Want to convert your favorite song, lecture, or any video into an audio file? Converting video into MP3 is a simple task if you get help from the right software. But finding such software or converters is the main problem. There are hundreds of format converters out there; each claims to be the best one. However, they end up creating more problems and frustrations.

But worry no more. I am here with the top 7 converters that can do the job easily. Plus, in the end, I will give a verdict on which is the best video to MP3 converter. Sounds great? Let's begin!


Part 1. Comparison Table Of Top 7 Video To MP3 Converters

I shortlisted the best 7 converters among the dozens. These are:

Product Name Platforms Supported websites Best for Price User rating
iMyFone VoxBox Windows All sites are supported Video Converter & Voice Generator $19.95/monthly;$24.95/yearly; $59.95/lifetime 4.8
Airy Windows & macOS Youtube Youtube Video Downloader & Converter $19.95/per month 4.8
YT Saver Video Downloader Windows & macOS Popular sites are supported Video converter & downloader $9.95/per month 4.9
Downie macOS & iOS Youtube Youtube Video Downloader $9.99/per month 4.5
Pulltube macOS & iOS Popular sites are Supported Video Downloader & Converter $9.99/per month 4.5
VideoHunter Windows & macOS Popular sites are Supported Video Downloader $14.95/per month 4.2
Any Video Converter Windows & macOS All sites are supported Video Converter $49.95 5.0

Part 2. Full Review of Video to MP3 Converters

1) VoxBox

VoxBox is the video converter which supported more than 1000 websites, just with a few click, and there is also no files size limits. morever, which is jus not a video converter toolbox, also supported text-to-speech, voice record, audio edit.



  • It supports more than 30 audio and video formats.

  • Advanced GHU Technology is used; that is why the loading and conversion speed is ultra-fast.

  • There is no size or length limit.

  • Supooretd Bulk upload and batch conversion.

  • Supooretd Text-to-speech, voice record, audio edit.

  • supported 3200+ voices & 22+ languages.


yes Easy to use.

yes Supported more than 1000+ websites.(ex: youtube, facebook, ig, etc)

yes It is 100% safe.

yes User-friendly interface


no Cannot convert URL or link to MP3

2) Airy

Airy is another tool you can use to convert your favorite youtube video to audio. Its interface is aesthetic, and you can see lots of features there.



  • Can Download HD Video and browser intergration.

  • Playlist and channel downloads.

  • YouTube Audio Extraction.


yesEasy to use.

yesCan download videos.

yesExcellent to make playlists.

yesThe conversion process is fast.


noIt is limited to YouTube videos only.

3) YT Saver Video Downloader

If you want to use a converter that offers maximum flexibility, then YT saver is perfect for you. It supports more than 10,000 websites and almost every popular output format. You can download, convert, cut, and backup files using this program.



  • Download Videos with Built-in Browser.

  • Unlimited Download with YT Saver Downloader.

  • Download Videos at Ultra Fast Speed.

  • Protect Your Downloaded Videos Privacy.


yesDownloading and conversion speed is quick.

yes 100% risk-free.

yesSimple to use.


noAllows only three downloads and limited conversion features.

4) Downie

Downie is a valuable SetApp program or software that has made people’s lives easier. It can only download audio of any videos you want. You can also use it by downloading it to your device or adding its extension.



  • Download YouTube videos.

  • Save 4K YouTube videos.

  • Download MP4 or just the audio.

  • Simply drag-and-drop an URL.

  • Post-process with Permute.


yesHas simple interface.

yesConverting your favorite video into MP3 is easy.

yesTransactions are secured.


noNot for Windows.

5) Pulltube

Another useful software SetApp offers is Pulltube. It is loaded with an impressive set of features, and one of them is media file conversion. You can convert video files to MP3 with just a few clicks. It is developed using an in-built media converter that allows you to convert any video file you want.



  • Download from 1000+ sites.

  • Instantly convert files.

  • Capture video subtitles.

  • Trim your video and audio.


yesThe Conversion process is simple.

yesIt can convert MP4 to MP3 instantly.

yesThe paid version enables you to use 230+ different apps.

yesSetApp has also developed a Pulltube extension to facilitate you more.


noNot for Windows.

6) VideoHunter

VideoHunter is one of the best video downloaders there is. It is developed using a multi-threaded download function, which means the downloading is super quick and can also do it in bulk. But another equally great thing about Videohunter is that you can convert Mp4 Video files into Mp3 using it.



  • Download fast and efficiently.

  • Multithreading & batch download

  • Pretty straightforward nterface.


yesDownload YouTube playlists and subtitles.

yesBuilt-in proxy setup.

yesTop-notch privacy policy.

yesNo learning curve.

yesDownload online videos in HD.


noLimited download capability per day in the free version.

7) Any Video Converter

Any-Video-Converter is the last video to audio converter I have chosen. It is perhaps the most famous one among these 7. It has over 600 million customers, and numbers are on the rise with passing time. The reason behind its success is top-notch features that really help with video conversion.



  • Supported 100+ input formats.

  • Supported 160+ output formats.

  • Supported video converter, video editor and DVD burner.


yesNo Ads.

yesNo Spyware.

yesNo Malware.


noFeatures are limited in the free version.


There are a lot of Video to MP3 converters available in the market and choosing one of them is a difficult task. You can follow our guidelines and precautions when selecting the tool. Major factors that need to be considered while choosing the video converter are your requirement, audio quality, ease of use, security standards, speed, Price.

If you still confused how about choose video converter after read this blog, maybe you could download Voxbox, which is purpose to solve audio issue for everyone.

Watch this video to learn more about the Best 4-in-1 video converter Tool iMyFone VoxBox:

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