Montages help to make a video seem much more interesting and professional. This technique helps to keep the viewers engages and attentive to what you are saying. So, to help you better understand it, here are the top 25 different kinds of montages that can help make your film more dynamic.

10 Different Kinds of Montages That Can Help Make Your Film More Dynamic

Montages are shot clips put together to form a few seconds long film. They are entirely made up from the editing and are important for eliciting some kind of an emotional response from the audience. This article has shown 10 different types of montages from the top 10 list from CineFix. These montages vary from suppressing time to revealing quirks of different characters, and after combining the storyline, you will be given a short but helpful lesson. In this article, you will see how montages work, what they do, and why one should use them in their films.

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Do you all remember the beginning of the films, how they were just some small random clips? Like a woman dancing on the floor, or a baby crying for food, smoke rising from an upcoming train, etc. If it weren't for D.W. Griffith, who brought the concept of editing to light, or the filmmakers Eisenstein, Pudovkin, and Kuleshov that brought diversity to the editing, we wouldn't know the editing effects on the viewers. They have given us the idea that editing can have a big impact on the brain, both psychologically and emotionally, by simply shortening the time, space, and information in the form of series of short clips called montages. This thing is called the soviet montage theory.

Nowadays, editing has become so diverse that you won't know what to choose. There are many new words and languages that are being added to the lexicon of the cinema. Filmmakers use alot of different types of montages. Some of them are given below according to CineFix's video:

1. Gestalt

This type of montage focuses on one thing at a time. Like a couple is going on a road trip, the small things like trees passing by or air flowing through their hair is shown by one person's perspective at a time, and then it is switched to the other person. This helps to understand each person's perspective differently and how they think of the world. It makes it easier to understand that all in a go. Small shots are put together to enhance the random small details often missed.

2. "Boiling up"

Boiling up is the opposite of Gestalt. As we know, gestalt zooms into one thing, but in this, we are zooming out as much as possible to show the world in a single frame. This is done to show something bigger than all the things previously shown. Amelie has done this beautifully when she shows random Parisian having orgasms to show the overall love and sex of an entire city by putting in different shots.

3. Poetic details

This type of montage is quite popular because it focuses on not only the magnificent things, like the palace, etc., but also the small minor details mostly missed by people, like the dirty dishes, messy bedrooms, books scattered everywhere, or a person looking at a photo album. All these things can also be easily spotted by people only if they alsohave a little more highlights on them, or spotlight like everything described poetically. They can elicit some kind of emotions through the crowd.

4. Mental construct

Mental construct is a great montage used in alot of films. They are used to show the mental state of a person, with or without the intake of an illicit substance. How they go through happy times and suddenly being anxious to depress, etc. The best example is the film Requiem of a Dream to Trainspotting; in this, they show to express the paranoia, depression, etc.

5. Intellectual montage

This is a really important step, especially in the 7 steps of montage that Eisenstein talked about in this theory. This means that there is some kind of a metaphor that enhances the intellectual montage meaning. The best example is that of Einstein's strike, in which he, first of all, shows the slaughterof the bulls, and right after that, he shows the discrimination of a group of striking employees. You might wonder what the metaphor is, right? Well, he reasoned that the employees are the cattle to the company.

6. Combining multiple storylines

As you all know, montages are used by filmmakers to save up as much time as possible. This is done so that they don't have to give a storyline to every sequence and probably waste a few minutes. So, instead, they cut them and add them all together in a sequence that lasts just about a few seconds. This can put an emotional roller coaster ride for the audience and put them on edge, hence ramping up the energy.

7. Compare and contrast

In this montage, you switch images, from one to another, in contrast, to tell the story more openly and vividly. For example, the images of a simple morning in an empire between the lifestyle of the heiress and the maids! If these kinds of contrasts do exist, the filmmakers are not only opening the eyes of the audience to the royalty but also the lower-class people to make people understand the socially different treatment between them.

8. Training montage

Even if you don't know what a montage is, it's not hard to know what a training montage is. They are used to lessen the period and also for the characters to "put on their armors" so that they can come out to be stronger than before and gaining new skills, etc. There is nothing to learn about it.

9. Joke delivery

Montages are helpful as they help save time and also other things. You can also add a punch-line using montage. Montages are not only used for different genres but also for subgenres, as they can also be packaged inside of a joke. Many filmmakers commonly do it to spice up the film and add enough sentiments.

10. Narrative sprints

We all know that it takes ages to tell a story, especially when you have to explain every single detail. So, it's better if everything is shown step by step so that people can understand without even saying anything. It is said to be human nature that they remember things better when seen by their own eyes instead of heard or something. But, if it's too long, people lose interest. So, to make it easier to decipher and remember, you can make montages to help reduce the time taken but explained thoroughly.

5 Creative Montage Ideas for Social Media

A lot of important information is shared in just a small interval of time with the help of montage videos. In just a short period, you can easily grab the attention of people and get their interests to heighten. Some of the creative montage ideas for social media are:

11. Matches Reviews

E-sports have started to attract a lot of young people. Many players have started making videos of their games to show off different gameplays and show off their skills. These videos not only show their skills but also help the viewers in understanding and getting ideas for their games too.

