what are scary voice changers

Do you have the same question as above? Turn your sound into something like a Lich Lord, Goblin, or Ghost, among other creatures with deep scary voice changers. These voice packages can modify your sound in unusual ways, either you prefer to role-play on the negative path or maybe just sound terrifying.

In this article, we have discussed the best scary voice changers for different devices and how to change your original voice with the best video editor.

Part 1. Best Scary Voice Changers for You

1. iMyFone Filme-Best Scary Voice Changer[Windows/Mac]

Getting the best video editor for your content is a challenging task. Several video editors can be used for changing the voice in your videos. iMyFone Filme is one of the best video editors for adding scary voices to your videos.

What lies underneath the facade of this application is an extremely user-friendly interface that eliminates much of the effort out of video processing. The great thing is that you'll be ready to move straight into the bottom area of the water whether you're a beginner or an ambitious expert.

The best thing about this deep scary voice changer would be that it features a fantastic video previewing option that allows you to check what the completed film will appear like before you complete it. This enables users to see precisely what you'll get after modifying your videos. You can copy this download link to computer if you are on mobile phone, i dont recommend use mobile app to change voice, when you need export video, app speed is too slow. People prefer to change voice on a computer because mobile tools and applications are not that advanced. You must change your voice using a desktop application if you want to make your sounds more appealing. Download best voice changer iMyFone Filme on PC now and get 3 month free license below.

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Watch this video to learn how to use Filme to change voice:

YouTube Video

Features of Changing Voice from iMyFone Filme:

Various scary voice effects

It includes a wide range of scary voices, that can make your videos look horrifying.

Change recording voice in real-time

It also enables you to change your voice while recording it.

Change your voice in video with one-click

You can get set up and transform your voice into horror sound in just one-click.

Combine multiple voice effects in a video

iMyFone Filme allows you to combine multiple scary voice effects into a video.

Stable sound quality of changed voice

This tool also provides you stable sound quality after changing the voice in video.

How to change the voice of a video clip with Filme

Step #1 โ€“ Launch Filme and import your video

Launch iMyFone Filme on your computer. Import the video clip and add it to the timeline. Dettach the audio track first before you would like to change the voice in the video clip. Right-click on it and go to "Detach audio".

filme detach audio

Step #2 โ€“ Double click on the audio track

After detaching the audio, double click on the audio track to bring up the editing panel or you can right click on the detached audio track. Here you can change the voice.

Step #3 โ€“ Change your voice with multiple voice effects

Then, here you can change the voice with multiple voice changers. There are different audio options available including man, monster, scary, old, alien, and many others.

filme voice changer

Step #4 โ€“ Cange the voice of the recorded audio track

Apart from changing voice in the video, you can also change your voice if you would like to change the voice of the recorded audio track.

filme change recording voice

2. Voicemod[PC]

This simple scary voice changer is a free PC voice changer that would also work with any subscription service or conversation app, allowing you to modify your voice using a variety of noise enhancements. Even inexperienced users will find it simple to configure.

It supports a wide range of messaging applications including Wire, Vivox, Viber, Ekiga, Paltalk, Hangouts, and Mumble. This deep scary voice changer can turn your speech into something like a computer, woman, or girl. It is also a nice Pennywise voice changer that can change your voice to Pennywise easily and in real time. Furthermore, it's an excellent voice changer for video games like PUBG, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Minecraft, and Fortnite.



  • It integrates messaging services such as Discord, Skype, VRChat, and Second Life

  • It offers a variety of incredible sound effects such as high voice, clown, tone effect, and many more.

  • It is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. (64bit).

  • The Meme Sound Generator of this tool acts similarly to a Soundboard program and is compatible with web services and applications.

  • Voicemod provides some sound converter applications for both iOS and Android.


It is a free Ghostface voice changer.

Watch this video to see how to change voice with Voicemod:

YouTube Video

3. Scary Voice Changer [Android]

Try not to be afraid while making the freakiest music compilation possible using the best Ghostface voice changer as seen in the movie scream. Scary Voice Changer can offer anyone a powerful sound that will frighten all to the soul.

