People who often like to change the voice effects of their video would always want to acquire software that can provide quality. Unfortunately, users rarely find the quality which they would have hoped for.

You will find millions of applications claiming to change the voice effects, but they are nothing but useless.

But Morphvox Voice Changer is an exception due to its reliable behavior and brilliant quality. Once you use this software, you will indeed find it worth your money. Let's explore this outrageous voice changer.

Brief Intro to Morphvox Voice Changer

If you look for a good quality voice changer for your video, then you should opt to look at Morphvox Voice Changer.

It is available in a couple of different packages. You can use it either free of cost or acquire a Pro version by paying some fee. If we talk about free versions, it comes up with three voice options: kid, female, and a single male.

However, if you want the best possible quality, then you should look for a premium version. By modulating your voice in real-time Morphvox makes it perfect for online gaming and communication.

A user will get two different operating modes with this voice changer, including the Studio Mode and the Skinned Mode. Both methods have their advantages.

The Skinned mode of Morphvox will enable you to choose voice options from pre-existing options and then add effects whichever you like the most.

Meanwhile, The Studio Mode adds more flexibility and quality, allowing users to adjust the voice time and pitch accordingly.

Since Morphvox possesses some unique features, its demand is increasing with each passing day.

morphvox interface

Morphvox Voice Changer Guide: How to Download & How to Use

After learning about the Morphvox Voice Changer, people would want to download it on Mac or Windows. Beginners don't know how to download the software.

They always need advice to Download Morphvox, and we are providing that help to those by telling them each step of downloading it.

Let's find how to do it.

Steps of downloading Morphvox.

Step 1: Search for MORPHVOX

In the first steps, you will need to open Google Chrome or any browser to search for the application.

After opening it, go to the search section and write how to download Morphvox on Mac and Windows.

Step 2: Open the first search result

After searching for Morphvox, you only need to open the first search result showing on your screen.

The website name is Screaming Bee who provides a facility to download the software.

Step 3: Download the Morphvox

After opening the search result, you can see the option below to download the Morphvox in the Mac version or Windows.

If you want to acquire a free one, then click its option. Meanwhile, if you're going to buy its premium, then go for the Buy now option. After all this, you will be able to download Morphvox.

download the morphvox

Steps of using Morphvox

After downloading the Morphvox, the next is to use it. Users often ask about its working methods.

As an example, let's discuss the steps of using it in discord.

Step 1: Run Morphvox

In the first step, you need to run the Morphox on your PCs or windows

Step 2: Open Discord

After running the software, you will need to click at the bottom of its setting. All this will be done after you open the discord.

open the discord

Step 3: Click Voice Tab

After going onto the user's setting, the next phase is pretty simple: click the Voice Tab in front of your screen page.

click the voice tab

Step 4: Select Screaming Bee Audio

Select Screaming Bee Audio for the input device in the drop-down.

Step 5: Uncheck input sensitivity

In this step, you will need to uncheck the automatically determined input sensitivity.

Step 6: Adjust Sensitivity Setting

Try to adjust your sensitivity setting after speaking into a microphone.

Step 7: click Escape

After you click the Escape, Discord will start taking the morphed output from this software.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Morphvox Voice Changer

Morphvox offers some mind-blowing benefits to its users with significant effects. At the same time, it has a pretty little negative aspect as well. However, disadvantages are not huge compared to their benefits but still exist.

Let's take the opportunity to discuss both.


It possesses Ultra-Quiet background cancelation, making it the cleanest and most influential voice changer among all its competitors

Morphvox offers many voices for free. You can change your voice without paying any money. A user has the best possible opportunity to change voice effects with optimization.

Morphvox upgrades its features regularly, which probably makes it a notch faster than any other voice changer.

Its new features, Voice Parsing detection, Stereo microphone support, new intuitive interface, voice tuning, and voice comparison analysis make this voice changer an excellent solution for changing voice effects with super accuracy.


Morphvox has very few disadvantages for its users. Most of the time, these disadvantages don't matter to the users.

The first negative aspect about this voice changer is that it is pretty challenging to use. A user will have to master its settings before using it.

Alternatives to Morphvox Voice Changer

Morphvox is a unique voice changer that will serve you brilliantly, but only a few options are available for the alternative voice changers to Morphvox.

Let's discuss them.

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a prolific and influential alternative to a Morphvox voice changer. It can change your voices into some of the most exciting anime voices.

voice mod


  • Its compatibility with several chat services makes it a significant voice changer.

  • A user can change his video's voice in real-time using SDK.


yesIts interface is friendly and doesn't require much effort to understand.

yesVoicemod has a lot of voice options to choose from.



2. iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is a modern video editor that can edit your video better than you think. It has all the attributes to make your video look picturesque.

The ability to change the voice of a video and add another agent simultaneously makes iMyFone Filme more accurate than any other editor.

Watch this video to learn how to use Filme to change voice:

YouTube Video


  • Filme offers ten different voice options for you to add to a video.

  • With adding significant effects, Filme helps you to make your video worth watching.

  • You can easily make changes to your clips.

Try It FreeTry It Free


yesIt is user-friendly.

yesA user can effortlessly export a video file from any format.


noIts premium version is a bit expensive.

3. Voice Changer Plus App

If one application you can use as an alternative to Morphvox, it had to be Voice Changer Plus App. It has some elegant attributes, which makes it a worthy voice changer.

voice changer plus


  • By tapping once, you can record your voice.

  • It supports full voiceOver.

  • You can listen to the same clip in different voices with this application.

  • Trim control facility is a stand-out aspect of it.


yesEven after the voice modulation, a user can easily edit videos.


noThe absence of any modulating audio option in this application for the videos irritates some users.

4. Clownfish

Clownfish is a game-changer application launched over the few years. You can use it on your PCs or Mac. It changes the voice of your videos swiftly and accurately.

clownfish voice changer


  • With a dynamic sound player, Clownfish offers a lot of good things to users.

  • By controlling the background music of the microphone, Clownfish makes the edit even more fascinating.


yesIt works quicker than you might have expected.

yesIt is free of cost


noIt is a bit tricky to understand.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed Morphvox Voice Changer with facts and figures. It perfectly suits the user's caliber. Since users want a voice changer that can provide them a worth remembering experience, Morphvox makes it happen for them.

Furthermore, you will also find a helpful guide about how to download Morphvox on Windows and Mac.

By just following few steps, you will succeed in downloading this software. Moreover, the few steps of using the software also have been mentioned in this piece of writing.

The alternatives of Morphvox are very few and far between them. Two reliable voice changers which can fill the vacuum of Morphvox are Voicemad and iMyFone

We recommend iMyFone Filme as an alternative to Morphvox because all its features resemble Morphvox.

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