Bandicam is a small software program that allows you to record gaming experiences. You could use Bandicam to record a particular region on a Computer or record games using one of several different graphic techniques. Bandicam aims to deliver improved efficiency over other renowned recording applications by using a high efficiency without losing video clarity.

The Bandicam watermark is indeed not apparent while the video is being recorded, however, it will appear on the final clip. For video game players who wish to share or live broadcast their gameplay clips, this watermark is a big no-no. In this article, we have discussed the best software to remove the Bandicam watermark permanently from your recorded videos. Keep scrolling to catch more.

Part 1: Best Bandicam Watermark Remover - MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo has been used for nearly all the purposes related to editing, so if you want to remove watermarks from any bandicam video, you can easily use iMyFone MarkGo for better results. You don't have to worry about how to use it, as all the steps are mentioned down below. 

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Watch the video tutorial to learn more about MarkGo

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Steps to Use iMyFone MarkGo to Remove Bandicam Watermark

Step 1: Upload the bandicam video

Click the Upload button and pick the bandicam video you plan to remove a watermark from.

Step 2: Use selection tool to select watermark area

Select the area of the bandicam logo you want to remove by the selection tool.


Step 3: Click the remove now button

Now you have removed bandicam watermark successfully! Look into the details of your images and do slight adjustment to cover the trace of watermarks.

Step 4: Export the bandicam video

After you already remove the image/video watermark successfully, you can export it now. 


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Part 2: Delete Watermark from Bandicam with iMyFone Filme

Selecting a single software program for all of your editing needs really isn't an easy task! It involves moving from one application to the next if you're a full-time content developer. This task could be challenging for users who are inexperienced in using video editing tools and software. Can you download bandicam full version no watermark? You can not, it is not legit, those crack software have virus. You need use another tool to get rid of the bandicam watermark.

If you have to delete a watermark from bandicam on Windows 10, iMyFone Filme is indeed the best solution. Filme may be used to remove watermarks in 2 different methods. The following are these methods. 

1. Cropping the Video to Remove Watermark

This technique is best for removing watermarks from the edges of a clip. The position of a watermark seems to be the most important factor to keep in mind. Is it in one of your clips' corners? Is it true that removing the borders will erase your watermark, or would it also impact your videos?

You could use the cropping technique if your watermark has been in the style of a logo on any edge or a lengthy stretch at the bottom. It will assist you in removing the symbol for free! 

Follow the given steps to remove the watermark from your gaming videos. 

Step 1Go to the official website of iMyFone Filme and download the latest version of this tool.

Step 2After installing the software, launch it on your device and click on "Import video."

Step 3Now, select the recorded video of your gameplay which you want to crop and it will appear on the main timeline.

Step 4On the toolbar, there will be an option of "crop." Click on it and choose the video portion which you want to crop.


Step 5Save the video after cropping it.

2.Record Your Video to Remove Watermark

IMyFone Filme also includes an option of recording your video gaming experience. There will no watermark on your video and this method is perfect for videos that are too large in size. You don't have to crop and replace the videos through this method. The following are the steps of removing the Bandicam logo from your videos.

Step 1Download the latest version of iMyFone Filme and launch it on your device.

Step 2Import the video on the main timeline and use the cursor to select the particular area of your video to crop.

Step 3Cover the portion of the video which contains the watermark.

Step 4After selecting the recording portion of the video, click on the "Recording" button.

Step 5Soon after clicking on the record button, a count-down of 3 seconds will appear on the screen. Play your video after the countdown ends.

Step 6IMyFone Filme will start recording the videos without a watermark.

Step 7"Pause" and "Stop" buttons are also available on the screen to offer a better user experience.  

Step 8Save your video after recording and export it to the destination folder.



Part 3. Use VSDC to Erase the Bandicam Watermark

VSDC free video editing tool is also a great option for gamers who want to delete the bandicam watermark on their videos. This method involves blurring down the watermark. This software is available on Windows only and works perfectly on computers with small processors.

Step 1It is a simple-to-use video editor that includes a user-friendly interface. The following are the steps of removing the watermark on your gameplay by using the VSDC video editor.

Step 2Go to the official website and download the latest version of this tool.

Step 3Now, go to the toolbar menu on your main screen and select the "DeLogo" video effect.

Step 4This will open a rectangular box on the main timeline. Use the cursor for dragging this box and place it on the watermark.

Step 5You can adjust the size of the logo by using the rectangular box. Blur out the logo by decreasing its size.  

Step 6Export the video to the destination folder.


Part 4. Use DaVinci Resolve to Get Rid of Bandicam Watermark

This is one of the widely used video editing software by professional graphic designers. This software includes hundreds of features and features. It can also be used for removing the bandicam watermark on your recorded gameplay with only a few clicks.

 Follow these steps to remove watermark by using DaVinci video editor

Step 1Go to the official website and download and install the latest version of this tool.

Step 2Launch this software on your device and go to the "New Project."

Step 3Select the video and bring it to the main timeline.

Step 4Use the keyboard shortcut "ALT+S" to have a new mode.

Step 5Now, start separating the frames of your video and open the power window on the main screen.

Step 6After that, you will have to choose a particular shape and drag this shape for covering the watermark.  

Step 7Go to the library and select the object removal option to delete the particular frame.

Step 8Click on "save" to export the video without a watermark.  



You'll see a number of watermarked images and movies due to copyright restrictions. The watermark removers play a significant role in removing the watermark from bandicam videos. The watermark on your bandicam video decreases the quality of your video content and viewers don't want to see the watermark on your videos. Removing the watermark is the best choice in these situations.

There are several watermark removers that can be used for deleting watermarks. IMyFone Filme is one of the best video editing software that includes thousands of exciting features. This tool can also be used for deleting the watermark on your videos with only a few clicks. This is a user-friendly software that allows you to crop, trim, and cut, edit or split your videos easily. You can also add animations, texts, and images, audio, filters, and effects to videos. It is a perfect choice for both experienced and inexperienced gamers.

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