Halloween is near, and you must be preparing to put your friends and family through some scary pranks or make Halloween-themed videos for your YouTube channel. Amidst all the preparations, did you find the right Halloween voice to make the video look even better and authentic?

No? Well, you should. Modifying your voice with a Halloween-appropriate character's voice adds more excitement and makes the outcome look original. To add the right voice, you will need a Halloween voice changer. The same can be availed from a wide variety of software that lets you edit audio and video while adding the Halloween voice to it.

To make the process easier for you, here are the top five Halloween voice changer solutions you will need.

5 Best Halloween Voice Changer for You

Choosing the right software as your Halloween voice changer is important to get the best results. If not for using the right solution, you risk obtaining a bad quality output, which won't sound good, thus hurting your viewership.

Here are the five best software for Halloween scary voice changer;

1. iMyFone MagicMic:

The best Halloween voice changer is MagicMic, and it's compatible with Windows. MagicMic is a dedicated voice changer and editor tool by iMyFone, giving you more than 24 different voices, including the ones related to the scariest festival on the planet.

magicmic voice changer

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Key Features of MagicMic

  • A huge collection of funny and scream voice-changing effects for Halloween, such as: Monster, Devil, Dragon, Chipmunks, Alien,Woman to Man, etc.

  • Change your voice in real-rime, you can also set the keybind and switch your voice with 1 click.

  • Can be used on Discord, Skype, Zoom, PUBG, LOL, CF, WOW, Second Life, Fortnite, CSGO, Overwatch,Twitch, Xsplit, Streamlabs and many other platforms.

  • Hundreds of sound effects imitating people, animals, the environment, and so on.

  • Affordable price: This application is available for free! Pro version: $4.95/1 Month;$19.9/1 Year; $39.95/Life Time.


yesLow CPU Storage.

yesMagicMic offers you extensive support for troubleshooting the software.

yesIt has support for a wide range of third-party applications giving you complete control over your voice and sound effects.


noAt present, MagicMic is only available on Windows operating system.

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2. Halloween Voice Changer:

This voice changer is an iOS application developed specifically to help you change your voice into one of Halloween characters.

Changing your voice is fun, but only if you are using the right solution to do the same. While selecting the Halloween voice changer, you must look at the range and number of voices accessible along with the editing process.

halloween voice changer app


  • You can first record your voice and select the required effect to morph the voice.
  • Save the changed voice output and add the same to any video using a video editor or just use the audio to scare your friends and family.

Pros and Cons of Halloween Voice Changer


yesIt's a mobile app, which makes changing voices convenient.

yesYou will get pre-made halloween character voices.


noSince its only based on the halloween theme, you will have limited choices for voiceovers and morphing.

3. iMyFone Filme:

iMyFone Filme is a video editing software with extensive options to customize and modify your videos according to the requirements.

The best part about using Filme is that you can change the voice in real-time, which means that your voice will be transformed into the selected character as you speak.

Besides being one of the best Halloween voice changer solutions, Filme houses a wide range of video editing features. You can add graphics, text, transitions, music, audio, etc., to the video. You will get to use the basic video editing tools.

select voice mode


  • Besides tweaking the video settings, you can also edit the audio and voice of the recorded or streamable videos with iMyFone Filme.
  • Working with Filme is a breeze as you can access all the tools and functions easily.
  • Filme works with Windows and Mac operating system devices and streamlines the process to edit videos and audio.
  • There is a timeline available to help you add and edit the video precisely. There are options to tweak the audio options, and you can also change the voice input and output.


yes With Filme, you can change the voice in real-time, which means that your voice will be transformed into the selected character as you speak.

yes Filme houses a wide range of video editing features.

yes You can add graphics, text, transitions, music, audio, etc., to the video.


no Filme might be a great video voice changer and editing tool, but it can't access the third-party platform.

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4. VoiceMod:

VoiceMod is one of the most popular tools to edit and customize your voice with free software.

voicemod dashboard


  • There is a paid subscription version that gives you better editing options for audio and video.
  • One of the best things about this Halloween scary voice changer is its ease of configuration.
  • VoiceMod is compatible with several tools and games like Hangout, Discord, PUBG, Minecraft, etc.
  • You can change your voice into a scary monster or an alien or a scared girl who is about to grab you by the neck, etc.
  • Adding the voices and working with them depends on your customization abilities.

