There are many tools available to remove shadows from photos using desktop applications. But when it comes to phones, whether iOS or Android, there are much easier options to remove shadows. Phone applications are simpler, and you can edit your photos just by sitting at a place anywhere. Besides, we would like to introduce another desktop program which can 1 click to remove shadow from photos, iMyFone MarkGo.

5 Best Apps to Remove Shadow from Photo

For iOS and Android, there are different types of apps in the market. We will discuss both of them and how you can remove shadows from photos easily.

1) Snapseed

Snapseed is an Android and iOS application that is completely free for all users. It is one of the most used tools for this purpose. It is because of its simplicity and friendly user interface.

snapseed remove shadow


  • With Snapseed, you can use the "Healing" tool to remove any type of shadow or unwanted objects from the photo. The healing tool clones the area around your selected shadow and stamps on the shadow to create a blending effect with the background.

  • It is a very easy editing tool that allows you to remove shadows with just a click and saves your time.

  • Not only this, but with Snapseed, you can edit your photos in different ways. There are multiple effects and options available.

User Review:

There are thousands of user reviews on this app, and it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5, which definitely means that people love it.

How to Remove Shadow from Photo on iPhone

Snapseed is both an Android and iOS tool, and the usage is almost similar. Let us see how it can help us to remove shadows from a photo on an iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the App Store and download Snapseed. It is a free tool and will take only a few seconds to install. Once it is installed, open it. You will see a big "Plus (+)" sign; tap on it.

snapseed add image

Step 2: Select the photo from which you want to remove the shadow.

snapseed image uploaded

Step 3: Once the photo is imported, tap on "Effects" and select the "Healing" tool. Mark the shadow area with the tool.

snapseed tools

Step 4: After marking the shadow, just remove your finger from the screen and let the healing tool do its work. Shadow will be removed, and the background will be blended with just a touch of healing tool.

snapseed shadow removed

2) Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is an iOS application that allows you to edit your photos with different tools. It is a professional tool and allows the user to edit with precision and perfection.

photoshop fix shadow removal


It allows the user to perform layer-based editing, which is rare and complex in mobile apps. You can easily remove the shadow from a photo using the layer method.

  • You can add a duplicate layer and use the "Clone" tool to fill the shadow areas. You can also use other tools to add detailing to the photo.

  • The "blemish" tool helps to blend the background so that the photo looks original. Photoshop Fix allows the user to play with complex settings, effects, and presets.

User Review:

We know that iOS tools can be a little complex. But users have reviewed this product as very helpful, quick, and fun. With different editing modes and features, it helps the user to enhance the photo.

3) Pixelmator

Pixelmator is also an iOS application, and it is a paid tool. The reason behind paid subscription to this app is that it is creative and detail-oriented. It consists of templates and presets that one can add to the photos with just a tap. It costs around $4.99.

pixelmator shadow removal


  • Pixelmator allows the user to remove shadows from photos easily. It has an option of the "Repair" tool. With this tool, you can not only remove shadows from photos, but you can also remove any kind of unwanted object.

This tool automatically blends the background with shadow to look real.

It gives the user the diversity to work outside his comfort zone. It has simple effects and color gradients with just a touch.

User Review:

This app is available for iOS and iPadOS. It is a great tool for editing, and it allows users to use layers and templates to enhance their photos. Due to these reasons, Pixelmator has a rating of 3.7 out of 5.

4) TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is an app that is available on both Android and iOS. It is a paid tool and allows the user to edit their photos with it. This app was initially developed to remove objects from the photos. We can also use this app to remove shadows from photos easily.


  • TouchRetouch has a "clone" tool that allows the user to remove shadows from photos. You just need to select this tool and mark the area of shadow. Leave the rest to this app. It will remove the shadow with perfection.

  • It is a simple and easy-to-use tool with a user-friendly interface.

  • It allows the user to enhance the photo with the use of different filters.

User Review:

TouchRetouch is a paid tool on both iOS and Android. It costs around $2.00. Thousands of users have reviewed this app because of the variety of editing options, and it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

5) Picsart

Picsart is an Android application that is partially free. It means that you have to pay for in-app purchases. The whole app is not free; only a few features are free. Luckily, you can remove shadows from photos with Picsart without any cost.

picsart shadow removal


  • To remove any kind of shadow or object from the photo, you can select the "Clone" tool. Tap on any area of the photo to select a clone source. Then move your finger on the shadow to apply the clone effect to it. It will remove the shadow like a charm.

  • Editing becomes very easy with Picsart due to its one-touch tools.

  • It also has stickers and different cutouts that allow the user to go out of the box while editing a photo.

User Review:

Some options of Picsart are limited, and users need to buy it to use the tools. But overall, it is a good tool for editing, and people love it just because of its simple and user-friendly interface.

Remove Shadows from Images with MarkGo [1- Click]

We have seen many applications that you can use on your smartphone, but these are only for quick or rare usage. If you want perfection and professional precision, you should go with a desktop tool.

iMyFone MarkGo is a desktop tool that allows the user to edit their photos and videos. It is basically a watermark tool. You can remove watermark from video and photo. But this tool can also be used to remove shadows from photos with ease.

Try It FreeTry It Free


  • iMyFone MarkGo gives an advantage to the user to edit both photos and videos.

  • It is one of the easiest tools that you will ever find. It is easy to edit and export photos and videos.

  • You can remove the shadows, unwanted objects, or any type of watermark with just a click.

Let us see how a watermark tool can remove the shadow from a photo.

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone MarkGo. Open the app and click on "Remove Image Watermark".

markgo remove image watermark

Step 2: Click on Add Image and import the image with shadow.

markgo add image

Step 3: On your right side, you will see an option of "Selection tool". Click on it and select the shadow area with this tool.

markgo select shadow

Step 4: You have selected the shadow area, click on "Remove Now", which is on the right side of your screen. The shadow in the photo will be easily removed.

markgo shadow removed

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Tips to Avoid Shadows When Taking Pictures

Perfect Time

Professional photographers will tell you that there is always a time to capture photos when it is a nature shoot. It is not advisable to take photos when the sun is high because the shadow will be very dark and visible. Thus, it is better to pick a suitable time. Sunset is a recommended time because the sun is not high. If you do not want to shoot in the sunset, you can shoot 1-2 hours before that.

Flash and Viewing Angle

If you want to avoid shadows when taking pictures, the best tip is to use flash. It will help you if you are shooting indoors. But if you are outside and capturing nature, then you need to find the best possible viewing angle to avoid the shadow. It is not easy to find the best angle, and you can hit and try. You can click a few images to arrive at a conclusion.

Adequate Lighting

You can make sure that there is adequate lighting in your studio. If you see any shadow in images, you might need to adjust the position of the lights. If everything is perfect, there won't be shadows in the image or video.


It is possible to remove shadows from images using mobile applications. We have shared some of the best tools for Android and iOS, so you can use any of them to remove shadows from your images. If you are looking for perfection and precise results, you need to choose a desktop tool, such as MarkGo. It will help you remove shadows with perfection and maintain the image quality.

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