Looking for easier ways to extract audio from a video? Then I've got you covered. Extracting audio from your favorite video may seem like a complicated task, but it's really not. The reason people feel this way is because there is a majority of below-average Apps that make the audio extraction process tricky and complex. So, how to extract audio from video easily? Let's find out.


Part 1. How to Extract Audio From Video For PC?

Those who use PCs for editing purposes often find it hard to extract audio without damaging the quality. Here are the two best programs you can use to extract the audio from video files without any change in quality:

1) Voxbox

One of the best programs to extract audio from video files is Voxbox. It is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface, and has a number of great features which are usually not found in other converter apps or programs. That is why it is the priority of thousands of people who want to save the audio in any format they want.


User rating:



  • It supports more than 30 audio and video formats. This much flexibility is not offered by other Apps. (ex:mkv, ogg, wmv)

  • There is no size limit (you can deal with large files).

  • The quality of Audio stays top-notch no matter the size of the video.

  • It is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

How to Step?

  • Step 1. Download and install, then open the tool.
  • Step 2. Choose "convert", Then click on “Add Files” or drag the Youtubevideos that you want to convert.
  • youtube-mp3-converter-voxbox-step1
  • Step 3. Choose the MP3 format and also the quality of output from the bottom, trim the file if you want.
  • youtube-mp3-converter-voxbox-step2
  • Step 4. Click on “Convert”


yes Easy to use.

yes Supported more than 1000+ websites.(ex: youtube, facebook, ig, etc)

yes It is 100% safe.

yes Can do the bulk conversion by uploading multiple files.


no Cannot convert URL or link to MP3

no It does not work with Windows 7 (32-bit version)

2) VLC Media Player

VLC is perhaps the most famous media player right now. But did you know that you can also extract audio from the videos in it? That’s why whenever people search how to extract audio from a video, they see the name of VLC from every website or YouTube video.


User rating:



  • It is compatible with almost all multimedia files.

  • It is Ads-free.

  • Can edit audios and add effects.

  • No user tracking.

  • Have been downloaded more than 100 million times.


yes Supports a lot of formats.

yes Can edit the audio files you are downloading using VLC.

yes No irritating ads.

yes Your data is safe.


no The audio extraction process is a little complicated.

Part 2. How To Extract Audio from Video for Mobile?

There are lots of Apps available at Google PlayStore and Apple App store that can do the audio extraction. But the problem is that most of them compromise on the quality in doing so. Furthermore, some have a very complicated extraction process, while some take a lot of time.

Lucky for you as I have found the best App for audio extraction for both Android and iPhone.

1) Audio Extractor For Android

If you have an Android mobile, I suggest you go for Audio Extractor App to extract and edit the audio files. The App has been downloaded more than 1 million times, and almost every review it has received is full of positivity and praise.


User rating:



  • You can convert, cut, change, and add effects using this app.

  • You can save the files in several formats.

  • You don't have to keep the App open as it can run in the background. When the conversion completes, it notifies you.

  • Share option is also there.


yes Can do multiple things with the extracted audio (including trimming, adding effects, etc.).

yes Can run in the background.

yes You can also add the extracted audio to another video using this App.

yes You can export the extracted audio file easily.


no Too many Ads are a problem.

no Cutting audios is a little tricky as the timing does not match most of the time.

2) Audio Converter for iPhone

If you use an iPhone, then I suggest you go for Audio Converter App for extracting audio.It is developed by Huamei Xi, which is known for making top-quality Apps for iOS. The Audio Converted App they have developed has been receiving appreciation from almost everyone who uses it.


User rating:



  • You can trim the audio easily using this App.

  • You can save the extracted files in many formats.

  • It can support larger files.

  • It is risk-free (100% safe).


yes Interface is user-friendly.

yes Can easily extract audio from an hour-long video.

yes It is free.

yes The app has a Language change feature.


no People have trouble sharing the file to drive.


These are video converter for PC and mobile. If you want to know which is the best among these, then i would recommend for Voxbox. The top-quality features, the easy extraction process, user-friendly interface, and top-notch security system make this converter better than the rest. and i'm a Windows user. That’s why I highly suggest you use it.