The demand for voice changers has been increasing unbelievably. Almost everyone wants to use the voice changer to change voice and add some effects to it.

Most people opt to use the software to have fun with their friends and mock them with their change voice. However, it is pretty tricky to find a voice changer that serves your purpose, which you would have hoped for.

Looking onto that aspect, we have reviewed the top 7 Voice changer software which you can use during a call on PC.

7 Best Voice Changer for PC Calling

Comparison Chart of all Voice Changers

While calling
Free and Pro version
Paid but has trial
Voxal Voice Changer
Fake Voice
Paid but has trial
All in One Voice Changer
Clown Fish

iMyFone MagicMic

MagicMic is a dedicated voice changer and editor tool by iMyFone, giving you more than 24 different voices, including the ones related to the scariest festival on the planet.

Besides helping you change the voice and add sound effects to the video, MagicMic's real-time voice changing system lets you change your voice while playing games like PUBG or Fortnite.

magicmic voice changer

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Key Features of MagicMic

  • Change your voice in real-time, you can also set the keybind and switch your voice with 1 click.

  • Can be used on Discord, Skype, Zoom,PUBG, LOL, CF, WOW, Second Life, Fortnite, CSGO, Overwatch,Twitch, Xsplit, Streamlabs and many other platforms.

  • A huge collection of voice-changing effects, such as: Woman to Man, Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks,Robot, Alien, etc.

  • Hundreds of sound effects imitating people, animals, the environment, and so on.

  • Affordable price: This application is available for free! Pro version: $4.95/1 Month;$19.9/1 Year; $39.95/Life Time


yesLow CPU Storage.

yesMagicMic offers you extensive support for troubleshooting the software.

yesIt has support for a wide range of third-party applications giving you complete control over your voice and sound effects.


noAt present, MagicMic is only available on Windows operating system.

How to use it?

Step 1: Run iMyFone MagicMic voice changer

Download the application for free and Launch it. Later on, access the voice effect options present in that tool.

Step 2: Set the microphone

Now, you can check the microphone settings.

Step 3: Apply effects

Now you will see a microphone appear your way. You can record your voice in that microphone and can add effects to it.

If your microphone works well, you will see a change in your voice while speaking. What's you need to do is to change your voice while speaking.

2. VoiceMod

VoiceMod is a prolific voice changer that helps you modify your voice during a live call. It offers courageous effects and mind-blowing features that can make your experience nothing less than fascinating.

If you want to convert user voices into female, male, or reboot voice, VoiceMod is ideal for you in that scenario.

voicemode voice changer


  • It has an up-to-date and easy-to-use interface.

  • VoiceMod is compatible with different chat servicing software tools such as Hangouts, Paltalk, Viber, and many more.

  • It provides you with a facility to change your voice pitch with an SDK in real-time.

Manufacturer: Voicemod S. L


Downloads: 72K

Size: 65.4MB

How to use it?

Let's find out how to change voice using Voicemod.

Step 1: Install the application

Download and then install the Voicemod app on your PC or windows. After doing so, open the app to change your voice.

Step 2: Speak on Microphone

To make the program up and run, you'll need to change the program's input to the Voicemod program. Now, you'll see a microphone on your left side. You can speak on that microphone and add effects, whichever you want.

use voicemod with discord computer

3. Clownfish Voice Changer

If you are looking for a dynamic and worthy voice changer during a call, Clownfish voice changer can serve your purpose magnificently.

It is applicable for both Mac or PCs and can change your audio's voice in the flesh. It has some of the best sound effects features to offer for its users.

clownfish voice changer review


  • Clownfish is a great way to change your audio's voice with a great effect with a dynamic sound player.

  • Besides changing your audio's voice, it is pretty good at controlling the microphone's background music.

  • You can install it in almost every kind of window version.

Manufacturer: Shark Labs

Version: 5.06

Downloads: 61K

Size: 1.05 MB

How to use it?

Let's talk about how to alter the voice with Clownfish voice changer on Discord.

Step 1: Open the application

After you download the Clownfish application, open it by double-clicking the shortcut.

In addition, you also have to open the Discord as well by double-clicking its icon on the Desktop.

Step 2: Set Voice Changer

After right-clicking the Clownfish voice changer icon in the tray, select Set Voice Changer.

