove People from Photos

1) TouchRetouch

The first app on our list is TouchRetouch. It is available on the Play Store as well as App Store. It is an editing tool that helps you to edit your photos with ease. This app is specifically designed to remove unwanted objects from photos/images.

touch retouch remove object


  • With just one touch, you can remove people from the background.

  • With the blemish tool, you can vanish any unwanted objects besides people with just a touch. It also has a "Clone" tool that helps you to remove duplicate objects or any type of defects.

  • In-app video tutorials are also available to provide any type of guidance to a new user. It is a very easy tool that one can use to edit their photos using their smartphones.

System Requirement The system requirement for this application is Android 5.0 or above.
Price It is not a free application and will cost the user $2.00.
User's Ratings A total of 26,777 people has reviewed this app, and it has a current rating of 4.6/5.
File Size This application's file size is 15 MB.

2) Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a professional editing tool that one can use to edit and enhance images. It is an iOS application and one of the few applications that have a layer-based editing option. It is needless to say that it has everything that one will need to edit their photos.

pixelmator image editor


  • Pixelmator has color presets and templates that allow the user to improve color correction with just a single touch.

  • You can use the "Repair tool" to remove any unwanted objects or persons from the photo.

  • Moreover, it also has a "Clone tool" and "Distort tool" that will help the user in editing any kind of photo that he wants.

  • One of the most attractive features of Pixelmator that no other application has is that you can open and edit images up to the size of 100 MB and save these images in different formats.

  • Using Pixelmator, you can also share your images on iCloud and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

System Requirement Pixelmator requires the system to have iOS 12.0 or above.
Price This professional editor will cost the user a wholesome of $4.99.
User's Ratings A total of 784 people has reviewed this app, and it has a current rating of 3.7/5.
File Size It a is large application as it has multiple features. So, its size is about 165 MB.

3) Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the most used editing tools when it comes to Android and iOS. It is because it is a free tool that people like to enjoy. It has different types of tools that one can use to edit the photo.

snapseed remove people


  • It is a very simple and easy-to-use software that has 29 tools along with other filters. These tools include color gradient, healing, vignette, grunge, and many more.

  • Although it is a free tool, it has plenty of features that one can not even imagine.

  • You can remove any object or people from photos using Snapseed with just a touch (healing tool).

System Requirement It is a multi-functional tool that is available for all people depending upon their system requirements. It is compatible with Android and iOS.
Price Snapseed is free for all users.
User's Ratings A total of 1,422,748 people has reviewed this app, and it has a current rating of 4.4/5.
File Size The file size of Snapseed varies with device and android update.

4) Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch is another android app that is basically developed for removing unwanted objects from the photo. If you have ever been photobombed by any person or object, then this is your go-to application.

photo retouch remove people


  • It blemishes and blends the background such that you can not even imagine. You just need to mark the area of the unwanted objects and tap on "Go" to remove the object. It is that easy with Photo Retouch.

  • Photo Retouch is a free tool and allows the user to enjoy different modes of editing with it.

  • Having Object Removal, Quick Repair, and Stamp effect, it makes the most reviewed Android editing tool.

System Requirement This application requires Android 5.0 or above.
Price It is completely free for all users.
User's Ratings A total of 31,951 people has reviewed this app, and it has a current rating of 4.5/5.
File Size The size of this app is about 20 MB.

5) Enlight Photofox

Photoleap by Lightricks, formerly known as Enlight Photofox, is an iOS editing tool for users. Although it is a free tool, some of its tools and options are paid.

photoleap image editor


  • It is an amazing tool that helps the user to remove people from photos and remove unwanted objects .

  • As it is a professional tool, it is slightly complex and can be a little challenging for a new user.

  • It features layer-based editing that allows the user to edit with more precision and detail.

System Requirement This app requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Price It is free, but in-app purchases may vary.
User's Ratings A total of 48.3k people has reviewed this app, and it has a current rating of 4.7/5.
File Size The size of this app is about 233.8 MB.

Click to Remove People from Photo - MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo is a desktop tool that allows the user to edit their image and remove any kind of unwanted objects or watermarks from their photos. It is a splendid tool that can remove watermarks, objects, people, or any unwanted thing in an image in no time.

Try It FreeTry It Free


  • Easiest tools that one can find on the internet.

  • The user interface is very simple, and any new user can use this application without any difficulty.

  • Remove shadows and watermarks with just a click.

  • It supports the batch removal feature and saves time.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Remove People from Photo:

Here are some steps on how you can remove people from any photo.

Step 1: You need to download and install iMyFone MarkGo. Open it, and it will show you four options. Among these options, click on "Remove Image Watermark" to remove people from your photo.

markgo remove image watermark

Step 2: Secondly, you need to import the image from which you want to remove the people. Click on "Add Image" and import the photo.

markgo add images

Step 3: After importing the photo, go to the right side of iMyFone MarkGo. You will find the option of "Selection tool". Click on it and select the area of people or unwanted images that you want to remove from the photo.

markgo select people

Step 4: You can have as many selection tools as you want. After selecting the area, click on "Remove Now" to successfully remove the unwanted people from the photo.

markgo people removed

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There are many Android and iOS apps available to objects and people from photos. We have selected five of them and shared them with the readers. All of these apps have their different interface and features that one does not have. If you want perfection, iMyFone MarkGo is the simplest desktop tool. It is for removing objects, watermarks, and people from images. It offers optimal results and can remove anything with a few clicks.

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