Are you looking for the realistic Overwatch AI voice for text to speech or voice change in real-time, further improving your gaming or streaming experience? If so, you've landed in the right place!

In this article, we will explore the best Overwatch AI voice generator that enables you to get characters AI voice for text to speech conversion, as well as the best Overwatch voice changer to sound like anyone during game.

Let's get started!

overwatch ai voice

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Part 1. Get Overwatch AI Voice with Best Overwatch Voice Changer

1. MagicMic - Best Overwatch AI Voice Changer

If you're looking for an Overwatch AI voice changer that enables to get realistic Overwatch AI voice, MagicMic is an ideal solution for you. Due to its fantastic voice cloning abilities, it allows you to generate any voices as you want. By providing flawless and quality services, it sets apart all other voice changers at present.

In addition to voice cloning, the platform offers 300+ AI voices, 600+ voice effects, and 200+ voice memes, best for your gaming, streaming and content creation. Moreovers, MagicMic also enhances online gaming and communication on platforms like Discord, Zoom, and Twitch.

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Watch this video to learn more about MagicMic Voice Changer:

magicmic overwatch voice changer youtube video

Generate Overwatch AI voice in MagicMic

Step 1: Download and Launch MagicMic

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Step 2: Select Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device (WDM) as audio input.

Step 3: Enable "Apply Voice Changer" for immediate voice change, and activate "Hear myself".

magicmic settings

Step 4: Select the voices you want to use in the game, or upload an audio file featuring any characters voices to clone them.

overwatch voice changer

Step 5: Go to Overwatch voice setting

Go to Overwatch voice setting and choose the MagicMic voice changer virtual device as microphone. Then you can change voice on Overwatch now.

Key Features

  • Access to 300+ AI voices for real-time voice changing, including Overwatch AI voice, for real-time chats and gaming.

  • Allows to generate any voices only by uploading an audio file, for real-time voice change.

  • Gaming support for Overwatch, WOW, PUBG, LOL, CSGO, Second Life, and Fortnite.

  • Compatibility with Zoom, Skype, and Discord, ideal for live streaming on platforms like Streamlabs, Xsplit, and Twitch.

  • Enhance content with 600+ voice effects and 200+ voice memes.

  • Easy audio file capture and quality improvement.

  • Personalized voice adjustments.


yesEasy to use interface on both Window and Mac systems

yesOffers 600+ gorgeous voice effects and 200+ sound effects and voice memes to choose from, including Overwatch AI voice.

yesServe your purpose better than you think.

yesVoice changing filters and sound effects can be controlled with keybinds.

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2. MorphVOX

Morphvox is another powerful voice changer that possesses Overwatch voice AI, and offers remarkable voice-changing services. It has come a long way in converting your voice into any character you want.

The best thing about it is that Morphvox looks to keep on evolving with each passing day. You can also add background music when interacting with your family members and friends online using this tool.

morphvox voice changer overwatch


  • Morphvox offers tons of high-quality audio effects to choose from.

  • You can dispatch any sound effect with quick keys.

  • It supports multiple online streaming websites.


yesMorphvox is the best thing to happen for online gamers because it can add a bit of flavor to their experience.

yesIt offers intuitive and countless voice effects to explore.

3. VoiceMod

Voicemod is a great voice changer for Overwatch providing scintillating services to its users, allowing you to get Overwatch voice AI. It can convert your voice into anime, reboot, girl, and spacemen voice in a flash. It allows you to change your voice in real-time.

You'll get 42 voice effect options to choose from, but the free version only offers seven free effects. Using this excellent software, you can create funny, scary, and creative content with ease.

voicemod overwatch voice changer


  • It allows you to change your voice effortlessly.

  • Since it supports multiple calling applications and streaming websites, Voicemod is a multidimensional tool.

  • It offers 42 voice options for the premium version and seven voice effects for free, along with distortion voice effects.

  • Using this tool, you can record your voice in WAV or MP3 format.

