Voicemod is famous for its futuristic outlook and its large popularity but, most people like to use the cute girl voice for anime related games. So, does use voicemod to make a girl voice any good or is it just the hype?

Well, the Voicemod girl voice is pretty impressive but there are a lot better options in the market like MagicMic girl voice changer that can provide you audio of better quality. Want to know more about it? Let’s dive in:

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Part 1: Is Efficient for Use Voicemod to Make a Girl Voice?

Is Voicemod good? Yes, Voicemod is one of the best voice changers where you can change your voice into a girl's voice in no time. But the quality of girl voice on the software isn't natural enough for me(I've tried several voice changers). Moreover,the quantity is limited neither.

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You can add the cute girl voice to your game in real-time and the software is perfect for professional usage. However,you can't free get the Voicemod female voice.

Key features:

yesEasy and convenient

yesAdvanced interface

yesHighly compatible with other apps and games

yesHardly takes seconds to start working


noThere are not a lot of options for girl voice

noIt works on only Windows systems.

noIt is not stable enough with poor network server.

User Rate:

4.2 stars


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Part 2: 6 Best Cute Girl Voice Changer PC/Mobile

We are listing the top 6 voice changers that could be just the right alternative for Voicemod's female voice effect so let's get into it.

1. MagicMic Girl Voice Changer [Editor's Choice]

MagicMic female voice changer is one of those software that you can totally rely on mainly because it is all-in-one in true means. You can customize your voice, use autotune, import files, add voices in real-time and use the software for streaming too.

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Other than being a collection of amazingness, MagicMic also has several girl's voice effects which are the finest because of their voice quality. The best thing about MagicMic is that you can import any girl sound effects you want from your PC and add it into your live streaming which is not the case with most software.

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Windows and Mac


  • It offers you 300+ various voice changing effects, 600+ sound effects and voice memes. Including 20+ girl voices and sounds.

  • You can use hotkeys to control voice change and the playback of sound effects and memes.

  • It comes with noise reduction to decrease noice,echo and make voice clearer.

  • The girl voice effect is of high quality

  • Has an option of voice studio to custom voices as your will.

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User Reviews:

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2. Clownfish Girl Voice Changer

If you are looking for a Voicemod female voice alternative  for Windows, look no further because Clownfish Voice Changer is at your rescue. This software is super fun to use and offers female pitch and girl voice effects without any hassle.

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It also gives you an increased control over how you want your voice to sound. The software supports the majority of formats so you would not have a problem with that either.




  • Easy to install and use

  • The girl sound effect is of high quality

  • Gives enhanced control over your audio

  • Also has the VST support

  • Does not take up a lot of space

User Reviews:

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3. VoiceFX

VoiceFX is yet another app that provides you a girl's voice but it is specifically designed for android phones. The female sound on this app is quite impressive and even though it does not have a huge variety of effects, it still is pretty impressive.

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The best thing about this app is that despite the fact that it is designed for android, you can use it for live streaming on different apps and it does not lag at all.




  • Perfect for streaming on phone

  • Offers girl sound effects in high quality

  • Does not affect the storage of the phone

  • Can be used for live calling too

  • Supports different media formats

User Reviews:

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4. Voice Changer Plus

Voice changer plus offers you a wide variety of sound effects including voice changer girl. The quality of the girl voice is pretty good in the app and it works on both iPhone and iPad. The interface of this app is equally impressive.

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It has an option of importing sound effects so you can also download your favourite girl sound and then import it directly into this app. It might not be perfect for professional use but it is a very fun app to use overall.




  • Fun to use

  • Convenient and hassle-free for beginners

  • Does not make the phone lag

  • Has multiple options for sound effects

  • Could play your voice backwards too

User Reviews:

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5. Girl Voice Changer

Girl voice changer is specifically designed for your android phone and it offers you the most highly quality of girl’s voice. Though the app has other voices too but its best voice has to be the girl one.

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You also get different variations and funny versions of girl voices in this app and it allows you to record your voice too. You can add these effects during live calls too and it just is the right kind of app if you are looking for some lighthearted fun.




  • Offers different types of girl voices

  • All the sound effects are of high quality

  • Does not take up a lot of space in your phone

  • Easy and convenient to use

User Reviews:

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6. Voicechanger.io

Voice changer.io is one of those female voice changer online that most people don’t really know about but they literally are the best. You get a whole lot of voice effects with this software and all of them are of great quality.

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But, the best thing about it is that it has some pretty good girl sound effects that you can apply to your audio and just have fun.




  • Easy to use

  • Clean and uncomplicated interface

  • Has a variety of different sound effects

  • Applies voice effects to existing audio too

  • Has good quality sound effects

User Reviews:

  • 1. Great for everyday use
  • 2. Easy but not very stable
  • Final Words

    Just so you know, Voicemod girl voice is the real deal in live streaming and gaming these days but there are other software out there that are just as great as Voicemod female voice. All the voice changers we have listed above are pretty decent so you can give them a go without even thinking twice.

    Moreover, we would highly recommend you to try MagicMic girl voice changer which literally is the best voice changing software you would come across for all kinds of sound effects including the girl’s voice. Give it a go and you would not regret it.

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