Google Docs is one of the most popular utilities Google offers to users. It is a cloud-based document writer. It all started with basic document typing features and capabilities.

However, Google has updated Google Docs with new features like Google docs speech to text, Google Docs text-to-speech, and a lot more.

In today’s article, we will talk about text-to-speech in Google Docs and how you can utilize this feature to multitask and save time. So let’s get into it.

Part 1: How To Use Text To Speech In Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that allows users to create, edit, and format documents, collaborate with others on the same document, and much more. For years, Google Docs allowed users to use the text to speech or speech to text capabilities via Google Docs.

Here are some of the compelling benefits the text-to-speech capability offers:

Benefits of Text-to-Speech:

  • The visually impaired or people with hindered eyesight can easily listen to a document despite reading or writing it.

  • You can also find mistakes in your writing as the robot pronounces the words, and it is easy to pick the errors.

  • Better heard when read; our mind can easily remember things that are heard instead of what is read. If you use the feature, you can always keep important points in your mind.

Here is the step-by-step guide to enabling text-to-speech in Google Docs:

#Step 1: Open Google Docs in your browser. Open a new document.

google docs open new document

#Step 2:Once inside the document, tap on Tools > Accessibility.

tap on tool accessibility

#Step 3: Check the Turn on screen reader support option. Tap on Okay to save the settings.

#Step 4: Now, whenever you want Google Docs to read text aloud, select the whole document or part of it. Tap on Accessibility > Speak > Speak Selection to let Google Docs read the document.

turn on screen reader support


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Part 2: How To Do Speech To Text On Google Docs

Google Docs’ speech to text feature is also great, which you can capitalize on. You can do voice typing and save the time you spend typing every word on your own. Using speech to text on Google Docs is comparatively easy than text to speech.

How can you use speech to text on Google Docs?

Here is the step-by-step guide to it:

#Step 1: Visit the web browser, open Google Docs, and open a new document.

open google docs new documents

#Step 2: Tap on Tools > Voice Typing. You can also use the alternative shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S.

tap on tools voice typing

#Step 3: A small microphone will appear in the document window. Click on the microphone and start speaking. You can also change the language for accurate detection of your speech.

google docs choose the language

Part 3: Text To Speech Extension For Google Docs

Google Docs depend on an external extension for using the text to speech capability when editing documents. ChromeVox is a built-in screen reader in Chromebooks. When you search Chromevox in your web browser, it will give you the result: Screen Reader.

Here is how to use the text to speech extension for Google Docs:

#Step 1:Search for ChromeVox in the search bar of a web browser.

#Step 2: Click on the Screen Reader(most probably the first search result)>

#Step 3: Tap on Add to Chrome.

add screen reader to chrome extension

#Step 4: Tap on Add Extension. The extension will be downloaded and added to Chrome.

add screen reader to chrome extension

#Step 5: All you have to do is now go to Google Docs > Open a document > select text > Accessibility > Speak > Speak Selection.

Part 4: Another Stunning Text To Speech Tool For Selection

iMyFone VoxBox

Yet another text to speech tool answers how to do text to speech on Google Docs. iMyFone VoxBox is an AI-powered software for desktop users who want to use text to speech in Google Docs.

If you don’t want to install Chrome Extension that unnecessarily reads everything and every tab, iMyFone VoxBox is a good option. You can easily copy the text from Google Docs and paste it into VoxBox to read it for you.

VoxBox introduce

The main features of VoxBox are as follows:

Key Features:

  • Most practical Google Docs text to speech or otherwise.

  • 3200+ voice filters voice effects with 22+ languages support.

  • You can also edit and download the audio files converted by VoxBox.

  • Multiple output formats supported.


yesMany voice filters to choose from.

yesMultiple language support.

yesDoesn’t need internet for text-to-speech or vice versa.


noMust get a premium subscription to unlock all features.

noNot available for Android or iOS.

User Review:

voxbox customers review

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Text to Speech Voice Generator VoxBox:

voxbox youtube video

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Part 5: FAQs About Text To Speech Google Docs

1. How do you do text-to-speech on Google Docs?

You can do Google Docs text-to-speech by opening a Google Doc > Select Text > Tap on Accessibility > Speak > Speak Selection. However, you must have enabled the screen reader from tools > Accessibility > Screen Reader.  

2. Can Google Docs read out loud?

Yes, you will need to install Screen Reader(Google Chrome Extension) to enable Google Docs to read out loud.


We have shared how to use Google Docs text to speech, speech to text(voice typing), and how to practically use Google Docs text to speech with the help of an extension. However, the extension can be weird at the time as it will read out every tab on your browser.

Therefore, we recommend iMyFone VoxBox as a better solution for converting your text to speech. However, you can still use Google Docs voice typing, an in-built feature.

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