Voicemod Pros and Cons


yesIt's a fun product to use and modify the voice output.

yesContrary to what some people might claim, VoiceMod is safe and legal to use.

yesEven there is a paid version for better functionality, you will get several options with the free version too.


noThe customer support team of VoiceMod is not that good. There are delays in response.

noSome users have faced issues with using the paid version and faced hidden charges.

5. MorphVox:

MorphVox is only compatible with macOS. If you want to add the Ghostface voice to your character in the video or while playing a game online, use MorphVox.

morphvox dashboard


  • The free version gives you basic voice editing and changing options, but they are enough to make an impressive Halloween video.
  • Some of the voices available to choose from in MorphVox include elder females, computers, machines, aliens, kids, etc.

MorphVox Pros and Cons:


yesThe background cancelation feature of MorphVox is remarkably good.

yesRelative to other solutions, MorphVox has more voices in the free version.

yesYou will see regular updates with this software, which gives better scope of editing the voices.


noThe interface of MorphVox is not something to be proud of.

noIt takes some time to understand how it works before you can start transforming your voice and audio.

Top 6 Halloween Mask with Voice Changer

While the video editing part is covered in the above section, what can you use to physically change your voice while wearing a mask? You can use a Halloween mask with a voice changer to add the right effect and personality to the character you are dressed up as. Hence, here are our best recommendations.

Batman Mask: This battle-ready tactical Batman helmet comes with an inbuilt mechanism for changing your voice. The mask resembles the latest Justice League Batman and has the edge light effect, similar to what you must have seen in the movie.

Transformers Bumblebee Mask: Bumblebee is by far one of the favorite Transformers characters, and its mask with voice changing function is available to buy. With movie-like detailing, the mask produces the Autobot squeaking voice and a few sound effects.

Stormtrooper: Inspired by the loyal soldiers of the Star Wars series, this Stormtrooper mask has voice distortion effects. The mask belongs to the new generation of soldiers who are trained from birth to become Stormtrooper.

Ultron Mask: The great villain from one of the great series by Marvel, this Ultron will bring back the memories of the time you saw the Avengers movie for the first time. This voice-changing mask looks real and has a great finish to the overall design, giving you the best experience.

Bane Mask: The bane Halloween costume with a voice changer mask is another of the iconic additions to your Halloween preparations. With this mask on your face and Bane's voice, you will indeed have the spotlight at the Halloween party. It looks intimidating, and the voice quality is also close to the original.

Optimus Prime Mask: This mask is inspired by The Last Knight movie character Optimus Prime and has been built with complete detailing of the original representation. You will get 21 button-activated Transformers voices. Isn't that great?

Now you have the complete list of the best Halloween voice changer masks and voice morphing software. With these tools in your kitty, you will have a blast at the Halloween party. Now everything depends on your choices and creativity as to how you can use these components to create a scary yet stellar video or modify your house's settings to match the festive season of Halloween.

FAQs About Halloween Voice Changer

1. Will I face any legal issues for using a voice changer while talking to people online?

No, using Halloween voice changer software to edit your audio and video is legal. However, you can face trouble by scaring another person if they wish to report you.

2. How much time will it take to change my voice?

It depends on the software you are using and on the extent of modifications you need. Editing and adding voice-changing effects to a short video will be over quickly, but mixing a few videos and making changes to every frame will take more time.

3. Do I need a premium version of the software?

It's not mandatory to buy the premium version, but if you want a high-quality output, you need a solution that gives you more editing and voice-changing options.

Final Words

Halloween is that time of the year when you are free to express your emotions and feelings by becoming your favorite characters. But it won't be fun if you are dressed up good but do not have the voice of your character.

To get everything right, you need the Halloween voice changer to transform and morph the sounds giving them the intended outcome. While you are searching for the best Halloween voice changer software, we have a list of the top five above. Out of them, you can start using iMyFone MagicMic and iMyFone Filme with ease as they are free.

Using these solutions, you will get multiple voice changing options and access to a wide variety of audio editing features for best results.

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