Hatsune Miku, as an anime girl, has won the hearts of many people around the globe. Can you make your voice like a Hatsune Miku voice actor?

Opting for the Hatsune Miku voice generator manually is nearly impossible. Still, we'll tell our level best to introduce the useful voice training that might assist you in making the voice sound like Hatsune Miku's voice.


You'll also learn about the Hatsune Miku voice changer that will assist you in turning your voice into the voice of Hatsune Miku.

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Part1: Who is Hatsune Miku Voice Actor?

The voice behind the Hatsune Miku is Sali Fujita. Interestingly, Hatsune Miku is an anime girl and a Vocaloid software voicebank introduced by Crypton Future Media.

Hatsune Miku is 16 years old and has a reputation for singing 100,000 mind-blowing songs. Of the 100,000, 170,000 songs have been uploaded on YouTube.


She is also called a global icon; everyone seems to love the voice of Hatsune Miku. The best thing about this anime character is that everyone loves copying the voice of Hatsune Miku, and the good thing is that the next part will reveal how to make your voice sound like Hatsune Miku's voice.

Part2: How to Generate Hatsune Miku Voice Easily?

1. Vocal Training

Vocal training might assist you in making your voice sound like an Anime girl.

Here's a list of tips you can pay attention to.

1) Pull up the Adam's Apple

The biological difference that differentiates the voice between women and men is called Adam's Apple.

You might pull Adam's app up to sound like a anime girl. Doing so helps you increase the pitch of your voice. It also helps you make your voice come from the throat rather than the chest.


2) Tighten your throat

By pushing the walls of your throat to gather and making a little room for the vocal cords, you can make your voice sound like Hatsune Miku. Doing so assists you in enhancing the pitch of your voice, making it sound like a girl's voice.

3) Speak Softly

Trying to speak softly helps you increase the pitch of your voice; if you practice it for hours, you can surely make the voice like a girl's.

4) Acting and Impersonation

You'll need to pay close attention to how a girl speaks. Try to understand the movement of her lips and how she manages to speak. You can also try copying the accent of that girl.

Making the voice sound like Hatsune Miku's voice might take a month of practice, so this method isn't recommended for you. Instead, you can watch out for the Hatsune Miku voice generator.

2. MagicMic Miku Voice Changer

If voice training doesn't help you to generate Hatsune Miku's voice, you can take the services of iMyFone MagicMic.

Using this brilliant Hatsune Miku voice generator, you can make your voice sound like a Hatsune Miku voice actor in real time. Whether playing a game or streaming a video, MagicMic empowers you to change your voice in real time.


Apart from using Hatsune Miku AI voice, you can also take the opportunity to explore hundreds of other voice filters and sound effects.


Wondering where to get Miku's voice? Just try MagicMic vocaloid voice changer out FREE now!

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Scenarios with using Hatsune Miku AI voice on MagicMic Voice Changer

  • 1. You're attending the online class, and you decided to play Hatsune Miku voice to make your teacher punish the boys as no one will believe that a girl can disturb an online class.
  • 2. When playing an online game, you decide to play Hatsune Miku voice to make your partners feel as if Hatsune Miku also wants to see you win the game.
  • 3. You're attending your friend's birthday party, but the singer invited there doesn't sing well. You opted to play Hatsune Miku's voice to make the singer feel about how to sing a game.

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Step to Generate Hatsune Miku AI voice on MagicMic

Step 1:

Install the MagicMic on your PC and launch the software without wasting time.

Step 2:

Select the microphone as your input device and the headphone as your output device.


Step 3:

Tap on the VoiceBox and choose the anime girls that sound similar to Hatsune Miku.

Step 4:

Launch the platform where you'd like to use Hatsune Miku's voice in real time. Navigate to voice settings and select your input device.


Part3: FAQs about Hatsune Miku Voice Changer

Who is the voice actor of Hatsune Miku?

The voice behind the Hatsune Miku is Sali Fujita. From Japan.

Who is Hatsune Miku? How old is she?

She is a singing voice synthesizer featured in over 100,000 songs released worldwide. Hatsune Miku means "The first Sound from the Future". She is 16 years old and 158cm.

What is a Hatsune Miku Voice Changer?

A Hatsune Miku Voice Changer is a software or device that allows users to modify their voice to sound like the virtual singer Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku is a popular Japanese Vocaloid character created by Crypton Future Media, known for her distinctive synthesized singing voice.


If you need to learn about the Hatsune Miku Voice actor, you can read this post as we've revealed the voice behind the Hatsune Miku. We've also revealed some voice training tips to help you make your voice sound like Hatsune Miku's voice.

The best way to play the Hatsune Mike voice is MagicMic voice generator. It is an immaculate Hatsune Miku voice generator that assists you in making your voice sound like an anime girl.

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