Fortnite has gained massive popularity over the years, especially when Covid-19 hit the world; this game became one of the most played games worldwide. Since millions of people play this game, some ideas have also come into the market to make the gaming experience funny and exciting.

For instance, changing the voice in real-time or using the soundboard voice when playing the Fortnite game has become the new norm. However, to make the voice changing on Fortnite efficient, looking for a reliable Fortnite voice changer is given.

This guide will reveal the top-notch voice changers for Fortnite soundboard and voice changing in real time.

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10 Popular Fortnite Soundboard for Hilarious Fun

1. Vine Boom

Vine Boom is one of the best Fortnite soundboards that seems like exploding is happening somewhere, scarring all the people playing the game. After hearing this Fortnite soundboard, your friends will feel like a bomb is blasted nearby.

2. Fortnite Battle Pass

The Fortnite battle pass soundboard is for you if you love nightclubs. When you play these soundboards, it seems as if someone is dancing in the nightclub, and a brilliant song is being played in the background. You can use the soundboard to have fun with your friends on Fortnite.

3. Come here boy

Come here boy Fortnite soundboard is the perfect reflection of a moment when you scream at your friend, but he doesn't bother to listen to your friends.

When playing the Fortnite game, if your friend isn't listening, you can play this soundboard to make him hear your words.

4. Ninja Fortnite

Ninja Fortnite is a hilarious yet pretty interesting soundboard. In this soundboard, you can clearly hear a person angrily talking to another person and isn't mincing his words.

5. Fortnite default dance

If you want to make a dull looking Fortnite joyful, you can play the Fortnite Default dance soundboard in the middle of the game. It is an excellent soundboard that comes up with an eye catching voice that makes anyone feel blessed.

6. Radio beep

Radio Beep is another brilliant Fortnite soundboard that seems like an old mobile phone is ringing. You can also assume it is a radio horn when you try to connect to a channel on the radio. So, if you intend to inform your players on Fortnite, you can play the Radio Beep.

7. Number one victory royale

Vine Boom is one of the best Fortnite soundboards that seems like exploding is happening somewhere, scarring all the people playing the game. After hearing this Fortnite soundboard, your friends will feel like a bomb is blasted nearby.

8. My friend here Justin

In "My friend here Justin soundboard," you can hear a kid talking to a girl. Surprisingly, the girl starts screaming after a few moments, which makes the whole scene dramatic. You can use My here Justin soundboard to make your Fortnite players focused on the goal.

9. Fortnite headshot

If you love fireworks when playing the Fortnite game, opting for the Fortnite headshot soundboard won't be a bad option. This soundboard reflects the moment when you tend to fire a bullet in the air. It allows you to prank your friends during Fortnite.

10. 19 dollar Fortnite card

If you want to scare someone during a Fortnite game, opting for the 19-dollar Fortnite card makes complete sense. This soundboard contains the high-pitched voice of a person who is giving a warning to another person.

Best Fortnite Voice Changers with Soundboard Sounds

3.1. MagicMic Fortnite Voice Changer

If you're looking for a voice changer for the Fortnite soundboard, no tool can serve your purpose better than iMyFone MagicMic. Besides offering highly professional features that make changing the voice in real-time effortless, MagicMic tends to evolve daily.

With the ability to record the voice and then apply the soundboard and voice filter to your voice, MagicMic can also serve you a voice recorder. There are so many things to like about MagicMic as it blesses you with hundreds of voice filters and soundboards, making the Fortnite game experience joyful and flawless.

So, why would you wait to acquire the services of MagicMic when looking for a Fortnite voice changer? Grab the services of iMyFone MagicMic on the first opportunity you get, as it is worth your attention.

donald duck

Operate Systems:

Mac, Windows version for both real time voice change and recording and audio voice modulating. iPhone and Androidversion for only voice record and audio voice change.


  • Change your voice in real-time on Discord using the 125+ voice filters

  • 150+ voice memes and 400+ voice effects can indeed make the gaming experience memorable

  • Import the audio and then change its voice

  • It works on both Windows and Mac systems


yesSupport various online gaming and chatting platforms

yes125+ Voice filters and sound effects and get updated regularly

yesVoice Studio feature enables you to customize your voice in real-time.

yesKeybinds control for the playback of voice and sound effects


noYou can't change the voice in real-time on mobile versions.