This audio editing application can leave you feeling like a demon from a thriller film. Stop using the cheap and spooky voice changer applications and record yourself for free with a scary voice changer. Get your ghost by downloading the best quality sound recorder software with frightening noises and spooky screams right now!

scary voice changer


  • Horror devil sound changer featuring monstrous cellphone tunes.

  • A fantastic audio generator with terrifying alarms and effects.

  • A wonderful voice disguiser containing terrible noises.

  • Program for converting men to women voice and making zombie ringtones.

  • Amazing alert and alarms audio generator.

  • Immediately play a customized sound.

  • The best software for various audio effects.

  • The best audio facility with a microphone sound converter.

  • Save and enjoy your newfound haunting noises among your friends.


It is free to use scream Ghostface voice changer online.

4. Scary Voice Changer & Recorder [iOS]

It is the best iPhone voice changer tool that is exclusively committed to assisting users in creating the finest sound recordings. You may create great sounds with this scary voice changer app. You may modify your sound using a variety of built-in filters, including a woman voice transformer, man's voice enhancements, and wildlife including a snail or rabbit, among others. This tool allows you to apply background audio effects.

Elements like echo noises, compressor noises, pouring noises, folk tunes, phone noises, monster noises, wuthering breezes, and spooky impacts can all be incorporated. This application's most famous effects are Chipmunk and Darth Vader.

scary voice changer and recorder

Features of this app

  • Includes a vast range of built-in noise effects.

  • Allows you to edit your audio content with a few taps.

  • It is a simple and easy-to-use Pennywise clown voice changer app.

  • Allows the real-time recording of your content.

  • Includes a feature of sharing your content with your friends instantly.


It is free to use the tool but also contains in-app purchases.


This is among the best Ghostface voice changer online applications that allow you to change your voice in real-time. The free version of this tool is simple and easy to use that provides some basic voice editing features. MorphVOX Echo is the paid version of this tool that is perfectly designed for the professional and experts.

You may transform your sound into some kind of monster, an elder female, a machine, or the renowned flying squirrels. You can even add a funny visual track to the Youtube clip. This free voice changer for Mac can edit your voice for several games. It is also a great tool for prank-calling friends through different applications.

morphvox jr


  • Excellent sound altering techniques

  • Designed for internet gaming

  • Several Free Audio Bundles

  • Introduce music in the Backgrounds of your content


It is a free-to-use tool that also contains a paid version.

6. LingoJam [Online]

Frightening noises aren't only for spreading fear! Horrible voices, rather than being terrifying, can often be employed for comical purposes. LingoJam is a scary voice changer that can utilize noises to generate sensations of general discomfort, mild anxiety, or the exhilaration of realizing you're in a safe environment while also giving you a nice shock.

This scary voice-changing application also enables you to create your own spooky noises. It contains a wide range of effects and filters to change the frequency and pitch of your sound.



  • Anyone can download and use this application.

  • It has a simple and realistic design.

  • Allows you to edit or change the background sound.


It is a free-to-use scary voice changer

Part 2. Hot FAQs about voice changers

Q1. Are voice changers illegal?

Sound mixers or changes that are used to apply effects to change the quality and structure of sound are legal and permitted. These can be used almost anywhere. Using a voice changer to break laws or participate in other detrimental activity, on the other hand, is not permitted.

Q2. Is Voicemod malware?

No, it is not malware. This is a legit program that doesn't contain any viruses. Users have the complete authority to completely remove this app from their devices.

Q3. How do you make your voice sound creepy?

A scary voice can be made by having some favorite villains with ambition and purpose. You also need some strategies and techniques. In the end, you need chaos and disorder.

Q4. Can you reverse a voice changer?

The best answer to this question is a No. Once manipulated, the sound is extremely impossible to reconfigure.


A scary voice changer is used for making a prank phone call to your friends and family member. The app store is overflowing with hundreds of voice changer apps, and picking one over another is a matter of personal choice.

However, while searching for the best voice changer applications, search for ones that provide a variety of sound effects as well as the ability to adjust your sound in real-time. iMyFone Filme is one of the best voice changers that includes several multiple voices for changing original voice.

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