If you want to look for ways to know how to remove adobe spark watermark free, then this article may prove helpful for you. If you want to look for the best professional tool then,iMyFone MarkGo is the one for you; you can use it to remove watermark from any video for free. Let's see below as to how that is possible.

Part 1. How to Remove the Watermark for Adobe Spark Projects Free without Buying License

iMyFone MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo is a complete watermark solution. It helps the user to add and remove watermarks from any kind of pictures and video. With the help of MarkGo, anyone can remove or add a watermark with just one click.


Hunting for a tool to get rid of Adobe Spark watermark efficiently? Why not try iMyFone MarkGo, a professional watermark remover that helps you remove watermark 100% clearly with AI-powered Technology within 5 secs in 1 click.

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Wonderful Features of iMyFone MarkGo

  • User-friendly, without any technical knowledge required to erase watermark in just one single click.

  • Easy to get rid of and add watermark for videos and pics, with no traces at all.

  • Free to try the remover, during which you can check the compatibility.

  • Able to add watermark for up tp 100 pics in batch for copyright considerations.

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A lot of times, it happens that you download videos/pictures from the adobe spark, but they have watermarks on them. They are easily removed when you buy the license, but even that is not possible sometimes due to glitches in the system. But here we are talking about removing the watermark without buying the license. 

If you want to remove the adobe watermark for free, you might have to work a little bit. There is editing software called iMyFone MarkGo, which is the best for this purpose. You can easily download it and use it for your personal use. 

Let's see how you can use MarkGo to remove watermark from adobe spark projects for free.

For all the users who don't want to buy the license due to its heavy prices but also don't want the watermarks in their pictures/videos, then use this tool. Here are the steps having clear instructions.

Step 1: Download MarkGo for Adobe Spark Watermark Removing

The first thing you need to do is download the markgo and then install it into your system.

Step 2: Select the Rectangle Box or Brush to Erase Watermark

markgo watermark removal tool

In the software, there is a tool to remove any type of branding or watermark from the image or video. There are a total of four options in there, which allow you to either remove a picture watermark or a video watermark or add a watermark to a picture or a video. Select on the remove picture/video watermark.

Step 3: Add the Picture/Video

remove watermark for beauty using markgo

Now add the picture/video that you want to remove the watermark from into MarkGo. That can be done by clicking on the option add picture/video that is present in the center.

remove watermark for beauty using markgo

Step 4: Select the Part You Plan to Remove from by Dragging the Box

You need to select the exact part from where you want to remove the watermark. Move your video to that point, or create a section for that area. This will help the markgo identify the watermark.

Step 5: Cover the Watermark Thoroughly

To remove the selected watermark, you need to click on the option "select tool ."This will make the watermark you selected earlier appear before you. Then you need to drag the small box from the top of your screen to the watermark to erase it.

Step 6: Play to Preview the Effect

Now you need to click on the option “play” so that you can see whether the watermark has been removed completely or not.

Step 7: Save the File

Once you are done, save the video by clicking on the export button. Give it a new name and save it in your desired folder. You can also share it on your social platforms.

Part 2. FAQs - How to Remove Adobe Spark Watermark Free

1. Can you remove the Adobe Stock watermark?

Yes! Adobe stock watermarks can be removed easily. For that purpose, you need to use the tool called iMyFone MarkGo. It is the best user-friendly tool to use for any editing purpose. Here are the steps to use MarkGo to remove the adobe spark watermark-free.

Step 1. The first thing that you need to do is download the MarkGo for free and then open I to import your adobe spark media into it.

Step 2. To remove the watermark, click on the right option, as described in the above part, part 1. Then select the area from where you want to remove the watermark, and then drag the small big from the top bar onto the selected area. This will remove the watermark clearly and permanently.

Step 3. Once you are done, click on the export button at the top corner. Create a new name for these changes and save it into your desired folder.

2. Does Adobe Spark have a watermark?

Yes, if you download any picture or video from adobe, it will have a watermark. In order to not have it, you need to buy a license which is quite expensive. But even then, some glitches happen here and there, and you will still have the watermark. For this purpose, you can use the iMyFone MarkGo to remove the watermark for free and easily. The steps are given in the part above.

3. Can you remove the background in Adobe Spark?

That is also possible. For this purpose, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is import your media into markgo to remove the background from adobe spark.

adobe spark background removal-from-image

Step 2.For this purpose, you need to look for the right option called remove background from the top bar. Then use it all over the area from where you need to remove the background. Wherever you click, the background will be removed from there.

Step 3.Once you are done changing everything, you can save your changes by clicking on the export button present at the left of your screen.

4. How do I remove the background from a spark post?

Simple, just use the tool MarkGo, and easily remove the background from a spark post. Here are the steps

Step 1. Firstly, you need to download this tool, install it into your system, and then import the desired post to remove the background.

Step 2. As instructed, once you have imported the post, click on the option 'remove background' from the toolbar, and then select the area from where you need to remove the background. Click on it, and your background will automatically be removed from there.

Step 3. Once all the background has been removed, click on the save option and save it into your gallery.

5. How do I remove the Adobe Spark branding from my content?

If you have the adobe spark branding in your content, that means that you do not have the license. You can either buy it to remove the branding or if you don't want to spend your money on it, then you can use this amazing tool called MarkGo. It is the best tool for removing any type of branding, watermarks, or background from any picture or video. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Import your Content

The first thing you need to do is download and install markgo into your system and then import your content into it for the removal of the branding.

Step 2: Remove the Branding

To remove the adobe spark branding from your content, you need to click on the tool that is present at the top of your screen. It is a small box that you need to drag down to the area where the branding is and remove the brand name by clicking on it.

Step 3: Save

Once you remove it, you can now save an adobe spark branding-free content into your gallery with a new name.

6. How do I remove the existing watermark?

You can remove the watermark from any picture/video using the iMyFone MarkGo. For that, the simple 3 steps are:

Step 1: Firstly import your video or picture into the markgo. That can be done by clicking on the export button present on the left of your screen. Once you click on that, a pop-up screen will appear before you, select the video from your gallery and then click ok. This will export your video into markgo

Step 2: You need to select from the four options as described in part 1. Choose the option 'remove watermark from the video .'After that, select the area from which you want to remove the watermark and then drag the small box at the top of your screen to this selected part to remove it.

Step 3: Once all your changes are done, and you have even checked it by playing the video, you can save it by clicking on the export option.


Now all this concludes our article of adobe spark remove watermark. Hopefully, after all the thorough explanations and steps, you won't have further problems. Your questions are also answered with proper steps in this article so that if you have any additional problems while using markgo, they will be solved as well. Markgo has a lot more benefits other than just removing the watermarks. You can use it for editing stuff too. It is also a free tool to use and is virus-free. Markgo is a user-friendly tool and can be accessed easily, so you need not worry about not having a professional's skill of editing. I hope now you feel confident with your work and master the art of using markgo freely.

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