Let's begin with the fact that about 500 billion people post and watch Instagram Stories daily. Right now, it is the most powerful feature of the Instagram app as it is influential, engaging, and quite successful in gripping the attention of distracted viewers.

Instagram Stories are your weapon to attain maximum engagement and to reach the next social media level. So, why not make them refreshing and robust!

If you are wondering how then read the post and learn how to get on top of the Instagram Story game by adding multiple photos and videos on one screen in your Instagram Stories.

Steps to Add Multiple Photos and Video on One Screen to Instagram Stories

use instagram to combine

All you Instagram lovers must have already tried the LAYOUT feature on Instagram, allowing users to add multiple photos in one Instagram story. Back in 2019-20, using this feature got you many likes and followers; however, now the feature has lost its awesomeness.

Let us tell you another way to make your stories look unique and striking again.

You can now add multiple photos and videos on one screen in Instagram stories.


To avoid this mishap, you have to select videos and photos that are color coordinated and go well together.

So, without further ado, let's learn how to do it,

Step 1. To begin with, launch the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2. Tap the camera icon available on the Instagram home screen

Step 3. Select the video for your story available in your camera roll.

Step 4. Next, click the Sticker icon available on the top and look for the Media Feature.

use instagram to combine2

Step 5. Tap on it and instantly add images from your picture gallery to the story

Step 6. Adjust the images and the video on the screen according to your need. You can add as multiple pictures.

use instagram to combine3

Step 7. Do not forget to add text, hashtags, locations and use filters to make your Instagram Story more appealing.


yes It lets you advertise your product or personality to a larger audience in a short time.

yes It hones your story, makes it look appealing, and keeps the viewers hooked.


no Combining photos and videos could disturb the resolution, making the video blurred.

no The screen will get packed, and your fans might find your story a bit crowded.


Make sure to update your Instagram app to be able to add multiple pictures and videos together in Instagram stories

Voila! You have successfully combined multiple photos and videos on one screen in an Instagram story. Now, be ready to get lots of pats from your subscribers.

How to Combine Videos on Instagram Stories easily

Let's take it to the next level. Make a unique story on Instagram playing multiple videos on one screen. Amazing! Right?

It's like making a photo collage. You can call it a video collage where multiple videos play either sequentially or simultaneously.

use instagram to combine4


yes Brands find it helpful as it is very effective for products advertisement.

yes A single long video is boring. Merging two or more videos will make the story more powerful.


no Stories play shorter clips; therefore, we have to trim videos accordingly, which is very time-consuming and hectic.

no Sometimes, if the editor is not very careful, the videos overlap and start to play simultaneously, which is confusing.

Let's see how we can upload multiple video clips on Instagram Stories:

Step 1. Go to your Instagram home screen.

Step 2. Tap on the Camera button in the top left corner.

Step 3. Click the bottom left button to enter your camera roll

Step 4. Upload your clips from here.

See! Adding multiple videos on one screen and combining videos on Instagram story feels easy. Now let's take a quick look at how to easily merge videos.

Unfortunately, the Instagram app does not have to merge video options right now; therefore, we have to take help from online video editing software. For instance, the best fashionable app and beginner-friendly tool out there is iMyFone Filme, which allows you to trim, edit, merge and combine videos easily for TikTok, Instagram, and so on.

Best Alternative to Add Multiple Videos in One Screen- iMyFone Filme (Windows&Mac)

iMyFone Filme

Filme is the beginner-friendly video editor of iMyFone that works best on both Mac and Windows.We can easily edit private videos through this software to upload to our social media accounts. iMyFone is the best editing platform than other regular software because it lets you apply the PIP Effect on videos.

filme mac interface

Salient Features:

  • Filme is an application designed for the desktop, which works for Mac, PC, and other such devices.

  • Filme works best for Combining and Merging Android Videos on a Computer for Professional Editing.

