When you see Instagram videos, you might get attracted to certain background music or audio. If you would like to download the Instagram mp3 to their computer so that whenever you want. How can you finish convert instagram video to mp3 without any hassle?

In this article, i would tell you the soulution, and recommed 2 of instagram mp3 converter and instagram mp3 download video tools from Vlogger or Blogger common use.


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Part 1. Download Instagram Videos Via Keepvid?

The first tool that we are going to talk about is Keepvid. It is an online tool that allows the user to download Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook videos. The user just needs to insert the link to the video and click on “Go”. A different version of the video will be available for download. The user has a wide range of options to select the audio depending on the bitrate, size, and language.

Keepvid does not require any sign-in or subscription. It is a free tool that anyone can use to download Instagram videos and audio as well.

How it works?

  • Step 1. Open the Keepvid website; you will see an option to paste the URL of the video. Copy the URL of the Instagram video and paste it here, then click on “Go”.
  • download-instagram-video-with-keepvid
  • Step 2. The website will take a few seconds to process the video through the link and then generate a variety of downloadable links. These links include downloadable videos and audio as well.
  • download-instagram-video-with-keepvid2
  • Step 3. The user can then select the video or audio, its format, and size. After selecting, click on “Download” to save the Instagram video or audio to your computer.

Part 2. Free Convert Instagram Videos to MP3

1) Instagram MP3 Converter- V2Audio

One of the most effective ways to convert Instagram videos to MP3 is by using a desktop application that is iMyFone V2Audio. It is a free tool at the moment and converts any kind of video to MP3 with just a single click. It supports different video formats and also supports large file sizes. The user can also use the batch processing feature of this tool and convert multiple videos to MP3 in a single batch.

iMyFone V2Audio has an excellent success conversion rate and also allows the user to change the output format to WAV and OGG besides MP3. The user can also cut the video and then download the MP3 of only a specific part of the video.


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  • Supported videos from various platforms.

  • Support large file (No file size limits).

  • Supported bulk convert.

  • Clean and intuitive interface.

  • Retains 100% original quality.


yesIt can convert video to audio in just 1-click.

yesSupports different video formats.

yesThe user can change the output format as well.

yesIt has the feature of “Cut” to only download specifics of the video.


noThe user cannot upload the video through a URL or link.

noTo enjoy the full features, the user has to get the premium version of the tool.

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How it works?

  • Step 1. Download and install the tool. Then open it. click on “Add Files” or drag files directly and browse the video.
  • instagram-video-to-mp3-V2Audio1
  • Step 2. Now, the user can either cut the video or choose the output audio format. Click on the “Export format” to choose the format. Then click on “Convert”.
  • instagram-video-to-mp3-V2Audio2
  • Step 3. Once the conversion process is complete, click on “Export the Audio” to save it to your computer.

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2) Convert Instagram Video to MP3 Online - Free Instagram to MP3 Converter

Another way to convert Instagram video to MP3 is by an online tool which is Acethinker. It is an online conversion website that allows the user to easily convert any Instagram video to MP3. It provides different downloadable options depending on the size and format of the output. The user can then choose a sufficient option and download it.

Acethinker is an online tool, so it doesn't require any kind of installation or downloading.


yesThis tool not only converts Instagram videos to MP3, but it can convert any social media video to MP3.

yesThe user can convert the video into audio with just a click.

yesIt provides different forms of downloadable links depending on size and format.

yesIt provides a very fast download speed with unlimited downloads.

yesDoes not require any kind of registration or sign-up.

yesAs it is a web-based tool, it is compatible with both Windows and macOS.


noNot all videos are successfully processed.

noIt requires a high-speed internet connection and does not work offline.

How it works?

  • Step 1. Go to the Acethinker website, paste the URL of the Instagram video and click on the “Go” or download button.
  • download-instagram-video-to-mp3-with-online1
  • Step 2. The online tool will take a few seconds to process the video. After the processing is complete, it will show the users different varieties of video and audio downloadable links.
  • download-instagram-video-to-mp3-with-online2
  • Step 3. Choose the appropriate MP3 format along with the good size and click on “Download” to download it to your computer.


Here comes the end to our discussion of Instagram video download and conversion to MP3. There are different tools available in the market that users can use, and we have listed a few in the article. But the most reliable and secure tool to convert Instagram video to MP3 is iMyFone V2Auido. It is because iMyFone V2Audio is an offline tool and doesn’t need any internet connection. It can convert multiple videos in one go. Moreover, it has a friendly user interface.

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