User Rate: 4.8

2. Voicemod Soundboard

Voicemod Soundboard has become a trend voice modulator for social media content creators, including YouTube and gamers. Using this excellent voice changer, you can alter the voice in real time and use the sound like a sweet girl, an alien, or a robot.

voicemod new interface

The best thing about the Fortnite soundboard is that it gives you complete control over your voice-changing process, as you can alter the voice effortlessly.

Operate Systems:

It only works on Windows system


  • Compatible with various streaming platforms

  • It offers 42 sound effects

  • You can import the MP3 file and then add various sound effects to it

  • It allows you to customize the voice


yesIt comes with huge sound effects.

yesIt is famous


noIt takes time to get installed

noUnlimited ads and easily crash

User Rate: 4.2

3. Clownfish voice changer

Although one can argue that Clownfish Voice Changer can increase the number of voice filters and sound effects, you can't deny the value it adds as a reliable Fortnite voice changer.

It ticks almost all the boxes and has been a significant voice changer that can assist you not only change the voice in real-time in Fortnite, but you can also play several sound effects with minimal effort.

clownfish homepage

Operate Systems:

It only works on Windows system


  • It blesses you with the background voices

  • It comes with in-build sound effects

  • It is free to use


yesFree to use

yesComes with in-build voice and sound effetcs

yesWith VST technology so that you can change voice filters with some sound parameters


noOnly 14+ voice effects

noSimple function

User Rate: 4.0

4. Morphvox Pro

Another brilliant voice changer that makes your Fortnite gaming experience worth talking about is Morphvox Pro. It comes up with various immaculate voice filters and soundboards that can change your voice entirely and make it sound like a monster or animal is speaking.

morphvox pro

From changing the echo and pitch of your voice to adding an excellent soundboard, Morphvox doesn't shy away from offering you the most splendid services.

Operate Systems:

It works on both Windows and Mac


  • It comes up with a voice cancelation feature that can remove the annoying background voice during Fortnite

  • Brilliant voice changer for Fortnite that blesses you with tons of soundboards

  • Add the background music to your voice and take the excitement to the next level

  • High quality output


yesHigh quality of voice changing effects

yesIt works on both Mac and Windows devices

yesWith noise reduction


noQuite expensive with price at 39.99$

User Rate: 4.2

5. Voxal voice changer

When you talk about the Fortnite soundboard, no one can ignore the Voxal Voice Changer. It is a terrific voice changer for Fortnite with some shortcomings but trying it to alter the voice in real time won't be a bad idea.

voxal voice changer interface

Apart from offering a neat and clean user interface, Voxal Voice Changer offers many voice filters and sound effects. However, the free version is limited the way you'd have anticipated it to be, but still, this voice changer isn't something you should ignore.

Operate Systems:

It only works on Windows system


  • It can be used as an sound effect player

  • It is a real time voice changer with different voice effects

  • You can change voice with hotkeys


yesVarious voice and sound effects

yesSupports multiple online platforms

yesYou can change voice real time with this app


noCompatibility with the Steam game isn't encouraging.

noBoring interface

User Rate: 4

Watch Video Guide About MagicMic Soundboard

Video Images

How to Play Soundboard and Change Voice on Fortnite?

Changing the voice in the middle of the Fortnite game is, too, courtesy of MagicMic, the best Fortnite voice changer.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to play soundboard and change voice in real time on Fortnite using MagicMic.

Step 1:

After visiting the official website of MagicMic, all you need to do is download the latest version and install it on your PC. Once the software is installed, launch it without wasting any time.

Step 2:

Select the microphone as your input device and the headphone as your output device.


Step 3:

Select the voice filter you'd like to use in real-time. You can also select the soundboard you'd want to play during the Fortnite game.

Step 4:

Download Fortnite and launch it straight away. Navigate to the Input device and choose the Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device) WDM.

Now, when you play the Fortnite game, other players will hear the voice of the character you selected in MagicMic.

Final Words

That's it we have had in this post.

You can skim through the post if you're interested in looking for the best Fortnite voice changer. This guide has revealed the most popular voice changers that, apart from helping you to change your voice during the Fortnite game, also allow you to play the Fortnite soundboard.

Of all the voice changers we've mentioned in this guide, MagicMic is easily the best Fortnite voice changer. Apart from an easy to use interface, it offers mind-blowing sound quality.

  • 100+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 300+ Voice Effects and 150+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.