  • Filme lets you import video files directly from your PC and from your Android mobile using the QR code or USB cable.

  • Trim, cut, rotate, split, slow down, or speed up a video efficiently and effectively.

  • It allows you to create multi-layers of videos, audio, and images, so it makes your videos more creative.

  • 10+ transitions, 170+ filters to stun your social media followers.

Try It FreeTry It Free


yes It is very easy to use for beginners.

yes Its Layout Design is excellent, and it offers built-in effects for instant edit.


no Price can be a problem if you want a license.

no It does not offer a Render button in editing.

One of the most delicate features of iMyFone is the Picture-in-Picture effect that allows users to combine two or more videos on a single screen. Let us learn how

Step 1: Install the latest version and launch iMyFone Filme software.

Step 2: From the video editor, import videos of your choice to the library.

Step 3: Drag the main video (that you want in the background) onto the main timeline.

Step 4: Next, drag the second video or images (on which you want to apply the picture-in-picture effect) on the timeline that is above the main timeline.

filme add video track

Step 5: Double click on the Picture-in-Picture Video and images to place them properly and to adjust the size, according to your likeness.

Step 6: Now, Click on 'Import' (available on the top menu) to import videos and save your changes.

Finally, go to your Instagram, click on the + button, and select story. Then enter your gallery to select picture-in-picture effect videos saved on your phone. Upload the edited videos.

Tutorial on how to combine videos for Instagram with iMyFone Filme

When it comes to video editing or combining videos, nothing beats the power of iMyFone Filme. It allows you to merge videos and photos to make your stories influential and gripping.

The following tutorial will help you to combine videos in seconds with iMyFone Filme,

Step 1. Primarily, launch the latest version of iMyFone Filme on your computer.

Step 2. Select the video you want to edit, click on 'Import media here, and apply it to multiple projects' options.

Step 3. Double-tap on the video to import it into Filme. Do the same to import the image in Filme as well.

Step 4. Next, drag and drop the video clip from the media library to the main timeline (the middle one).

Step 5. Similarly, drag and drop the image file to the second timeline (above the first one).

Step 6. Double click on the picture to adjust the position of the image.

Step 7. Lastly, go to 'Export' from the top menu and select 'Export Video'. Enter the necessary details and hit 'Export'.

view sound wave of videos

Lastly, open your Instagram app, click on the + button, and select story. Then enter your gallery to select videos saved on your phone. Upload the edited videos. Finally, you have added multiple videos on Instagram story.

The 6 Epic Instagram Story Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Become the God of Instagram Stories by learning the top Hacks that others do not know. These smooth Instagram Story Hacks can make your Stories stand out, appealing, and artistic.

The lesser-known 6 Hacks are:

1. You can Convert Your Live Photos into Boomerangs

Go to Instagram Stories and pick a live photo from your camera roll. Select the live photo and press firmly for a few seconds, the word "Boomerang" will appear shortly, click it and you are done.

2. Use Customized Colors in Instagram Stories

Open your Instagram Stories and tap on the brush tool. Click and long-hold any of the color options at the bottom of the screen. It will take you to a color slider. Now just swipe and pick a custom color for your story.

3. Personalize your Stories by Adding Your Brand Fonts

Adding your own "brand" to your stories is like putting a cherry on the cake. Add brand fonts, texts, and subtitles to your Instagram Story will help you tell a better story of your brand or yourselves.

4. Reinvent Emojis with Glow Effects

Go to your story, open the text tool, and choose the Neon font. This way, when you will add an emoji, it will appear with a slight glow behind it!

5. Use the Eraser Tool 'Not-to-Erase' But 'To Create'

You can actually use the eraser tool to create all kinds of cool effects on your Stories.

6. Schedule Your Instagram Stories Ahead of Time

Here comes in an App known as "Later". This App allows you to schedule your stories in advance, use analytics to plan and post at a specific time.

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iMyFone Filme

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