Step 3: Adjust Pitch

Now you can add any voice you want, just right-clicking on the icon. In addition, you may change your voice's pitch by clicking on Custom Pitch.

Step 4: Talk on Discord

Now you can talk, and you'll see your voice will be changed.

4. Morphvox

Morphvox Voice changer has proven to be a game-changer tool in the present era with its outrageous features and dynamic voice-changing effects.

You can grab it either free of cost or by purchasing its pro version that contains high-level features to work with. Due to its track record, Morphox has impressed almost everyone since the ever been.

morphvox jr interface


  • It offers high-quality and modern audio effects.

  • A facility to dispatch sound effects with preferred quick keys makes it an even worthier software.

  • You can use the Ultra-quiet version for background cancellation by acquiring its pro version.

  • It uses little bandwidth and CPU power.

  • Its interface is easily accessible and doesn't contain any hard work to do in its work.

Manufacturer: Screaming Bee

Version: 5.0.10

Downloads: 712K

Size: 7.9 MB

How to use it?

Let's try to figure how to change voice on Discord using Morpvhox

Step 1: Run Morpvhox and Open Discord

Run the application and look for opening the Discord.

Step 2: Click on Voice Tab

Click on the voice tab present in the user setting just below notifications.

Step 3: Select Screaming Bee Audio and Uncheck input sensitivity

Select Screaming audio for the input device and uncheck the input sensitivity to make things smoother.

Step 4: Adjust sensitivity setting

Speak on the microphone to adjust the sensitivity setting and click on Escape after doing it. Now you are ready to make the changes in your voice.

5. All-in-one Voice Changer

It is also remembered as a Skype Voice changer. Using this tool, you can make prank calls and send pranked text messages to your relatives and friends.

It is a perfect option with some splendid features if you want a worthy voice changer for your PC.

all in one voice changer


  • It possesses a slide that you can move either to the left or right while changing the pitch of your voice.

  • You can preview each change that you make before exporting your file.

  • It also provides you with the luxury to import a .wav audio.

Manufacturer: AthTek Software

Version: 1.5

Downloads: 129K

Size: 2.9 MB

How to use it?

Let's see how to use All in one Voice Changer.

Step 1: Open the app and set the pitch.

After opening it, you can test its working by adding the effects of your preference. Click on the test button and say something. After it, you must stop click on the stop. Your voice will be recorded.

Step 2: connect a call to your friend

After selecting your favorite voice pitch, you can start a call with your friend by starting the IM tool. Your call will start afterward.

6. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

That particular voice changer has been winning the hearts of many users due to its easy-to-use program and basic features that work unbelievably.

With this tool, you can make changes to your voice even during a video call. It is quite q unique tool that offers many interesting effects for making a prank call to your beloved ones.

av voice changer


Let's talk about its features

  • Display Adjustments.

  • You can record and then export your file without glitches.

  • It possesses a pause button that enables you to take a break during recording.

Manufacturer: AVSoft Corp

Version: 9.5

Downloads: 180

Size: 36.6 MB

How to use it?

Let's find out how to change voice using AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Step 1: Launch the Voice Changer

Launch the AV voice changer on your PC and click preferences after going into the main panel.

Step 2: Check on VadMode

Go into the preferences dialog box and check on Vadmode. After doing so, click on OK and apply the dialog nix and then close it.

Step 3 Record your voice

Now you can record your voice with effects.

7. Fake Voice

Those who often look for a simple yet effective voice changer, Fake Voice changer perfectly lives up to their expectations. It is a pretty simple and easy-to-use tool that works brilliantly.

Although you can't use it during a call, it allows you to make changes in recordings. Fake voice possesses flawless features that have impressed many prank lovers.

fake voice changer


Manufacturer: Web Solution Mart

Version: 1.0

Downloads: 44K

Size: 4.3 MB

How to use it?

Let's discuss the process of changing voice with a Fake Voice changer

Step 1: Install Microsoft Visual

To use the fake voice on your PC, you'll need to install Microsoft C++ visual.

Step 2: Install the fake voice

Now, please install the application and register it with your email address.

Step 3: Select the Voice recording device.

Now you'll see a microphone option from where you can select a preferred voice.

Step 4: Select an operating mode

Select an operating mode from their modes. Later on, record your voice by adding effects.