  • Voicemod allows you to change voice in real-time.


yesAbility to convert any character's voice into the female, reboot, and ghost character

yesEasy to use

yesVoicemod is a prolific Overwatch voice changer that can create exciting content for you.

Part 2: How to Use Voice Changer in OverWatch

A lot of questions have been asked about the ways to use a OverWatch voice changer. We can assure you one thing that it's not difficult to change voice in OverWatch using a voice changer. You only need to take care of some essential steps to get your job done.

Let's explore those steps:

Steps of using a Voice Changer on OverWatch

Step 1: Install Voice Changer

To change your voice on Overwatch, the first step you need to follow is to search for an appropriate voice changer. After finding it, download it on your desktop and install it straight away.

Step 2: Open Voice Changer

Now, you should look to launch the voice you've downloaded.

Step 3: Open Settings

Choose input audio and output input after opening your settings

Step 4: Save Settings

Now, you need to save your settings and navigate to the home screen.

Step 5: Select an appropriate voice effect

In this phase, your task is to look for a good voice-changing effect and select it.

Step 6: Launch Overwatch

After selecting a voice-changing effect, you need to open OverWatch on your device.

overwatch voice changer

Step 7: Check your results

After changing a voice effect on a voice changer, you can now see your voice is changed. Now, you see a complete change in your voice pitch when you speak.

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Part 3: Bonus: Best Overwatch AI Voice Text to Speech Generator

VoxBox - Overwatch AI Voice Generator

VoxBox, the premier Overwatch AI voice generator, revolutionizes content creation by enabling to generate Overwatch text-to-speech voiceovers.

This cutting-edge tool allows you to effortlessly convert text into the authentic Overwatch AI voice, breathing new life into your creative projects. With VoxBox, you can tap into a treasure trove of over 2000 free character voices spanning 77+ languages, opening up a world of possibilities for voice customization.

But that's not all. VoxBox takes versatility to the next level by granting you access to a staggering 3200+ voices for your text-to-speech voiceovers. From celebrities to singers and even beloved fictional characters, VoxBox ensures your content stands out with an array of captivating voices that capture your audience's attention.

overwatch ai voice generator

Key Features:

  • Access 2000+ free character voices for Overwatch AI voice text-to-speech conversion.

  • Achieve advanced voice cloning capabilities.

  • Get access to 3200+ voices across 77+ languages.

  • Text-to-speech, speech-to-text, recording, editing, and audio conversion.

  • Preserve voiceovers in various formats, including MP3, WAV, Ogg, and more.

  • Ideal for audiobooks, podcasts, content production, and beyond.

Part 4: Hot FAQs about Overwatch AI Voice

1. What is Overwatch AI Voice?

Overwatch AI Voice refers to an artificial intelligence-generated voice that replicates the voices of characters from the popular video game Overwatch. It allows users to incorporate these voices into their content or projects.

2. How can I use Overwatch AI Voice?

You can use Overwatch AI Voice by employing voice generation software or applications that offer these character voices as options, like MagicMic and VoxBox. These tools allow you to convert text into the voices of Overwatch characters.

3. Can I use Overwatch AI Voice for content creation beyond gaming?

Absolutely! Overwatch AI Voice is versatile and can be used for a wide range of content creation purposes, including audiobooks, podcasts, content production, and more.

4. How to sound like Overwatch characters?

That's easy to sound like Overwatch characters, and all you need to do is to launch Overwatch voice changer - MagicMic, click the voice you want, and speak to the microphone.

Final Words

All in all, Overwatch AI voice enables you to fresh up your digital content and improve your gaming and streaming experience, moreover, you can use it to make text-to-voice voiceovers, best for audiobooks, podcasts, dubbing, and more.

With iMyFone MagicMic, the best overwatch voice changer and VoxBox - Overwatch AI voice generator, you can easily gain access to Overwatch AI voice.

Whether you are an Overwatch fan, content creator or gamer, you can get satisfied with MagicMic. So why wait? Download it now and embark on the magic voice journey!

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