iFunny.co watermark is simply a watermark that appears on the memes, videos, and GIFs of iFunny.co. It can either be a smiling emoji or its website address. 

When i spot an ifunny watermark meme, sit down let's talk about that ifunny watermark. It can be removed using different tools on PC and even on your smartphone. In this article, we will illustrate different methods to remove the iFunny.co watermark.

Part 1. Best iFunny.co Watermark Removers

1. MarkGo

If you are looking for a ifunny watermark remover for your PC, there is no better solution than MarkGo.

remove watermark using markgo

It is a complete watermark tool that you can use without any trouble. If you want to add or remove any watermark from a ifunny meme or image, then MarkGo can help you easily. It has plenty of watermark features, among which it includes the watermark remover as well. Let us get into the process of removing a watermark from an image or meme using MarkGo.

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MarkGo is a paid tool, but you canuse this tool for trial. You can easily remove a single watermark with it. But if you want to remove multiple watermarks, then you need to buy the premium MarkGo.

Step 1: Download the tool and install it on your PC. It is compatible with both operating systems: Windows and macOS. Open the tool, andyou will see different options in front of you. Click on "Remove Image Watermark" to be able to remove the watermark from a picture or a ifunny meme.

markgo remove image watermark

Step 2: Now, at the center of your screen, you will see an option of"Add image". Click on this to be able to browse or import theimage or ifunny meme from which you want to remove the iFunny watermark meme.

Step 3: After importing the meme, on your left-hand side you willhave an option of "Selection Tool". Click on this tool, and atransparent adjustable box will appear on the image. Take this box and coverthe watermark. Once it is done, click on "Remove Now", andyour iFunny watermark meme will be removed from the image.

markgo select ifunny watermark

Step 4: As the watermark is now removed, you can simply export thememe or image by clicking on the "Export" button, which is atthe bottom right of the window.

2. Snapseed

If you don't want to use your PC toremove the iFunny watermark meme from the image or meme, then you can use yourphone. Snapseed is an application that you can easily download and use toremove or edit any picture or meme. It is a free tool, and you don't have topay for it. Just download the app and follow these simple steps to remove the iFunny watermark meme from it.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store and download Snapseed. It will take afew seconds to download and install. Open the app, and you will see a "+"sign on the center of the screen. Click on it to browse the image or meme sothat the watermark can be removed from it.

Step 2: After the import, a new editing window will open that willallow you to use different tools to edit the meme or image. But as we want to remove the iFunny watermark meme, go to "Tools" and select the"Healing" to remove the watermark.

snapseed healing tool

Step 3: After selecting the healing tool, you can simply touch andmark the area of the watermark. The selected watermark will be removed from theimage or meme as soon as you release your finger from the screen. It simplyblends in the background to the watermark area.

snapseed watermark removed

Step 4: Now that the watermark is removed, you can easily export it.Click on the "Export" option on the bottom right of thescreen. You can also share this image on different apps, save a copy or evenexport it according to your requirements that are image size, format, andquality. 

3. InPaint

InPaint is a computer applicationthat you can use to edit memes and pictures. It is not suitable for videoediting as it does not support it. InPaint is compatible with both Windows andmacOS, and you can easily download it from its website for free. It will take afew seconds to download, depending on your internet connection. Let us see howwe can remove the iFunny watermark from a meme or picture using InPaint.

Step 1: Go to the InPaint website and download the app according toyour operating system, whether Windows or macOS. After downloading, install thetool and open it. It is very simple to use. It will open an editing window withdifferent editing options and tools on the left-hand side.

inpaint editor

Step 2: The next thing you want to do is import or browse the memeor image from which you want to remove the iFunny watermark. Go to File >Open, and browse the specific file from your PC.

inpaint upload image

Step 3: To remove the watermark, you need to use the "Erase"tool. You will see a red circle on the left side of the InPaint window. Clickon it and select the area of the watermark with this red highlighter. When thewatermark is selected, you will see an option of "Erase" ontop. Click on it to remove the selected watermark from the meme or image.

inpaint select ifunny watermark

Step 4: Last, you can go to File > Save or Save As tosave the meme or image without any watermark. It is that simple with InPaint.

Part 2. FAQs about iFunny.co

01 Is iFunny.co malware?

No. iFunny is not malware. Malwareis something that can cause any harm to your computer. It can also affect theclient or server. iFunny is simply a website for a sarcastic community so thatthey can share and enjoy trending memes. If you use iFunny properly and do notfollow absurd links, then there is no harm in it. No virus will enter your PC.

02 Is there any other good meme app?

With time and technology, we havenew apps and websites each day. There are many meme apps available online. Itincludes 9GAG, Memedroid, Instameme, GATM Meme generator, and much more.Although iFunny is one of the oldest meme apps and websites, there arecompetitors in the markets now. People use the different apps if they find anyother feature for free.

03 Can we share memes on iFunny?

Yes. You can make your profile andupload memes to share with the community. You can also keep track of likes andcomment on your post to judge the popularity and liking of your creation. It isvery easy, and thousands of people around the world use it without any trouble.

Part 3. Let us Talk about iFunny.co Watermark

iFunny is an app that includes memes in a different form, mainly images, videos, and even GIFs. It is a community of people to share memes daily. You can easily find the top trending memes here. 

iFunny watermark meme is simply a smiling emoji or "ifunny.co". As the user uploads the memes on this websiteor app, the watermark appears on the creation. You can also add your watermarkon your image, video, or GIFs to make it look stand out.

When you download any meme from the iFunny app or website, the watermark seems to appear on it. This meme watermark is an identity of the image or meme and indicates that it is the property ofiFunny. 

iFunny contains different types of memes that include different collections. If you want to find a meme on a specific subject, then you can easily find it by going into the collection and finding the meme that you want or like. However, if you like a certain meme creator, you can subscribe to it, and as soon as they share anything, you will benotified. You can also post your creation and share it with the communityeasily.


iFunny is a meme app and websitethat one can use to enjoy and share memes in the form of images, videos, and GIFs. However, the iFunny meme watermark can create a little trouble for some peoplebecause of its watermark. To remove the iFunny.co meme watermark, you can use MarkGo,Snapseed, and InPaint. You can select anyone you like.

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