12. Testimonials videos

Testimonial videos have a positive impact on the customers as in these videos; the viewers will be able to see the before and after the result of your product. These videos showcase the product with the help of a social media influencer or with the help of a customer who enjoys your product or brand. While creating these types of videos, the customer needs to know your brand or product thoroughly so that the video looks more natural. With these types of videos, the viewers will be able to know the difference that the particular brand or product had on your lifestyle.

13. Product Tutorial or How-to

These product tutorials or how-to videos can be very challenging to make in just a short period because you have to cover all the necessary details in just some time without making the video seem like a rushed one. So, this montage technique helps cover up all the details in just a small interval of time without making them a rushed one or dragging one. But, to use this technique, you will have to know where to cut and where to drag the video. A good editing skill will be needed.

In the tutorial videos, you have to explain to the viewers that how a particular product is used or where it is applicable in real-life scenarios. While the how-to videos focus on the instructions of the product in a visual way.

14. FAQs – Responding to Customer Questions

FAQs are the explainer videos in which common questions asked by the customers are addressed. These videos on FAQs are very easy to be placed throughout the website or on any other social media platform that you may have. To increase the ranking of your videos, you can easily add up the necessary meta-description.

There are many common questions or prospective questions from the viewers about your product or brand. You can easily use this technique to cover up all these FAQs in a short video to help your customers.

To position your brand as an authority of the industry, you can use the montage technique for these FAQs. You can also boost the credibility of your brand with the audience through these videos, as many FAQs only address the commonly asked questions rather than the product-related queries.

15. User-generated Contents

Outside of the organizations, some great examples of user-generated content come. The users can put their talents to good use and portray the best use of a particular product or brand by showing off their talents in a creative way. This content is content that comes from outside of the company's marketing team. This content is mostly created by social media influencers who want to promote a particular or their favorite product and tell the viewers how that particular product changed their lives.

5 Video Montage Effects

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16. Set the scene.

The best way of switching the place or switching dates is to use montage as if you will not use another place or a new setting; then your viewers will be lost. They would not know what the context is all about. So, the best way to transition from one setting to another, use a montage to make it look natural and seamless.

17. Recap a special event.

There are always events and functions that we want to remember and showcase in the future. Like, marriages, travel videos, or birthday celebrations, all the events that we want to remember can perfectly be edited by montage. This montage video will cover up all the details of the day or event in a short but natural clip. All the happenings of the event will be covers in one short video, and this will also not make the video look overly produced.

18. Showcase a product or brand.

Montage is the best way to market your brand or product. You can make a montage video by starting with the problem present around you, and then you can present your product and highlight the solution that your brand is providing to that particular problem. Park said that the video should start with highlights of the problem and end with the services that your brand is providing against it. Along with all this, the middle of the video should explainwhy they need to take an interest in your product.

19. Show the passage of time.

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Without taking up the actual time, you can easily cover the whole passage of time by the use of montage. You would not even have to skip ahead or slow down on particular moments to let the viewers know about the progression of the story with montage. You may have seen this technique in many famous movies and films; you can also use this technique in your videos. Like: showing the growth of a child or showing the muscle build-up of a person in fitness videos!

20. Combine storylines.

You can use this technique to masterfully heighten the drama or to combine multiple stories by combining the segments of their narratives. The best example of it is the baptism scene of 'The Godfather.'

5 Ways to Elevate your Montage

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21. Learn the Shortcuts

Learning the shortcuts is very important while editing as it makes your work much easier and more efficient than before. For example, to save your time from sitting through an interview, you can simply press 'L' to speed up the playback. Learning these simple shortcuts can get very handy in the long run.

22. Add Music and SFX

As we know that learning shortcuts arevery effective but knowing that adding music and background sounds to the project can add layers and depth to the video. Learn to use the accurate music or sound behind your particular visual. For example, you can't use metal or electronic music for the background of the shot of nature. You will have to use soft and serene music for this type of visual as nature gives a sense of relaxation and serenity. You will have to cut the music too for your shots. Make sure to make the cuts at the appropriate places as they matter the most.

23. Ramp It Up… Or Down

Many scenes need to be emphasized, especially in action movies. You can emphasize the shots by speeding them up or by slowing the time. It depends on the scene, but it always starts in real-time. Not only emphases, but you can also use this technique to make your shot fit in the sequence. For example, if you have a hole of three seconds in your sequence but your shot is of more time than that, then you can use this speed-up technique to make the clip fitin perfectly to your sequence. This comes in handy a lot. So, learn to manage your sequences to finesse them!

24. When in Doubt, Cover It Up

You can easily cover up the drags in an interview shot as people tend to get stuck with 'um,' 'uh,' etc. so, to keep the interview interesting, you can add the b-rolling or a+b rolling. You will have to cut back to the point where something powerful or important is being discussed, but you will also have to break it up if you see that the scene is getting dragged on.

