Halloween is just around the corner, peeps! Are you all set to raise some serious eyebrows with scary Halloween videos and pranks? Surely, you would have something in mind. If not, do not worry. We have some spooky videos and pranking ideas for you. Moreover, you will get to know how to make Halloween 2021 more fun and memorable.

Get set to make some blood run cold.

5 Scary Halloween Prank on Friends

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It is said that never believe in your friends on Halloween eve, as they will trick you. In essence, Halloween is all about the joy of being together with your friends. Well, friends play horror pranks on each other to make Halloween fun. All this festivity involves decorating your neighbourhood with spooky stuff, and obviously, the pumpkins. This adds to the joy of Halloween.

Well, why not do something different this year. Capture your pranks, and make videos on them. You can make your own Halloween vlogs this year. This will boost the fun element with friends. Moreover, you guys will have something to cherish for the whole coming year.

Grab your phone or any sort of video camera. Now, we have some options ideas for pranks in mind. We will talk about them. You can mould these ideas in your way and record them for your vlogs.

To make your videos attractive easily, without any technical issues, you can download iMyFone Filme on PC to edit your Halloween make up video now to impress your friends and fans, after that, you can upload it to TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and so on. Download iMyFone Filme now below.

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Let us talk about the pranks that will leave your friends scared stiff.

1. Get your friend a new hair colour you want

Yes! For this, simply grab your friend's shampoo bottles. Replace the shampoo with a hair dye. We recommend orange, keeping Halloween in mind. Now, make sure you are outside the bathroom while your friend jumps in the shower. Within minutes, get ready for some fun. Make sure you have your camera on as your friend leaves the shower in utter shock and screaming.

2. Getting into a clown costume for Halloween will never get old

However, add a twist. This year became a scary clown. Now, pick a friend to play the prank on. As your friend leaves the house at night. Just start following them, or appear out of nowhere. As soon as your friend catches a glimpse of you, he or she will freeze the right way. Make sure one of your friends is recording this all.

3. Get into an alien's costume

However, again, with a twist. You can become an alien doing weird stuff. Now, you can play this prank various times doing different things. For instance, you can become a dancing alien. This might not be so scary. Still, it is enough to leave your friend stunned and laugh like hell later.

4. Get a full black face mask that one usually muggers wear

This might be a simple one, but it will blow your friend's mind out. Again, do this at night. Get a full black face mask that one usually muggers wear. In addition, wear a dark-coloured hoodie with a mask on. Watch as your friend leaves the house. Slowly start to stroll behind your friend and maintain a distance. Make sure your friend notices you. After some moments, increase your pace of the walk. We bet your friend will start to walk fast and get worried. Keep going fast, and stop them at one point to reveal the prank.

5. Fill Showerhead with any red powder drink

Hope you got the reference. Secretly sneak in your friend's bathroom. Unscrew the showerhead, and clean it. Fill it with any red powder drink. Fix the showerhead. Now, wait, and watch. As your friend turns on the faucet, he or she will be covered in red water and think it's blood. You need to stay just outside the bathroom to record your friend's screams.

There you have it. Now, you need to compile prank video clips and edit them for your vlog. However, you need user-friendly editing software for that. We recommend you to use Filme. It provides you with several smart editing tools. You can opt for the Filme Vlog Editor. With this, you can use Vlogging tools to add Halloween music, icons, and text.

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Funny but Scary Halloween Videos for Kids & Toddlers

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Halloween is the best time for kids to bring their spooky instincts out. Moreover, children carry out the famous custom tradition; the trick or treat. In this tradition, children all dressed up in their Halloween costumes go door to door. They openly ask for Halloween candy in the neighbourhood. This also makes Halloween the perfect day and way to hoard enough candy for months to come.

However, kids need to know the concept of Halloween and Trick or Treat. Especially younger children and even toddlers embrace the Halloween fun. They need to understand that how the whole thing works. Parents need to tell their kids about it.

What could be a better way to tell than demonstrate it on their own? Parents can actually make the whole thing more interesting. They can dress up in costumes way before Halloween in everyday life. Obviously, it will be an occasional thing to do. Moreover, they can create short videos of their own. They can inculcate various ideas into them. Add a bit of a scary element, but make sure it is funny. This is because; you need to convey that Halloween is all about festivity, fun, family, and friends. You cannot scare them away.

Now, parents can have an additional fun element in this. Parents can play funny Halloween pranks on kids. They can also record these moments and make a family vlog out of them. This will be something the family can cherish for years to come. You can record your kids decorating and dressing up in their costumes.

Now, we have some pranking ideas and activities for scary Halloween videos for kids.

7 Funny Pranks and fun activities for Scary Halloween Videos

  1. Show up in a Halloween costume to pick kids up from the school.

  2. Dress up as their favourite cartoon.

  3. Make Halloween crafts with your kids.

  4. Teach them how to decorate for Halloween.

  5. Go for trick or treat with them.

  6. Get your dog or any pet a scary Halloween costume, and surprise your kids.

  7. Become a funny yet scary clown.

Now, you have all the funny video clips. To make a vlog out of these clips, you need video editing software that is family-friendly. Why not try Filme, which, designed to facilitate family usage. It is very easy to use. You can edit more fun with Filme if you involve kids too. Download Filme Now!

Most Scary Halloween Pranks Videos Ever!

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Enough of the fun stuff. Now, we have some bone-chilling and most scary Halloween pranks videos ideas for you.

5 Most Scary Halloween Videos Pranks

  1. Scare friends by hiding in the lift, dressed up as a scary character

  2. Breathe fire! (For experts only. Please do not try if you are not a professional)

  3. Lie in a real coffin placed roadside and scare people

  4. Get a Fire hot book, and stun people in public

  5. Dress up as The NUN, and scare people at night

How to Create a Simple yet Scary Halloween Video to Surprise your Crush or BFF?

Creating such as video can be hard. However, with iMyFone Filme, you can create scary Halloween videos in a matter of minutes. You can brainstorm ideas and let Filme do the rest for you. It is available for both MAC and Windows.

Halloween with Filme

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Wonderful Features of iMyFone Filme

  • User-friendly, without any technical knowedge required to edit your videos.

  • Easy to get multiple scary resources for Halloween, with no extra fee at all.

  • Free to try the editor, during which you can check the compability.

  • Able to share Halloween video on social media directly.

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With Filme, you can create the perfect Halloween videos. Because you can access a massive chunk of media resources. From there, you can look for online media related to Halloween, such as music, text, video effects, and banners. Further, you can directly share on social media as well. You can easily make your Halloween vlogs with Filme.

Step 1: Head on to the iMyFone Filme, and free download the Filme Video Editing Desktop App.

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Step 2: For Halloween videos, you can access media at free online media resources. You can actually get a ton of Halloween images, video clips, stickers, and music. Moreover, you can get resources from Filme.

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Step 3: Now, launch the Filme video editor on your desktop.

Step 4: Import your media to Filme.

Helpful Tip: You can also find resources in pexel or simply visit Mixkit to find scary and horrific elements and templates. Download these themes, upload them on Filme and apply them on your video.

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Step 5: With the user-friendly tools, you can create a Halloween video. But making your voice sound sacrier is also helpful. Well, you can try Filme's scary voice changers, such as monster's voice.

voice changing feature in filme

Step 6: Export your Halloween Video to your files.

There you go. In minutes, you get scary Halloween videos. Make and enjoy Halloween vlogs with Filme. Wishing you the spookiest and a blessed Halloween!

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