Looking for an accurate guide on how to do a voiceover on TikTok? Do you want to know how to add a voiceover in TikTok with text to speech voice generator?

This article is a complete and comprehensive guide on how to add a voiceover on TikTok. We will share the methods of using voiceover and text-to-speech features on the TikTok app. Besides these, well-reputed software will also be shared with you that will help you to take your TikTok videos to the next level.

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Part 1: What is TikTok Voice Over?

A TikTok voice-over is an audio narration or commentary added to a video on the TikTok platform. It involves recording a separate audio track and overlaying it onto the video. Users can use their own voices or pre-existing content to add personalization and enhance their videos with dialogue, sound effects, or music.

TikTok voice overs add context, humor, storytelling, or information to complement visuals. They're used in lip-syncing videos, comedic sketches, dance routines, tutorials, challenges, and more.

tiktok voice over

Part 2: How to Do Voice Over on TikTok?

TikTok has a complete set of essential tools and features to make short but captivating, informational, and engaging videos. Besides all-important video editing features, TikTok has also added the Voiceover tool as a native feature of this app.

If you are also interested in adding unique TikTok voiceovers to your videos, then follow these easy steps.

Steps about How to Do a Voiceover on TikTok:

    Step 1: Open the TikTok application on your mobile, log into your account and start making new videos by tapping on Plus and then the record button at the bottom of the screen.

    how to add voiceover to tiktok 1

    Step 2:Now record your video and tap on the tick sign, which will show you the further editing features on the screen. From the right side options, select Audio editing.

    how to add voiceover to tiktok 2

    Step 3: Now, different sounds will appear on the screen that you can use as voiceover sounds. You can also go with your original sound. To do so, tap and hold the Record button and say whatever you want to add voiceover on any chunk/part of the video.

    how to add voiceover to tiktok 3

    Step 4: In the end, tap on the Save option in the top right corner of the mobile screen to upload or save the voiceover video in the draft.

Part 3: Benefits of Using Voiceovers on TikTok Videos

Learn the tips of adding voiceovers on TikTok can bring many benefits for you to elevate your content and get more engagement, which are as follows:

benefits of doing voiceovers on tiktok

Enhance Professionalism: Incorporating voiceovers into your TikTok videos instantly adds a layer of professionalism.

Language Accessibility: Voiceovers offer the opportunity to reach a broader and more diverse audience using dubbing in various languages.

Flexible Timing: Voiceovers provide flexibility in adjusting the timing of your speech to match the video's pacing.

Variety and Creativity: Incorporating voiceovers adds variety to your content strategy.

Editing Freedom: With separate audio and video tracks, editing becomes more efficient.

Elevated Engagement: A well-executed voiceover can captivate your audience and encourage them to watch your videos to the end.

Part 4: How To Add Voice Over on TikTok with Voice Generator?

TikTok's built-in dubbing tool meets the basic requirements of users, but overall provides fewer features based on user needs. If you want a more professional tool to add voice over to your TikTok videos, or have more options, then we will recommend the best TTS tool to do a TikTok voice over and improve content quality, making your videos more popular.

1) VoxBox - TikTok Text to Speech Voice Generator

iMyFone Voxbox is one of the best voice generators for TikTok text to speech, and it can also be used on different platforms and for different purposes, like on Instagram Reels, Twitch, Youtube, and more. VoxBox helps people to create attention-catching and enchanting voiceovers/audios through a huge variety of different sounds and voices. You can choose from different voices to do TikTok voiceovers according to your preference.

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How to Add Text-to-Speech Voice Over on TikTok with VoxBox:

Want to add a professional touch to your TikTok videos? Follow our step-by-step guide to easily incorporate voiceovers.

Step 1: Download and install the software-"VoxBox".

Step 2: Open it, select "Text to Speech", and click "change speaker" to choose the voice you want to make voiceover

how to change tiktok text to speech voice voxbox

Step 3: Paste or type your content, then click "convert" to generate audio.

tiktok text to speech voice generator voxbox

Step 4: Open your TikTok app, tap the plus (+) button, select 'Upload', and choose your video from the gallery.

Step 5: Next, tap 'Audio Editing' (microphone icon) from the menu options on the right. Press the round, red 'Record' button to select 'Replace original sound' to replace the existing audio.


  • 3200+ voices & 77+ languages & 100+ accents to do voice overs.

  • AI text assitant provides more professional content as narrations.

  • Various types of AI voices, including streamers, YouTubers, celebrites, characters, etc.

  • Powerful functions including tts, video convert, voice record, audio edit and voice clone.

  • It allows audio output files in different formats like WAV, AAC, and MP3.

  • The sofware can be used on different platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitch.

  • 2000 free characters support to dub in your TikTok videos.

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Part 5: Hot FAQ about TikTok Voice Over

1. How to Add Siri Voice on TikTok?

Open the TikTok app and record any video. Add text to the video and click on this text. Three different options will appear on the screen, and you will have to select the Text-to-Speech option. TikTok will automatically convert that text into Siri's voice.

2. How to Add Female Voice on TikTok?

TikTok supports Siri voice for TTS conversion as a built-in native feature, but if you want to use another female voice, then the iMyFone VoxBox is a good option. You can select any female voice because it supports almost 3000+ different types of sounds and voices for TTS conversion.

3. How do you do voice overs in TikTok?

1. Launch the TikTok mobile app on your device.

2. Tap the '+' icon located at the bottom of the screen to initiate the creation of a new video.

3. Capture your desired content by recording a video or uploading one from your device's gallery.

4. Apply any desired effects, such as filters or Q&A features, and then confirm by tapping the red checkmark button.

5. Expand the editing menu situated on the left-hand side of the screen. Locate and select the icon resembling a small microphone – this is the 'Voiceover' tab (known as 'Audio Effects' in certain regions).

6. Your video will be displayed at the top, accompanied by an editing timeline below.

7. Adjust the white marker to indicate the starting point for your voiceover.

8. Once satisfied with the positioning, tap or press and hold the 'Record' button positioned at the bottom-left corner to commence recording your TikTok voiceover.

9. Release the button or tap it again to conclude the recording session.

4. Why do voice overs on TikTok?

Doing voiceovers on TikTok can bring many benefits for you to elevate your content and get more engagement.


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TikTok supports built-in video editing options to quickly edit videos before posting. Among many useful features, Text-to-Speech and Voiceover features are worth appreciating. These features enhance video quality and increase user engagement through clear and pleasant sounds.

In this article, we have tried our best to tell you how to do a voiceover on TikTok step by step and how to change text-to-speech voice on TikTok using TikTok text to speech voice generator - iMyFone VoxBox. By using VoxBox, anyone can easily use amazing voice overs on their TikTok videos to be loved by the audience.