25. Space It Out, for Dramatic Effect

For a better effect, you can give some breathing room to the viewers so that they can reflect on what the interviewer said if it is something strong. So, instead of cutting the visual, you can stop the a-rolling and put some background music, or you can increase the volume of the background music to match perfectly with the visual and scene. This will add up some tension and drama in your video.

Brief Lookback to History of Montage Style Video Editing

What is a video montage?

To show the progress or to show the time passing, montages are uses. Montage is a creative way of editing different shots and images together to make a sequence. With the help of montage, large information can be conveyed in a short period.

Montages are not just some sort of photo collages or some fancy slideshows! Instead, they are powerful tools to break the barriers creatively for storytelling.

Usually, the transformation videos of sports training and workouts are the most common montage videos.To create an effective montage, planning can help in the long run! In this way, montages will help to make larger stories.

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A Brief History of Montage Style Video Editing

Montage is a word derived from 'monter,' a French verb that means 'To Assemble.' To show the time skip or show the traveling, montages were used in the 1930s-1950s. There is a technique still relevant today where the visuals of the location change simultaneously with the globe to show the traveling from one place to another. This technique was first observed in 1942 in the iconic movie 'Casablanca.'

In 'The Godfather,' there is another sequence of montages shown where the child's baptism highlights the power rise by intercuts of series of murders. After this, in 1976, 'Rocky' came. There were sports training montages to show the progress and growth in the film. This became a staple for almost all sports films by the 1980s.

Now, montages have become such an extraordinary tool and an evident part of Business Presentations, highlights of sports matches and marriage events, and also of YouTube e-sports gaming videos.

Top 10 Songs for Montage Video: Choosing Music for a Montage is Important

In my opinion, montages should not have any dialogue. Instead, they should speak for themselves. Just by setting in the right audio or music, you can make the best montages without any text. It will enhance the emotional meaning of the montage.

1. The Box by RoddyRicch

The name "the box" itself has a lot of meanings and is also used as a slang word for many things. Here it could mean the jail or a box to put guns or other weapons. This song got popular back in the first half of 2020. This tone was a lot used as a meme a lot and got a lot of fame, with about 1.3 million like and above 3 million views.

2. Falling by Trevor Daniel

This is kind of like a personal song for Trevor because the lyrics of 'falling' explain the promise Trevor made to himself after the heartbreak he went through. He promised himself that he would never fall in love again. But that all goes out of the window when he meets someone with the same history, and then he hopes to have a romantic relationship with them, but only if he is treated with respect.

3. Godzilla by Eminem and Juice WRLD

Godzilla is a fictional creature of the Japanese to scare the kids from going too deep in the ocean. It is said that Godzilla creates a lot of problems and mass destruction within minutes. Eminem and juice WRLD have labeled themselves as monsters or, to be more precise, Godzilla, who creates ruckus between other rappers. This song collectively brags about the self-proclaimed position "Rap God" that Eminem has gotten for himself.

4. Rockstar by DaBaby and RoddyRicch

At first, you will think that this song is about violence and gun shooting, etc., but this song is quite personal for Roddy because this shows the real-life thread he faced with his toddler daughter when an armed robber came and how Roddy bodied him to save his daughter. This song says that he will protect his family at all costs.

5. Roxanne by Arizona Zervas

This song is by Arizona, which shows that he likes a girl named Roxanne who loves to spend her dad's money and have fun, but she is someone he doesn't need in his life. This song got popular with the help of TikTok.

6. Blueberry Faygo by Lil Mosey

This song is by Lil mosey, featured after the name of the soft drink famous in the US. The reason why Lil mosey named this song blueberry Faygo is that this drink is mostly mixed with a few other things to make it intoxicant.

7. Goosebumps by Travis Scott

This song, Goosebumps, is by Travis Scott. He made this song randomly on his bed when he was going through his darkest times. The song slowly gained its popularity nearly after half a decade and is still on billboard charts.

8. Costa Rica by Bankrol Hayden and The Kid LAROI

This song was released in 2020, sung by Bankroll. In this song, the singer brags about all the things that come with fame and how he is going to be a billionaire despite his young age.

9. Gooba by 6ix9ine

This song was released right after 6ix9ine was released from prison. He made this song to especially piss off the haters by greeting them, and also, all the people he associated with that turned their back on him for obvious reasons.

10. Toosie Slide by Drake

Toosie slide is a song made by drake. Drake has made this song out of boredom in quarantine, and he thought that having a little fun dance will light the mood of many in this quarantine.

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3 Cut Clips

If you want, you can cut the clips. That can be done by dragging and dropping the cursor from the clip and leave it wherever you want the clip to end. Simple!

4 Add Text

You can add text to your video wherever you want by clicking on the text icon present in the toolbar at the top. After that, type the message you would like to give, and then you are done.

5 Save your Media

After all the steps mentioned above, you can save your edited video by clicking on the save options present above. The saved media will come to your library or gallery.

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